Earthlite is committed to quality, innovation, and corporate responsibility. When you buy an Earthlite product, you’ll receive incredible, handcrafted treatment tables and durable equipment. For many years, the dedicated team at Earthlite has worked hard to exceed customer expectations. Rest assured, Earthlite will continue to build its reputation for exceptional products and superior customer service.
Living Earth Crafts is the industry leader in style, unsurpassed comfort, and reliability. Its products incorporate a vast array of proprietary innovations including the Strata™ memory foam cushioning system, Caress™ self-adjusting facecradle, Quietech™ vibration-dampening hydraulics, PivotPerfect™ armrests, and the revolutionary SO Sound™ acoustic resonance therapy. In the last 10 years, Living Earth Crafts has filed more patent applications than any other company in the industry.
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