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Fair Trade Footwear

We craft socially conscious flip flops and other products from natural, earth-friendly materials.

We believe our products are the best of their kind, striking the perfect balance between comfort, quality, and durability. We are committed to fair trade practices and conscious sourcing to help celebrate the craft of global artisans and to produce products we are truly proud of. 

Dazzle Dry

Our journey began on an adventure through Southeast Asia where we discovered the comfort of artisan-tapped natural rubber. Feelgoodz celebrates the spirit of travel, curiosity, and getting lost in the moment. We craft premium footwear to get you around the globe, or to your favorite local spot with comfort and ease.


Ann Davis
Feelgoodz || Rising Tide Inside Sales Manager
(888) 670-7950 Ext. 4 // 5435 Raynor Road Garner, NC 27529