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Organic Hemp Skincare & Topicals

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Our mission is to make organic skincare and topicals that substantially improve our customers’ quality of life. Primal Healing uses whole plant, organic ingredients in a variety of forms to create hand-crafted, small-batch quality topicals that offer relief from the aches, pains and limitations of our daily lives.

We strive to offer sustainable, organic solutions to ensure the purest therapeutic effects inspired by nearly two decades of nursing and massage therapy experience.

Product Benefits

Primal Healing’s organic products source whole plant ingredients for each hand-crafted batch. Our small craft batches allow us to guarantee a consistent, controllable product without sacrificing quality control or the organic ingredients that we use. Primal Healing crafts multipurpose products that can be used for burns, aches, scars, surgeries, tattoos and even household uses, replacing products such as neosporin, chapstick, or vasoline. Additionally, all of our products are free of harmful chemicals and preservatives. Instead, we rely on Vitamin E as a natural preservative and antioxidant.