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PureWild Co clean Marine Collagen drinks for everyday strength and beauty

PureWild Co Marine Collagen Infusions combine organic juices like Blueberry, Lime and Mango with 3,000 mgs of the cleanest wild marine collagen on the planet in each bottle. The delicious results are enhanced with ginseng, holy basil or turmeric to boost energy, clarity and strength.

Founder Cindy Convery created PureWild Co a few summers ago in her kitchen in Ojai, California as a way to make her daily collagen boost taste better. PureWild Co is made with only organic juices and sweetened only with honey or agave syrup. PureWild Co is sustainably made and packaged in a small batches. Each flavor is unique: Blueberry Holy Basil, Lime Agave with Ginseng and Mango Turmeric. Each bottle has only 5 ingredients for pure flavor.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body – ligaments, bones, hair, nails, skin, muscles – and because after the age of 20 we lose up to 2% of our collagen every year, it’s urgent to add in a high quality daily dose of clean collagen. Cindy sourced the cleanest wild caught marine collagen on the planet from the deep cold water off the coast of Nova Scotia. It’s the most bioavailable for our bodies so it’s absorbed faster and can go straight to work supporting bone health (great for osteoporosis), muscle building (including heart health) hair, nail and skin health.

Our three unique flavors are perfect for a delicious every day collagen boost. Drink chilled, over ice or use as a healthy mixer with our special cocktail recipes.

PureWild Co Marine Collagen Infusions are certified non-GMO, certified Kosher and truly amazing.

Life is too short not to drink PureWild!

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