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Splish Naturals is a different kind of wellness company. We specialize in producing spa-quality products, sourcing only the highest quality ingredients for our proprietary blends, balms, concentrates and oils. Our exclusive products are carefully developed by industry experts for use in the finest spas, salons, hotels, restaurants, and by YOU. We’re proud to say all of our concentrates, facial oils and hand sanitizers are manufactured in a GMP and Anti-Cruelty International-certified facility.

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Founded in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, passion and expertise are the foundation for everything we do.

Splish Naturals and Splish Naturals Sport products are safe, effective, all-natural, contain no measurable amount of THC, are trusted by therapists, and provide spas the highest ROI for service enhancements.

Our exclusive wellness products are developed using only the highest quality, therapeutic grade essential oils, carrier oils, wax, butters, food grade terpenes and CBD Isolate that is third-party tested to ensure no measurable, THC content.


Matt Walsh

Founder & CEO

Splish Naturals 



Formula #6

Muscle Recovery Spray & Roll-On

This highly effective and powerful formula has been developed with you in mind and is easy to use. This spray oil can cover a lot of area such as legs, back, arms or wherever relief is needed and with a combination of cooling and warming essential oils, inflammation has met its match!! Or use the roll-on version for spot treatment. Formula #6 is 100% plant based.

Age Prevention Facial Oil

Improve skin elasticity and reduce signs of aging with all-natural ingredients include virgin rosehip and baobab oils, geranium oil and the highest quality CBD in a base of Virgin Organic Moringa Oil and Organic Jojoba Oil. High in anti-oxidants, vitamins and amino acids, this oil will protect your skin from environmental damage. Use with any other luxury skin care products. Manufactured in a GMP Certified facility.

Magic Balm

Naturally soothe muscle aches and pains with a blend including high-quality CBD, comfrey, arnica and menthol crystals. Used as a spot treatment, Magic Balm will also increase blood circulation and reduce inflammation.