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STACon 2023: Celebrating Salt Therapy Excellence
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Press Release

Boca Raton, October 26, 2023 — The Salt Therapy Association is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of its 6th annual conference, STACon LIVE 2023, with the theme “Salt for Life,” held in Indianapolis in September. This two-day salt therapy summit brought together industry experts from around the world in downtown Indianapolis.

The conference drew over 200 attendees from 10 different countries, offering a combination of in-person and virtual participation to create an inclusive and diverse experience. Notable speakers included Freddie Moross of Myndstream, Dr. Tami Peavy from La Mesa Rehab, Jimmy Youngblood of Osteostrong, and Allan Share, President of the Spa Industry Association and STA Founding Board Member.

Participants had the opportunity to attend various presentations on wellness topics, including cryotherapy, float therapy, sound therapy, red light therapy, and sauna therapy. Additionally, attendees gained insights into marketing their salt therapy businesses, incorporating the latest trends in Artificial Intelligence, and enhancing guest experiences to grow and sustain their wellness ventures.

This year’s conference also introduced the inaugural SALTY awards ceremony, recognizing excellence in categories Best Salt Room Design (1881 Sanctuary), Innovative Use of a Salt Room (Well-Infused) Community Outreach, (Salt of the Earth Halotherapy). and Outstanding Social Media Campaign (Resoul Day Spa).

Post-conference surveys revealed that 100% of attendees would enthusiastically recommend STAcon LIVE to their industry peers. Most respondents found the investment of their time and resources to be highly valuable. They praised the enlightening presentations, networking opportunities, exhibitor showcase, and impressive venue, all of which exceeded their expectations.

Leo Tonkin, the CEO of SALT Chamber and one of STA’s Founding Directors, unveiled the Top Trends for the Salt Industry in 2024. These trends include the integration of salt therapy with wellness practices, innovative salt room designs, shifts in consumer behavior, personalized programs, data collection, and the use of Artificial Intelligence.

Leo Tonkin expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We are delighted with the growth and success of STAcon LIVE and the salt therapy industry. Our theme this year, ‘Salt for Life,’ highlighted our commitment to facilitating knowledge exchange and collaboration within the wellness community, with a particular focus on salt therapy. This year’s conference not only met but exceeded our expectations, and we eagerly anticipate the possibilities the future holds.”

Next year’s conference is already being planned for September 8-10th, 2024 and an “early bird” ticket sale is offered at

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About Salt Therapy Association:  The Salt Therapy Association (STA) is a nonprofit organization founded in 2014 to provide resources, information, research, and standards for the industry, businesses, and consumers. With over 4,000 members in 63 countries, STA is the largest organization of salt therapy facilities, professionals, and enthusiasts in the world.

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Salt Therapy Association

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