Resting and relaxing are essential for us to improve our mental health. We often like to visit a salon or spa to relax and have some peaceful time. However, during the pandemic, going to the salon or spa is not a feasible option. It gives you much-needed calm in the daily chaos. For some, it is part of their beauty routines. So, if you love the experience at the salon or spa but are unable to do it, why not try it yourself?  

If you are looking for a way to have a fun, COVID-friendly at-home spa experience with your girlfriends or want to enjoy a night just for yourself, read on to know everything you need to make it a perfect spa night.

Get Yourself Ready

Get yourself ready for the ultimate spa night. Make a list of the things you want to do on this special night. Sort out the things you need. Buy the things you will need so that you are well-prepared to enjoy the beautiful time.

Set the Mood

To have a perfect spa night, setting the mood is one of the essential steps. You will be able to enjoy the experience immensely only in a beautiful ambiance. Try to recreate the atmosphere of the spa in your home. You might like to try the options below:

  1. Select a Relaxing Playlist

Music can set the mood for anything and everything. Choosing the right songs is key. Use a Bluetooth speaker to get the perfect sound quality. If you don’t have one, using a laptop or iPad can be a good alternative too. Select the songs or music that makes your mind relaxed. Choose quiet songs or music to have a peaceful time. You might like to search relaxing playlists on Soundcloud, Spotify, or other websites. You will find many tracks to make you unwind. You can also use a waterproof speaker if you are anxious about your device.

  1. Light Scented Candles

Lighting up scented candles can instantly transform your place, giving it a magical touch. It can be a wonderful way to set the mood. Pick the scent that soothes your heart. Lavender or rose petals can be a great option to choose from. Make the light dim and place candles to provide a beautiful glow around the room. It helps to set a relaxing and warm mood. You can also use an essential oil diffuser to enjoy a heavenly scent. However, using a scented candle can provide you both a lovely scent and a dreamy atmosphere.

  1. Get a Drink That You Love

Drinks help you to enjoy the experience thoroughly. Choose the one you like to have. If you consume alcohol, select the drink that makes you feel relaxed. Some of us might enjoy a cup of tea to seek comfort. It is a great option too. There is a huge variety of drinks to choose from. Select the drink that goes well with your taste. It’s your customized spa; you can have anything you want! 

  1. Get a Book to Enjoy

An excellent way to get focused on your relaxation is reading books. A book takes you to another world and helps you forget all the stress in your life. A book can be an amazing company to have when you are enjoying your spa at home. Many e-books can also be downloaded on your Kindle if that’s your thing. You might like to use a bathtub caddy to have proper convenience.

  1. Enjoy a Bubble Bath

Be sure to make the water warm. Fill the bathtub with essential oils, bubble bars, and bath soaks. Coconut and lavender can be fantastic choices. Run the water until the bubbles grow big. Ensure the water is near the rim. When you are in the bath, make sure to lean against the edge to feel relaxed. Read, listen to the music, or watch a show, or just close your eyes to be at ease with yourself. 

Make Sure to Take the Amenities

Do not forget the amenities while setting up a spa at home. To have a special spa night with yourself, gather up the things like your favorite bathrobe, your fluffiest towels, and the most comfortable slippers. You might like to have infused “spa waters” flavored with citrus and cucumbers, strawberries and mint, or berries. It will give you a luxurious vibe. It will also keep you hydrated. 

Choose Your Treatments

The next step is selecting the treatments after setting the mood and getting the amenities. DIY spa treatments will make you feel fully relaxed. 

  1. Facial Mask

Use a face mask to moisturize your skin. Get relaxed and close your eyes. If you do not have one at home, be creative. Take a bowl and pour a tablespoon of honey. Add mashed avocado into it. Apply it with your fingertips. Leave it on for at least twenty minutes. Lie back and chill. Wash off your mask after a certain period and get silky smooth skin. 

  1. Steam Facial

You might like to steam your face to cleanse the pores. It helps promote glowing and clean skin. To get a steam treatment at home, first, take a bowl and fill it with boiled water. Cool it slightly. Add essential oils like lavender oil, tea tree oil, or rose absolute oil for oily skin, acne-prone skin, and dry skin respectively. Lean over the bowl covering your head with a towel, and steam your face.

  1. Hair Mask

If you love your hair and want to keep it healthy, using hair masks can be a great choice. Healthy hair gives you a weight-free head and indescribable freshness. Unhealthy hair makes you look bad and spoils your confidence. You can get store-bought hair masks, but if you want to make the mask yourself, there are many DIY recipes to choose from. Select one that suits your hair. A mixture of cinnamon and coconut oil can be a great choice. Apply the mask and wash it off to get silky, smooth, and healthy hair. 

  1. Eye Mask

Eye masks are great for feeling totally relaxed. Lie comfortably, use the eye mask, and have a peaceful time. You can use cucumbers as eye masks. Cut them into slices and put them on your eyes. If your eyes are red, puffy, fatigued, or dark-circled, a mask with licorice root, cucumber, and caffeine will prove to be a useful remedy. Having hot baths with eye masks can be enjoyable. You might love to use the eye gels that are hydro cool firming. They are very soothing to the eyes.

  1. Exfoliate

Remove the dead skin by exfoliating your body. You might like to use a scrub along with a dry brush. Dry brushing helps increase your blood circulation. It also strengthens your skin by stimulating collagen production. To make a DIY body scrub, you may use brown sugar, coffee grounds, and olive oil in equal quantities. Mix them well, apply the mixture using the brush, scrub well, and get perfectly smooth skin.

  1. Mani-Pedi

Who doesn’t love a luxurious mani-pedi? A good manicure and pedicure can boost your confidence. To make your feet softer, you might like to use foot peel masks. Pamper your foot using a spa massager that is an effective stress reliever for feet. You might like to use a multi-piece manicure kit to get your toenails and fingernails in the perfect shape. 

Soak in the Tub

A shower or bath can be the last step to have a perfect spa night. Sometimes DIY treatments get a little bit messy. So, taking a shower or bath will be a wise thing to do. Get cleaned by soaking in the tub and make your mind worry-free. A milk bath can be nourishing before getting into bed. Milk contains lactic acid that helps soften your skin. Add honey and essential oils to the milk bath. Float rose petals to get a luxurious view. 

Spa nights can be special if you put some effort into their preparation. Remember to prioritize yourself. Stress is an unavoidable reality of life, especially in this pandemic. If we don’t try to get relaxed once in a while, we won’t be able to tackle the stress of our routine life. So, try to make time for yourself and enjoy life in simple, beautiful ways.

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