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The Best Advice You Could Get About Cannabis Fitness - Spa Industry Association
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Fitness is gaining popularity with every passing year. The higher risk of obesity, the increased health awareness, and the sound balance between mind and body are a few reasons that combine to give the fitness industry a boost. 

But, the fact is fitness is an overrated word. According to an article, 80 percent of Americans who have gym membership do not use it. It has been found that low energy levels, insufficient time, lack of self-motivation, and oversized expectations are the few barriers to achieve the desired goal.

Now comes the trending ingredient of the century, cannabis, which is becoming the drug of choice for athletes and fitness freaks. Cannabis is a natural herb, which has anti-inflammatory effects and used for medical and therapeutic purposes. Research shows that the fitness regime has been positively impacted by the high use of cannabis. Now that cannabis is legal in various nations, fitness enthusiasts and athletes are lauding the benefits of cannabis for wellness. This results in the expansion of the cannabis industry with quality manufacturing and a wide distribution of Marijuana in various forms. You can even buy from CBDfx, which is a premium retailer of quality and highly effective seeds.

So Now when it’s time to involve cannabis in your daily routine, a few pieces of advice can help you throughout your fitness journey.

  1. Find the right strand– The key to perfect workout with cannabis lies in finding the right strain for consumption. As each strain can have different effects on the body and mind, similarly, every person has different requirements for a strenuous yet enjoyable workout. You may want to get high and enhance your motivation before sessions. Or, you want to relax after a rigorous workout. So, it is better to choose the correct strain as per requirements.
  2. The perfect dosage matters– Dosage is another important factor to keep in mind while infusing cannabis to your fitness routine. Just like workouts where you start with the basic exercises, try to initiate with the low dosage of cannabis for restricting the unwanted side effects of overconsumption. Besides this, seeds help with insomnia and reducing stress and one can also germinate them at their homes.
  3. Eating right is a mustStudies have found that intake of cannabis has shown a considerable increase in calorie intake by almost 40 percent by consumption of fast food. After workout when hunger increases a manifold, it is advisable to intake healthy food to cut down that craving of unhealthy snacking.
  4. Hydrate yourself- Physical exertion causes a lot of sweating. Cannabis can increase the efficiency of the body during exercise. But this can also result in more sweating and dehydration. So, keep drinking water pre, post, and during your workout to keep the body function running smoothly.
  5. Listen to the cues your body sends– Your body sends signals if you’re pushing yourself hard. Although cannabis is a great workout tonic, it has certain demerits. If you’re under 18, have heart disease, or you’re participating in fast-paced sports, you should not try cannabis in any form. With increased amounts, the body can show side effects like damaged lungs, impaired motor skills, increased heart attack risk, and may be chronic depression.

There is an explored world of supplements for fitness regimes. With better performance and high results, cannabis being the newest, natural, and more beneficial than other available options.  While used for fitness practices, it has a range of benefits.  It improves mental acuity, lowers anxiety, increases metabolism, reduces inflammation, treats muscle spasm, alleviates pain and soreness, and helps in muscle recovery. So, now while getting ready for the next fitness session with that appropriate clothing, perfect playlist, and suitable accessories, intake some cannabis for that extra motivation and escalated endurance.