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The Best Wellness & Health Careers in 2020 - Spa Industry Association
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We live in an era where “struggle porn” and pushing yourself to the limits and working harder have become somewhat of an entrepreneurial mindset starter pack.

Still, an increasing number of people have started embracing a healthier lifestyle and adjusting this concept to their own needs, trying to relax and improve their physical and mental well-being using anything from traditional methods to reiki and aromatherapy.

These trends open a range of business opportunities for people looking for work in the health and wellness industries.

Here are some of the best career options in 2020 that you should consider.

1.     Corporate Wellness Consultant

Stats say that U.S. companies lose $225.8 billion annually due to their employees’ absenteeism caused by health issues.

That’s why many corporations hire corporate wellness consultants who work together with HR to improve their employees’ overall well-being.

These professionals’ job is to develop educational materials and training programs or seminars on healthy eating habits, promote regular health screenings, and organize different activities such as fitness classes, to name just a few.

If you have nutrition, fitness, or any other health-oriented background, it’s a good idea to think about specializing in this field.

2.     Respiratory Therapist

People suffering from chronic respiratory conditions such as asthma, emphysema, or bronchitis, and those struggling with apnea, sleep disorders, and cardiovascular diseases, can significantly improve their health with the help of a respiratory therapist.

You need an associate’s degree in this field and at least 2-5 five years of higher education. Given that respiratory therapists handle serious cardiopulmonary issues, it’s essential to know how to assess, educate, and treat patients properly.

In certain cases, this job will require you to deal with medical emergencies such as transporting trauma patients, heart attack, or drowning, so it’s crucial to obtain an ACLS certificate and learn how to manage cardiopulmonary arrest.

3.     Massage Therapist

Massage therapy comes hand in hand with physical activity, and it’s an excellent way for relaxing tense muscles and mind.

Unlike personal trainers and nutrition specialists, massage therapists don’t need demanding training. You can take a massage course and start working after completing it. There are different specializations that you can opt for later on, such as deep-tissue, acupressure, sports, or relaxation massage, meaning that it’s possible to advance in your career and become a skilled professional.

4.     Yoga Teacher

If you’re practicing yoga for a while and enjoying its benefits, why not make a living from it?

Given that you’re already acquainted with most techniques and that your body is flexible, all that it takes is a bit of additional training. If you’d like to master this discipline, it’s a good idea to find a yoga teacher center in India or Bali, as yoga originated in these areas.

However, if you can’t travel that far, there are also local classes that can get you up to speed and help you improve your yoga teaching chops.

5.     Personal Chef

Enjoying cooking healthy meals?

Then the career of a personal chef can be exactly what you need.

Many people are too busy to prepare healthy food for themselves and still want to stick to a balanced diet. You can offer to prepare healthier meal options and deliver them to your clients’ doors. Many personal chefs join forces with gyms and wellness centers and create comprehensive healthy lifestyle plans together.

Besides that, you can organize cooking classes to teach your clients how to cook nutritious home-cooked meals quickly, what ingredients to purchase, and how to combine workouts with a proper dietary regimen.

There are different ways to tap into the potential of wellness and healthcare industry. Once you pick your path, make sure to continually learn and educate yourself to become a real expert and positively impact your clients’ well-being.

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