From the milk and honey baths used by the ancient Egyptians to the light zaps of today’s cosmetic lasers, people are constantly searching for the latest and greatest procedures to help achieve a younger, healthier, more attractive look. The development of high-tech cosmetic treatments is helping to meet those needs without the time, cost and risks associated with surgery. 

The emergence of medical aesthetics has swept the beauty industry by storm and has become a real revenue generator for aestheticians, cosmetologists and other skin care professionals. Having  been in the skincare industry for nearly three decades, and I have seen first-hand how the industry has evolved. The medical spa concept began in the late 1990’s and since that time, their evolution has extraordinary The early medical spas were created as a way to fuse traditional spa treatments with noninvasive medical technology.  

As it was with the ancient Egyptians, where aesthetic enhancements were symbols of wealth and status, in the late 1990s and early 2000s, medical spa treatments were exclusive procedures that were performed on clients willing to shell out the big bucks. Similar to the first computers and cell phones, the machines used for laser hair removal and laser wrinkle reduction were big, bulky and extremely expensive. 

The medical spa industry was like a “wild west” frontier town. There were few rules, a high risk for consumer injury, and no set standards for education. Anyone could buy a laser and begin treating clients after receiving a brief equipment demo from the laser manufacturer. While some states still lack sufficient regulation, today’s medical spas operate in a much safer environment for consumers and a higher level of professionalism for practitioners. 

Medical aesthetics has grown to include more than just lasers. The latest procedures performed at spas and salons across the company also utilize infrared light, radiofrequency energy, ultrasound technology, and microbiome friendly treatments. By harnessing these technologies, spas are able reduce the appearance of cellulite, improve skin texture, and tighten sagging skin, and with the inclusion of microbiome friendly topical treatments are able to create a more youthful and healthier appearance organically. 

Being a part of the multi-billion dollar medical aesthetics business has created a great opportunity for our microbiome friendly products. Innovative formulations and technological advances in understanding the relationship between our skin and our overall health and wellness has provided something new for medical spas to offer clients. Today, as people have more options for treatments at Med Spas, providing the benefits of microbiome friendly skincare can aid in client retention as well as developing new business. Every morning when I wake up I am excited to go to work. This is because I know the work we do in this industry can enhance people’s lives and make them feel better about themselves – and that is a great feeling.  

Skincare professionals interested in learning more about microbiome friendly skincare can contact us at: [email protected]. Colette Brown, our director of product education will be happy to answer your questions and schedule a training program for you and your staff.