Is it just your imagination, or does it seem like every time someone comes back from a trip to the spa, they look relaxed, refreshed, stress-free and simply glowing? It’s probably not your imagination. Spa trips offer huge benefits to both physical and mental health.

The Spa Can Help You Destress

Spa trips really can help you destress. Whether it’s a day spa or a long stay on a luxurious ranch or beach locale, a spa offers an opportunity to get away from the everyday stressors that you experience. This is a real opportunity to unwind and just be, in a place that’s specifically dedicated to helping you do so.

Spas Promote Glowing Skin

The opportunity to destress may be part of the reason visitors seem to glow when they return to normal life, but spas literally promote radiant skin as well. Facials can help clean and hydrate skin. Especially in the winter, when skin gets dried out from harsh, cold winds and temperatures, replenishing and nourishing your skin with a facial or treatment like a mud mask will work wonders. It’s like taking a healthy dose of a vitamin D supplement or catching some rays without spending time in the sun!

Another great benefit to the skin, facials, peels and other treatments can actually decrease the look of fine lines and wrinkles. This is true because they hydrate the skin and stimulate cells. Relaxing on a spa visit and taking that time for yourself will only help you look and feel younger.

Spas Mean a Relaxing All-Over Body Experience

Your face won’t be the only thing glowing when you leave the spa though. After luxurious treatments, your whole body will feel great and give off that refreshed and renewed glow that will make you the envy of your friends. Hot stone massages, deep muscle and tissue massages and mud or seaweed wraps will leave your whole body looking good and feeling even better. Not only will you look good, but massages relieve aches and pains that build up in muscles and joints as you take on stress and sit in an office environment all day.

Massages Relax the Entire Body

Massages also have the benefit of increasing blood flow and circulation. They can regulate blood pressure as well. Improved blood circulation and blood pressure has huge health benefits, especially for your heart.

Additionally, massages at the spa can help increase flexibility and muscle suppleness. Increased flexibility and less tense muscles mean less likelihood of injury. This makes spa treatments especially important in the life of those who exercise regularly, especially in the case of high intensity exercise.

Raps Can Help Release Toxins

Wraps and other hot spa treatments also help release toxins and open pores. They may even encourage the body to burn calories. Deep tissue massages can also help break down fatty deposits in the body. This may be another reason people leave the spa looking so good!

You’ll Leave the Spa Feeling Happier

A visit to the spa can also help you feel happier. This goes deeper than just feeling more relaxed. Massages release serotonin, the chemical that makes your brain feel happy. This will improve your mood after your spa day and leave you walking out the door smiling.

Finally, a visit to the spa can actually improve your sleep. Since massages and other spa treatments have the ability to completely relax your muscles and lower your blood pressure, you’re more likely to get a good night’s sleep. This doesn’t just mean falling asleep more easily either. You’ll also get the benefit of more time in deep sleep, something your body needs to repair and get ready to take on the next day.

Whether you go for a day or a week, a spa visit will help you look and feel more refreshed. When you leave, you’ll be the one positively glowing!