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The Pros and Cons of Renovating Your Wellness Facility 
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You may remember the day you first moved into your facility. Perhaps everything seemed to work flawlessly, with plenty of spaciousness. But now, everything doesn’t seem to work as smoothly as it did before. 

Maybe demand puts a strain on a certain part of your business. Or, your facility feels a few decades too old. No matter the reason, a renovation can be just what you need to spruce up your space. 

It is important to understand the pros and cons of this undertaking. While upgrading can be incredibly rewarding, it can also come with major setbacks. 

Pro: You Know Your Facility’s Template 

You, your employees, and your clients understand your facility well. Some may have suggested improvements through the years. Maybe you need more room for messages and less for wellness consults. Perhaps that outdoor space could one day hold a calming garden complete with custom pools Houston

Within your space, the possibilities can be endless. You may already have the vision in mind. All you have to do is hire contractors and secure the funds to complete your dream remodel. 

Con: Surprises, Surprises 

The flipside of upgrading your facility is the limitations your building could bring. For example, maybe your electrical circuits cannot handle your improved operations. Sometimes a contractor can find a hidden problem in the HVAC system or plumbing. Existing costs can start to rise. 

Additionally, you may want to consider the extent of your exterior renovations. You could find yourself deep in obtaining proper permits and approval, depending on the neighborhood your facility is in. Sometimes historic neighborhoods have rules that require buildings to embody their original design. So, you may not be able to create a total makeover. 

Pro: Hassle of Purchasing New Land Eliminated 

Building an entirely new facility comes with its difficulties. Before you’d be able to get started on the build, you’d have to purchase the land. To build the facility, you’d have to get the area zoned properly. 

This can be a tedious process that can require the approval of the city and/or county council members. Sometimes, it requires input from the community. This can easily slow down the building process by months. This is on top of getting contractors and a timeline approved for your project. 

With remodeling your existing facility, you’ve already got your land. You’ve also already got it zoned for your business. You can jump straight to getting funding and finding a contractor. 

Con: Services for Clients Could Be Limited 

In a perfect world, you could close down your facility and let the contractors do their work. This would be the quickest way to complete upgrades. But, you still have loyal customers that require your services. This will be the case even if you have a remodel going on. If you completely cease services, your clients could go elsewhere. 

Even if you keep your facility open, the reality is that the upgrade process could still require some sacrifice. Contractors may have to shut off the electric or water system at any time. A renovation could require portions of your building to be closed off at a time. 

All of these scenarios limit services. While it is a reality that clients could face, you can provide incentives and bonuses to show you appreciate their patience. And, always remind them that the reward is a beautiful new facility with lots of new amenities. 

Above All, Expect the Unexpected 

This may be a pro, a con or perhaps both. Depending on the situation, the unexpected could lead to a major setback or a hidden gem. When going into the upgrade process, be sure to have a level head. That way, you can work with any surprising news. 

While it may seem like a roller coaster, having the facility of your dreams may be worth the effort. Seeking feedback from employees and clients throughout the process can indicate if you are on the right track.