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The Surprising Health Benefits Men Can Find at Day Spas 
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There are plenty of stereotypes surrounding day spas – many of them indicating that spas are designed and marketed for women. But, those stereotypes are outdated. It’s 2022, and men are normalizing self-care more than ever.  

If you’re a guy who has started to prioritize your physical and mental wellness, it’s important to know about the health benefits you can find at a day spa. More men are starting to recognize that a day at the spa can do a lot for their health and leave them feeling – and looking – their best.  

You can jump on that bandwagon, too. 

Still not entirely convinced? Let’s cover a few surprising health benefits you can find when you go to a spa.  

A Way to De-Stress 

Most spas are designed with relaxation and tranquility in mind. When you first walk in, you should feel a sense of calm and peace around you.  

Stress can be a major problem for men today. Between work, a social life, and taking care of your family, you might feel like you have a lot on your shoulders. Unfortunately, stress can lead to problems like:  

  • Aching muscles 
  • Digestive issues 
  • Headaches 
  • High blood pressure 
  • Difficulty sleeping 

Stress can even cause vision problems, making your pupils dilate and contributing to pressure on your eyes. In some cases, it can even cause vision loss.  

Regular spa treatments can help to reduce your stress levels. From massages to facials, you can fully relax throughout each treatment and feel your stress melting away. These types of treatments can put your body into such a relaxed state that you might actually end up getting better sleep. Reduced stress and more sleep are two crucial components if you want to naturally boost your testosterone levels. Increasing your testosterone can improve your heart health, boost your mood, and help to build lean muscle. Less stress and major benefits? Have you booked your appointment yet?  

A Boost in Self-Esteem 

In addition to helping you feel more relaxed, spas can improve the way you see yourself. Self-care, in general, tends to help with self-esteem. But, getting various treatments done at a spa can bring out your best. Things like waxing, manicures, and other grooming services will not only make you feel good, but your confidence will improve the moment you step back out into the world. While most men understand the importance of hygiene, spa treatments take things one step further. Occasional spa visits will not only make sure your hair, skin, and nails are all healthy, but you’ll become more aware and educated on how to take care of those things on your own by establishing daily self-care routines. 

When you feel more confident in your own skin, you’ll enjoy benefits like boosted energy, improved focus, and a sense of restored balance in your life. That kind of confidence can even give you the push you need to start dating, getting more social, or asking about that promotion at work.  

It’s time to drop the stigmas and stereotypes surrounding day spas. If you’re a man who wants to improve your self-care and focus on reducing your stress, make an appointment with your nearest day spa soon. We’re willing to bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised.