The COVID-19 National Emergency is devastating the Spa and Wellness industry. We are trained to touch, heal, and comfort our guests’ mind and body and in the time when they need it the most, we are unable to serve.

​The team at The WellSpring Group intimately knows how overwhelming and traumatic the sudden loss of a job can be. If you have been displaced or laid off from your Spa position anywhere in the United States, please click HERE to complete this form to add yourself to our growing database of qualified Spa staff, therapists, and leadership.

​When Spa doors across the country open again to heal our guests, this database will be a vital connection to hiring managers and owners.

​Spa owners and leaders – if you are looking for staff, please reach out to us for a comprehensive list of expert staff in your area.

​We are all in this together – and we are honored to be of any assistance at this difficult time.

It is the intention of The WellSpring Group to be a source of support and security during this insecure time in our industry and our lives. 

For that reason, your trust and confidence in us is extremely important.  By sharing your information for this database, please know that your provided personal information will not be shared with any other party outside of The WellSpring Group without your expressed permission.  If at any time you wish to change the provided information or remove yourself from the database completely you need only contact us at [email protected].