Therabody has acquired leading sound therapy company So Sound, and rebranded to TheraSound, a new line of  sound therapy products and services. 

As the pioneer in wellness technology, this next innovation in vibration therapy is an important development for Therabody. The first application of proprietary TheraSound Technology is the Therabody Lounger, a zero gravity lounger that shifts your mind and body into a deep state of relaxation, focus, or sleep. We are currently taking preorders for the Therabody Lounger, which will be available in Fall 2022 and will retail for $2,999. 

Features of the Therabody Lounger include:  

  • When you sit on the Therabody Lounger, you will feel the sound – like a musical massage – as rhythmic vibrations pulsate through your body from head to toe. This is the only lounger on the market that incorporates TheraSound’s proprietary hardware and content via an app.  
  • TheraSound Technology leverages vibroacoustic sound therapy, a form of music therapy that uses speakers embedded inside a surface (like furniture or equipment) to transmit sound waves through the body that we feel as vibration. When these vibrations resonate with the central nervous system, the effect can be deeply calming and restorative for the mind and body – transitioning you into a meditative state. 
  • Benefits of TheraSound Technology: 
  • Decreased stress and increased relaxation 
  • Increased circulation 
  • Decreased pain 
  • Increased mobility (ROM) 
  • Decreased muscle tension 
  • The vibrational sensation is delivered to the body through SoundHearts, our proprietary hardware that is built into the Lounger and creates sound waves that enable sound to be felt and heard. 
  • The zero gravity recliner position of the Therabody Lounger helps reduce stress on the lower back and increase blood circulation with the knees and feet slightly above the heart. 

TheraSound Technology can be integrated into a variety of products, from massage tables to reclining chairs to mattresses and beyond. We are working with a number of manufacturers across industries to integrate TheraSound hardware and content into products that are often found in spas, hotels and gyms, and even in consumers’ homes. We are proud to announce that our first partner is Sunlighten, a spa industry leader whose infrared saunas offer an enhanced heat therapy experience. The added benefit of TheraSound technology will elevate any Sunlighten treatment making each session more relaxing and transformative. We are excited to take this next step toward becoming a full-service partner with our ecosystem of mind and body solutions, and plan to announce additional partners in the coming months. 

If you are interested in learning more about partnering with Therabody to incorporate the Therabody Lounger into your business or integrate TheraSound Technology into your own products, please contact