As we grow, the picture of what it takes to be a real man changes. But one thing is universal. Real men can take care of themselves and the people they love. They feel good in their own skin and look good on every occasion. But to look good and feel good, your skin also needs to look healthy. And that’s why we are here.

5 steps to better skincare for men

Luckily, men need a lot less skincare than women, in most cases. But that doesn’t mean just soap and water. No, you need to have your shelf, too. Where else will you put hair pomade for men, your fine cologne, and skincare products? What products, you ask? We have five of them, one for each simple step for you to follow. Listen to us, and your face will shine like a diamond every day. 

Cleanse twice a day

Men’s skin produces more oil than women’s do. That’s the sole reason why men seem to age slower. To keep your face young and dandy, perform a cleansing ritual twice every day. When you wake up and when you go to sleep. Make it a habit right after brushing your teeth. Wash your face with mild temperature water. After that, apply your preferred cleanser. And the final step is to do the face wash once more. 

Exfoliate with a face scrub twice a week

Sunday evening and Wednesday evening seem like a good place to start this habit. Start with washing your face thoroughly. Yes, that means your beard and mustaches, too. Next, apply your face scrub and massage your face gently. Your skin has to absorb it all, so take extra care with the facial hair territory. 

Extra notice: if your skin is oilier than average, consider applying face scrub three times per week. 

Moisturize two times a day

Water is the key to beauty. So, you should apply moisturizer two times per day. The first treatment is in the morning, as soon as you wake up. Apply the moisturizer to fight nightly skin dehydration. Moisturizer is also packed with healthy nutrients and vitamins that will feed your skin and keep it clean. Also, apply it before going to sleep, so your skin can rest and regenerate in peace.

Apply SPF

Sunburns don’t just happen in Sahara. Ask any alpinist or Irishman. Although the sun is our friend, the ultraviolet rays aren’t. They will harm your skin at best, and in the worst case, cause skin cancer. So, sun protection is a must. Especially if you want your face to look young. Use weaker SPF for daily routine, but for a day at the beach or summer weekend in nature, consider an SPF of at least 30. 

Use antioxidant serum

The serum is the next vital step in keeping your skin young and healthy. Consider it a booster for your skin. What skin? Well, there is a serum for every type of skin. Your beautician will provide you with the necessary info if you have a rare skin type. But, there are a plethora of broad-spectrum serums for you to use. Serums should also be used twice per day. The best time would be before applying the moisturizer. 


Although all these steps might sound complicated and time-consuming, in reality, they won’t take more than 15 minutes of your time. You just need to get the hang of it. Follow these five simple steps, and before you know it, they will again be asking your ID before entering a club. 

Image by Royal Anwar from Pixabay