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Tips For Renting Space For Your Salon In Dubai - Spa Industry Association
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Salon business has been one of the best performing investments globally for a long time. Many people have ventured in and are reaping out of it.

If you intend to set up the same business in Dubai, you should do things depending on your location. However, renting a space is the first thing that comes on your list if you were to run any physical business.

To rent or lease any commercial space in Dubai, you must follow a laid-down protocol consisting of three phases: renting, renting, and rental payment phases. You need to know that finding properties for rent in Qatar might not be easy, especially in Dubai, as the city attracts all races of people globally and business is highly regarded.

These are some of the things to consider when locating a space for your salon.


The size of the space is the first aspect you should consider. The number of customer’s space can determine the size of your business. 

To find the most appropriate space size, you’ll need to consider the number of employees you wish to have and the quantity of equipment that the salon will need. To establish this, you should think of the types of services you want your salon to offer. Each service needs experts and different equipment.

If you intend to offer various services, this means you should find a large space. You should also note that the size of the space influences its leasing or renting and maintenance cost.

It would also be worth considering the expandability of the space. If your business picks up well and your customer base increases, you might need to expand it. This idea can be possible if the space is expandable.

Terms of Lease

Another critical aspect to consider when looking for a salon renting space is what terms the lease entails. Some leasing terms are too complicated and demanding to keep up with, especially if you are setting up a new business.

To understand the terms, ensure you read the lease or agreement word to word. You might come across some requirements that are hard for you to fulfill. In this case, it is good to discuss with the property’s owner and see if they can adjust or go on to find another space if they disagree.

While reading the lease, it’s also good to note the rent and other amenities payment dates. Knowing this will help you to avoid unnecessary inconveniences like water and power disconnections by the providers.

One of the things that cause misunderstandings between tenants and property owners in Dubai is the maintenance cost of the property. People have different ideas concerning Dubai’s tenants’ rights. Make sure you understand whose responsibility is to maintain the property. Some tenants would want the landlord to repair even the tiniest fault in the space; confirm if that is the case with the new business space.

Accessibility of the Space

When setting up any business, your target is always customers and how to attract them. Accessibility is one of the major concerns.

The salon location should be fully accessible to all brackets of clients. It would help if you considered finding a space at the center of a busy town or city. For a salon, foot traffic would act as a free marketing strategy; therefore, you should consider certain streets which experience heavy foot traffic most of the time.

Also, on accessibility, you should consider public transportation. Find out if the location of the space is close to public transport stations to facilitate those clients that travel using this means.

The salon space should also have sufficient and secure parking space. Salon services may take hours, and the clients need a place where they will not panic over the security of their vehicles.


Security is another essential aspect when renting a space for any business in Dubai. You don’t want a case where you close your job only to come back into an empty room the following day!

You also need a place where your clients and employees are safe at all times.

But how will you tell if the place is secure? Research physically or online on the crime report of the area. You can also inquire from business owners within the place. 

Security will heavily influence the profitability of your business. For instance, in regions without proper security, businesses close very early in the evening, the time when many people are looking for your services, limiting your profits.

Rental Budget

Everyone works under their budget. Budget is the first important aspect to consider in any business. Also, from your plan, how much profit do you anticipate? You can not take a space whose rent price is the same as the profit you would make. At least, you need a space whose leasing price is less than half of your profit for the business to be successful.

Final Thought

Setting a business in Dubai is not easy. However, with a business mind and a strong spirit, you will achieve. You only need to follow the laid down protocol to avoid colliding with the authorities. You should also consider all the aspects that will determine the success of your business.