Just because a major spa has decided to do something a certain way does NOT make it a trend. To be a trend, the entire industry must be moving, if slowly, in that direction. An excellent example is the surfing “trend” where some spas are incorporating surf lessons into their wellness programs. Sure, a few destination spas in Bali, Hawaii and Fiji are experimenting with this, and it may be a fun and exciting idea, but a “trend” for the industry should be something that affects Manhattan and Kansas City as much as it affects Bali and Fiji. I don’t think I’ll be seeing any surfing classes in Idaho.

This blog is focused on trends that are impacting spas in all locations and environments. By focusing on real business trends, we can help the spa and beauty industry stay profitable and secure in the coming years.

Here are our top 3 trends for the spa and wellness industry in 2016:

#1 Wellness and Preventive Treatments      

wellnessYoga for back pain, naturopathy for allergies or acupuncture for mysterious aches and pains, consumers want health support and prevention rather than address issues once they become problematic says Allan Share, president, Day Spa Association. “This urgency has come to the forefront because consumers are feeling uncared for in the medical community; they want to stay on track without running to the doctor, particularly given the rise in premiums and out of pocket health-care costs.”


#2 More Focus on Men

manAlthough the spa and beauty industry is dominated by female clientele, that doesn’t mean you should ignore your male clients. In fact, it can be just the addition needed to break through that client number ceiling you’ve hit. Adding a handful of additional “male centric” services like a “sports recovery massage” or more masculine manicures will allow you to begin marketing to this much-neglected segment of spa society. Remember, attracting men to a spa should be natural as many of them have significant others that find value in the spa and wellness industry, so you have a built in marketer!


#3 De-Stress offerings

stressThe spa has always been a place of relaxation: soothing facials, Swedish massages, soft music and candles have always been staples of most spa and wellness businesses. However, your client base is becoming more and more exposed to other forms of pampering and relaxation so it’s time to up your game. A service menu of ten different massages doesn’t really offer the kind of diversity younger clients crave to help them de-stress. By offering services like yoga, tai chi, meditation and detoxification, you can enhance your customer’s experience and keep them coming back for more.



Matt Wiggins

Matt Wiggins

VP of Sales at ProSolutions Software

With over 20 years experience in the beauty industry, Matt teaches classes to salon and spa owners on business topics including branding, management, marketing and advertising.