Reaching out for a glass of red wine is a beautiful way to celebrate good things in life. Red wine has many health benefits like promoting heart health, lowering bad cholesterol, fighting cancer, and keeping the doctor away. Few of us know the beauty benefits of red wine.

We take you through the goodness of red wine to improve hair, keep wrinkles, and fine lines at bay and keep your skin young.   

Red Wine Ingredients That Make It A Beauty Secret

That grapes go into the making of red wine is common knowledge. These grapes are rich in several antioxidants such as resveratrol and catechin. Resveratrol in grape skins has anti-aging benefits. It also shields your skin from the negative effect of free radicals. So, the color of red wine from the grape skin helps in beautifying your skin. Barbera – a type of red wine, has many beneficial beauty effects for you to explore. Apart from drinking it, spray red wine on your face and massage it for a few minutes to reveal naturally beautiful skin. 

1.  Slow Down Skin Aging

Red wine is not just for celebrations but also helps you age better. Antioxidants like resveratrol, tannin, and flavonoid in red wine restore skin collagen and elastic fibers. In doing so, it helps fight skin aging. Red wine helps boost sagging skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. A wine facial is a beauty secret to rejuvenate tired and dull skin and get you the missing glow.

How to: Work out a mixture of red wine, rosehip, strawberries, grapes, and essential oils. Apply to your face. Do a light massage for 10 minutes and wash it with cold water.

2.  Hinders Acne

Acne-causing bacteria can ruin the skin, leaving scars and blemishes. Ordinary skin creams bring no respite from pesky acne. OTC drugs also have their share of side effects. The topical application of red wine on your face helps clear the bacteria and avoids future skin breakouts. Drinking a glass of red wine gets you similar benefits. It inhibits the spread of keratinocytes, which causes acne lesions.          

How to: Wet a cotton ball in red wine. Apply on your face and leave it for 20 minutes. Hola! You get unblemished skin in a few minutes.    

3.  Minimizes Sun Damage 

Though red wine can never replace sunscreen, it plays a useful role as a sunblock. The amino acids and antioxidants in red wine form a natural barrier and protect your skin from the harmful skin-damaging UV rays.

How to: Dip a cotton swab in red wine and apply it on your sunburns. It will bring you relief from the burning sensation and heal the affected area on your skin quickly.

4.  Improves Hair Luster

Season and stress are two factors that can play havoc with your hair leading to dull hair and breakage. No amount of spa visits can bring your hair bounce and strength. Red wine is a quick hair remedy. It prevents hair loss and pesky dandruff and boosts blood circulation to your scalp.

How to: Rinse your hair after shampooing and conditioning with red wine. It will help you get back your hair volume and shine in no time. While applying red wine to your wet hair, give it a seep time of 10 minutes before you wash it off. Repeated use of red wine will help you rejuvenate lifeless hair and stop hair strands from falling off.  

5.  Face Mask It

You may have attempted many face scrubs and lotions to get a porcelain-looking face. But pollution and stress are hard-core enemies working round the clock to ruin your effort. Red wine, when added to your face scrub, changes the beauty game.

How to: Mix red wine with yogurt and honey. Stir the mixture properly. Apply it to your face and leave it to dry for 15 to 20 minutes. Use a damp cloth to rub it off your face. Then rinse your face with water. Avoid harsh scrubbing of your face to prevent skin rashes. Repeat this process after a fortnight to get natural and glowing skin.

The Bottom Line 

Aging sucks. We need an active and valuable remedy to keep our skin in youth. Red wine has a powerhouse of essential nutrients and antioxidants to repair dry skin and hair. Soothing frizzy hair to restore skin plumpness, red wine is the modern-day recipe for looking beautiful. Practice these tips to avoid the brutalities of weather and stress. Maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating a wholesome diet with fewer calories and fat. Keep up with your fitness routine, play with pets, involve yourself in mind-engaging activities like hearing soulful music or book-reading to increase happiness and positivity. Smile and laugh to keep frowns and wrinkles away. The art of staying beautiful is in your hands.

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