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Top 7 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Spa - Spa Industry Association
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There’s nothing better than pampering yourself and what’s better than treating our body with a good spa treatment? 

While spa treatments help you feel rejuvenated, they can have negative effects in the long run. Which is why it is crucial to consider these 7 things before selecting a spa.

1. Research, research, research!

Investing your time in research goes a long way when it comes to choosing a spa. Start by listing the options that are available then proceed towards reading their reviews online. Steer clear of articles written by famous bloggers or magazines since they’re mostly promotional. Talk to your friends/relatives to gather more information.

2. Examine the Service Menu

You can pick up a service menu by visiting the spa or you can find it online on their website. Review the prices, the duration of the treatments, the kind of treatments they offer and special packages that they have. Most spas offer loyalty programmes and memberships so if you’re someone who takes these treatments frequently, it’s wise to check these programs first. 

3. Spa Environment

Visiting the spa is a good way to test the waters. Take your time as you take in the environment and the surroundings. Ask yourself if you feel calm, comfortable and relaxed. If it’s not possible for you to visit the spa, request for a virtual tour. Take into account the number of rooms they have, the number of employees they have, etc. This will help you get an idea of how well the spa runs.

4. Practioner Experience

During your initial research, if you happen to catch hold of people that go to the spa you’re planning to finalize, it’s recommended that you talk about the specialists. Generally, spas have a mix of aestheticians, masseuse, therapists, etc. Find out who gives the best face treatments or body massages and book an appointment with them. You’d rather want to book an appointment with an experienced and credible therapist rather than someone who’s new to the industry.

5. Products Used

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When visiting the salon, ask the salon manager to brief you about your treatment as well as show you the products they will be using. Researching these products will help you understand what you’re planning to treat our body with. Choosing vegan-based products, organic products or cruelty-free products are a good place to start.

6. Medical Information

The difference between a good spa and an ordinary spa is providing information. Not only should they inform you about the treatments but also they should give you a health/medical questionnaire before starting a treatment. For instance, if you’ve had an injury/accidental burn, etc., the therapist may recommend other treatments. 

7. Price and Tipping

Most people make the mistake of selecting a spa that’s cheaper than the rest. Doing so means you’re compromising with the quality of products used, the kind of services offered, expertise of the therapists, customer service, or location. The best spas don’t pinch their pennies when it comes to hygiene and that’s why it’s only fair that they charge a more for their services.  It goes without saying that you should tip your therapist 20% of the price of the treatment.

Wrap Up

Selecting a spa can be tiresome especially if you’re new to the whole concept or moved in to a new location. Proper research and a visit to the spa is all you need to help you understand what’s the best for you. 

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