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Top Amenities to Help Attract and Retain Customers at Your Spa
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A spa with little repeat business is doing something wrong and won’t survive for long. One of the key ways to both attract and retain customers is to offer top-notch amenities that deliver exceptional relaxation, rejuvenation, and unique experiences. Here are some of the best amenities and ideas for providing your clients with experiences that will keep them coming back for more. 

Safe and sound 

Keeping your spa’s customers and employees safe is just as vital as making sure your spa is full of unique amenities and experiences. This is where physical security technology and security features come into play. 

The first step is to install a method for keeping track of all visitors as they enter and exit your spa. An electronic key card, fob, or smart app system, for example, is an excellent solution for ensuring control over access authorizations. To prevent theft and keep everyone in the spa safe and secure, security cameras should also be installed in all public spaces. 

Soaking the worries away 

Hot tubs and saunas are classic spa amenities that never go out of style. They offer a relaxing escape from the stresses of everyday life and can soothe sore muscles and calm the mind. Comfortable seating, fluffy towels, and aromatherapy options like eucalyptus or lavender can help to enhance the experience. 

Kicking back in comfort 

Relaxation lounges are also a must-have for any spa. They provide a cozy and tranquil space for clients to unwind before or after their treatments. Soft lighting, calming music, and complimentary beverages like tea or fruit-infused water can create the peaceful atmosphere clients are seeking. 

Steamy goodness 

Steam rooms are another popular spa amenity, as they can help improve circulation and detoxify the body, and more. Towels, seating, and essential oils like peppermint or lemon can add to the experience. 

Cool in the pool 

If you’ve got the room for it, a pool can be a great addition to your spa, especially during the summer months. Comfortable seating, sun loungers, and poolside service for drinks and snacks can help to create a luxurious, exclusive atmosphere. Pool toys and games can also appeal to families or groups, depending on the setting. 

Zen zone 

Meditation is becoming an increasingly important element of wellness, and providing a dedicated meditation room can help your clients achieve deeper mental and emotional relaxation. Comfy cushions or chairs, calming music, and guided meditations can all be included to create a serene environment. 

Work it out 

For clients who want to stay active and healthy, a spa that also features a fitness facility with a range of equipment like treadmills, ellipticals, and weights can be a major drawcard. Personal training or group fitness classes can add variety and value – of course, this all takes significant room and investment, but if it’s feasible, it’s well worth your consideration. 

Outdoor oasis 

Outdoor spaces, such as gardens or patios, can provide a peaceful and refreshing space for clients to retreat to. Comfortable seating, shade options, and outdoor yoga or meditation classes can all add to the experience. Outdoor spa treatments like massages or facials can also be included. 

Healthy bites 

Healthy snacks and drinks are essential for keeping clients fueled and hydrated. Fresh fruit, smoothies, herbal teas, and nutrient-rich snacks, such as nuts or protein bars, are all great options. Organic or locally sourced products can also appeal to clients who are health-conscious and/or environmentally aware. 

Glam it up 

Beauty bars can provide a fun and interactive way for clients to try out different beauty products and techniques. A range of products like skincare, makeup, and hair care can be offered, with knowledgeable staff on hand to provide advice and demonstrations. You could even consider hosting beauty events or workshops to engage clients and showcase your beauty staff expertise. 

Go green 

Eco-friendly spa facilities are becoming increasingly important for attracting and retaining environmentally-conscious customers seeking sustainable options. These clients represent a growing group of consumers who value businesses that demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and do what they can to reduce their operation’s environmental impact.  

Sustainable flooring materials, furnishings, and decorative elements are just a few examples of how spas can become more environmentally friendly. Organic massage oils, all-natural skincare, and cruelty-free cosmetics are other ways in which spas can go green without sacrificing quality. Waste reduction can also be encouraged by adopting recycling and composting initiatives. 

And the options don’t end there; installing water-saving fixtures, promoting local and organic food choices, and encouraging sustainable transportation options are other eco-friendly steps that spas can take. Your spa could significantly stand out from the competition by implementing eco-friendly practices like these. 

Up the uniqueness 

Finally, offering unique and memorable experiences can really set your spa apart from the competition. Special experiences like a sound bath or crystal healing session, as well as customized treatments, such as a personalized aromatherapy blend or a customized massage, can create a lasting impression. 

Extra ideas 

  • Special event packages, such as bridal or bachelorette parties or corporate retreats, can provide a unique experience that will draw in groups of people 
  • Collaborating with local businesses or influencers can help increase brand exposure and attract new clients  
  • Providing personalized customer service, such as remembering clients’ preferences and providing customized recommendations, can help boost client loyalty 
  • Using technology, such as online booking or appointment reminders, provides added convenience for clients  
  • Incorporating alternative therapies, such as acupuncture or reiki, gives clients a wider range of wellness options 
  • Implementing community outreach initiatives or charitable partnerships can demonstrate a commitment to social responsibility and community engagement 

Keep it targeted but think outside the box 

Providing quality amenities is crucial for attracting and retaining spa clients, and it’s also important to tailor these amenities to your target audience and local demographic. The more uniqueness and exclusivity you can create, the better, so long as the quality and value-adding are clear – unique for uniqueness’s sake won’t hold people’s attention, so make sure whatever extras you add are highly appealing to your existing and target clientele.  

Photo by The Anam on Unsplash