With all the hype around self-care, you probably know by now how important it is to take time to just focus on your wellness. But, with your crazy schedule, you find it difficult to squeeze in time for self-care. However, the truth is that you need to take care of yourself if you are to continue being productive and be in control over all areas of your life. You might be surprised how easy your life can turn out to be if only you made time for self-care. If you are really focused on transforming your life for the best, making time to create a self-care routine is crucial. Here are 5 tips to go about it even when you feel you don’t have any extra time to spare. 

Prioritize self-care 

Most people view self-care as a bit selfish, which is why they think of it as something to do during their free time. However, you need to see self-care as something that deserves a slot in your busy schedule. This way, it becomes easier to set aside time, even if it’s just a few minutes every day to focus on yourself. Moreover, when you fix it in your schedule, plan to stick to it. Be ready to say no to requests that might come up during that time. You can also go a step further and invest in beauty and wellness products so that you can start your wellness journey.  

Self-care includes taking care of your body and mind. By eating well and keeping active you will see a gradual change in your life. Exercise with fitness equipment, go out for a walk, try running or jogging with friends.  

Make your goals simple 

If you read about self-care on the internet, it can get quite confusing thinking of all the activities that you need to do to ensure wellness in all areas of your life. Moreover, it appears impossible to create time for it especially if your schedule is hectic enough. However, breaking up your goals into small chunks makes it less overwhelming. For instance, rather than scheduling a whole hour for a workout, you can break it up in chunks of a few minutes spread throughout the day. Do a 5 minutes workout in the morning to kick off the day, probably plan for a 10-minute yoga session at work, and a few minutes’ walk in the evening.   

Organize your schedule 

If you think about it, you probably waste a lot of time during the day without even realizing it. By organizing your schedule, you will be more efficient in your work and probably realize loopholes where time was being wasted. You might find out that you can actually return calls when doing something else rather than scheduling a time for it alone. If you spend too much time on social media, plan a way to cut down on that time and purpose to use it more constructively.   

Make it fun 

Another thing that people do wrong when it comes to self-care is copying what others are doing. However, you are likely to procrastinate if you are engaging in things that you don’t enjoy. If you are going to find time and commit to your self-care routine, think of activities that make you tick. If hitting the gym appears boring for you, you can probably think of taking a walk around nature or riding your bike to work. You can engage in activities like biking which can be both fun and beneficial to your health. Many people prefer to get started on biking with motorized bikes for easier rides. You can choose to buy a motorized bike or attach a motorized bike kit to a traditional one. Either way, it will work better than fun and you’ll get ready for your next self-care adventure.  


Sometimes things get overwhelming because we insist on doing everything ourselves. However, if you look at your tasks, there are probably tons of things that someone else can do, and you can have the free time for your self-care. Don’t be afraid to delegate. Rethink your to-do list. If you have family members who can take some chores off your plate, then go for it. You can also use technology to your advantage. Instead of going grocery shopping, plan on ordering online and having your shopping delivered at home. 


Considering everything that you have to do in your day, time is never enough. But, we always make time for what we love and value. That is why finding time for a self-care routine can only start by prioritizing self-care as something important in your life. Then organize your schedule, delegate, set accomplishable goals and include things you love in your routine to find time and make it easy to commit to it.