Have you ever experienced a Dry Manicure? 

At Londontown were all about nourishing nails and absolutely love the idea of ano-soak mani. Although this method has been used for years and dipping your hands in a bowl may seem more luxurious the true purpose is just to soften the cuticle. Londontown has a few tricks up their sleeve that’ll help you achieve a perfect mani and still feel luxurious without soaking your hands!Instead of softening the cuticle using water why not use a blend of ultra luxe emollients and exfoliates that will gently remove excess cuticle while nourishing the skin. Our Brand New Fresh Glow Cuticle Remover locks in hydration while preventing dryness. Make this your go to cuticle remover to have that lasting glow.

If you love being extra pampered indulge yourself and try a hand mask! Before you put Lakur on spread a generous amount of Restorative Nail Cream all over your hands, then wrap them in a pair of warm cotton gloves for that extra nourishment.

And if you really love soaking your nails try using oils like almond oil in addition with the Cuticle Oil to come up with your own custom blend to soak in. Adding a little sugar can even create a scrub for an extra luxurious two-in-one treatment.