2021 has a renewed vibe to it. After the depressing year, this year seems to have promised and faithfully provided us with relatively better levels of hope and happiness.

The year did so with better news being broadcasted on news channels, recreational places reopening, the restrictions easing, and most importantly newer and vibrant trends in play. Of course, particularly in terms of accessories.

Below, you will find the top ten accessory trends of 2021 that seem to have won the hearts of the masses as of yet.

  1. Beaded DIY Necklaces

In 2020, the world witnessed overwhelming levels of creativity on virtual platforms. With plenty of time at hand, people had the opportunity to explore their talents, pursue their interests, and master their skills. Crafting DIY beaded necklaces is one of the many handiworks that surfaced.

Henceforth, beaded DIY necklaces became a popular choice in 2021. Crafters used kitschy rings, rainbow beads, alphabet beads, pearls, and colorful circular rings in single and double layers to create unique designs. We even saw celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens promoting the love of these happy-go-lucky accessories.

  1. Claw Clips

Claw Clips help keep your hair up and trendy. Yup, gone are the days when fancy hair clips and headbands did the trick. Now is the time for simple and casual. Earlier in 2021, we saw Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner supporting the trend. 

  1. Mismatch Earrings

Mismatch earrings practically refer to two different earrings worn at once. Yes, weird. But that’s what’s in.

You could vary them in design, size, and colors. This particular trend is particularly popular with hoops. You could pair a stud with a hoop. Or a small hoop with an ear crawler set. It gives your looks a unique edge, giving off a bold and ever-lasting vibe.

  1. Tinted and Rimless Sunglasses

If you seek the classiest trend accessory of 2021, then tinted and rimless sunglasses may be your answer. The tint looks stylish, while the rimless sets off the need for boundaries. It brings forth a true feel and representation of freedom in style and expression. Plus, it adds an edge of boldness to your general attire.

Our favorite is the rimless metal frame Valentino VA2003 sunnies. These are available in different colors, including Light Gold / Brown, Light Gold / Mirror Light Gold

  1. Pearl Choker

Chokers became highly popular about two to three years ago. Almost every single fashion industry around the world experimented with this neckpiece to bring forth a more unique and grand version. From heavy chains to beads, the designs varied over a massive scale.

In 2021, a more soft side of this trend surfaced, i.e., pearl chokers. This timeless trend traces its roots back into the eighties, yes. But the plot twist here is the use of mixed types of beads. We can see a variety of colors with multi-layering in pearl chokers. 

  1. Enamel Rings

Enamel jewelry has long been adored for its opacity and unique luster. It’s popular since forever, mainly because it adds a vibrant profile to the otherwise neutral attire. The vintage enamel jewelry is very classy and valued. 

It recently gained back immense popularity in the form of enamel rings. These simplistic yet playful rings give a pop-out, vibrant feel to your mirror selfies and whatnot!

  1. Anklets

Anklets have made a major comeback after the nineties. They came back most prominently in early 2020 and have soared high now in 2021.

Since we got a plethora of anklet designs available these days, you could wear one with almost all sorts of shoes. Be it sneakers, block heels, high-heels, or even platform sandals. There are sparkly silver and golden versions, and then there are beady versions. Some anklets are the threaded and braided ones, so they’d go well with your worn-out faded jeans look too!

  1. Printed Silk Scarves

Another hair or head accessory that surfaced amongst the pool of most loved accessories is the silk headscarves. Celebrities and most women think these are an excellent way of keeping hair from falling on your face now. And it is also an easy way of adding the edge of popping colors to your outfit.

  1. Platform Sandals

Yes, these also made a major comeback. Last, we saw the world treasuring the beauty of platform sandals back in the 2000s. Now, they’re back to boost your looks with their simplicity and benefits of added height.

  1. Net Bags

Recently, tote bags, as well as net bags have become a commonly used item. Both these offer an environment-friendly approach towards everyday activity and ferrying of things from one place to another. We particularly appreciate and like the trend because of its practicality and usefulness.

Accessories Retail in Spa and Salon

Given the intriguing set of jewels in trend, we believe 2021 is also the year for jewelry and fashion retailers! These jewelry goods are much easier to get rolling than the usual options. 

Before we sign off, we also wish to remind our readers, especially those who own a spa or salon. Don’t forget to use this opportunity to your best! Now is the time that you could put these jewelry items for sale in retail. Generally, offering retail items at your spa or salon can raise your net profit by 30 to 50 percent. But with trendy stuff, you can expect an additional rise of 10 to 20 percent! Plus, it doubles the chance of developing a better and bigger clientele. 

According to studies, if a client purchases two retail items on their visit, there’s a sixty percent chance that they may revisit. If they get only one, there’s a thirty percent chance, they’ll revisit. So, make the best of your opportunity!