If you have great marketing and stellar skills, yet not enough customers flood your day spa, consider a front-to-back aesthetic and sensory overhaul. Even a small budget can do wonders to attract more curiosity and interest. Best of all, your pleasing space will inspire and uplift your surrounding environment and the everyday people who pass by it.

A Magical Aroma

Aromas have psychological and mental effects people bring into their visual impressions. It helps if potential customers get a whiff of your day spa before they enter it. Use natural incense, potpourri and essential oils in low quantities so you do not cause headaches and irritation instead of therapeutic benefits.

  • Citrus scents (tangerine, grapefruit, lemon) will make mere passerby feel joyful and optimistic enough to come check the spa out.
  • Eucalyptus, tea tree and peppermint aromas will reverse fatigue or depression into calm, relaxed energy the second customers walk through the door.
  • Lavender, sandalwood and vanilla will create relaxing vibes your clients may drift to rejuvenating sleep from during treatments.

Power in Lights

Lighting can make or break your aesthetic appeal to new and repeat customers. Lighting ignites involuntary reactions in the brain and influences what people think. High light intensity awakens and overwhelms people, while dark and grim lighting can cause a flight or flight response.

Think of romantic restaurant lighting when thinking about how to attract more customers to any store or business, especially one promising retreat and restoration. If you have a storefront or freestanding day spa, use all-glass fronts and plain window treatments to harness the power of natural light.

Keep harsh overhead skylights out of your day spa. If you work from an older building, replace fluorescent lights with more pleasant (and cheaper) low-wattage lamps. Flame and powered candles are most ideal for treatment areas and relaxation rooms.

Communicate in Colors

People flock to day spas for a break from regular life, responsibilities and work. Plan a color scheme inside your day spa against what people want to escape.

Blue, white and gray walls or decor imitate work and business environments. Conservative tones like brown and black dominate many people’s homes. Lay out your day spa in juicy citrus colors (yellow, orange, lime green) or soft, calming neutrals (bamboo beige, navy blues or greens and cream).

When you design or redecorate your day spa, avoid these colors and the effects they have:

  • Red signals caution and alarm plus raises blood pressure.
  • Deep purples inspire creativity and thought when people should be more meditative.
  • Pastel colors such as pink conjure youthful, party atmospheres.

Inspire with Sound

Small business owners often neglect sonic power in optimal aesthetics. Take stock of your spa’s signature style and message to its ideal customers, then play ambient sounds or hypnotic music accordingly.

Stream Latin jazz, soft classical or smooth techno playlists at the front desk check-in area or via surround sound throughout the spa. Use tabletop waterfalls and homeopathic noise machines in treatment areas. These complete the sense people get that your spa is another world they want to escape to.

As you plot out a dazzling but peaceful aesthetic and sensory experience for customers, keep core day spa practices part of your visual strategy. Closets, storage spaces and equipment containers should be discreet and blend seamlessly with the rooms. Constant housekeeping should keep towels, paper waste and garbage to an imperceptible minimum. Always coordinate your branding, online presence and company signage to complement the visual tapestry customers will come to discover inside your spa.