Technology can be considered a disruptor to a healthy, balanced life – but new technologies like virtual reality are actually being used to enrich the spa and wellness industries and add an extra dimension to wellbeing. 

Esqapes Immersive Relaxation is a virtual reality experience that replicates a day spa – without the massage tables – and transports you to another world without leaving LA. Michah Jackson, a former game producer at Disney, created the programs and spa environment so people could take a break from their daily grind by putting on a VR headset. 

Through the technology, you can escape from the real world to a tropical island, and even feel the heat of the sun, all while your body is being relaxed by a high-end massage chair. In total, there are ten experiences to choose from, including a ‘heavenly garden’ and ‘snowbank cabin’ which leave you feeling like you’ve had a mini-vacation. You can book a slot via the website – 30 minutes costs you $45.

While bespoke VR experiences like Esqapes are popping up, virtual reality is also being incorporated into traditional spas. Relax VR presents clients with various options: combining VR with existing treatments e.g. get customers relaxed and present before their massage; using it as a standalone treatment on their menu, or using it as a promotion to entice new customers or reward existing customers. 

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