Human skin plays a host to trillions of bacteria, some helpful and some harmful. A healthy level of good bacteria is essential to our health. The outer strata of our skin is our “first responder” against infection, inflammation and disease.  By introducing a precisely formulated complex of probiotics, peptides and antioxidant plant stem cells, we can balance the microflora and prime the skin to be receptive to our nourishing formulations. Using probiotics correctly produces deeply healthy tissue, and significantly increases the skin’s ability to renew itself.


       Columbia Skincare has incorporated the expertise of scientists, dermatologists, botanists, marine biologists and members of academia to formulate their proprietary formulations– the original and best-established probiotic formula available.

       The probiotic complex in Columbia’s formulas prime the skin by returning the acid mantle to its optimum and most receptive state before delivering nourishing botanicals, plant stem cell extracts and penetrating peptides that accelerate skin cell turnover to the rate of younger skin. Peptides go deep into the dermis to improve mineral levels, promote healing and improve the skin’s general health and vitality. Botanical extracts detox and provide powerful antioxidant protection.


       Columbia’s formulas create tight junctions between cells in the stratum corneum that act like “Velcro®” to tighten the bonds in the connective tissue. Occludin regulates the water content in the skin, and keeps the skin visibly hydrated, smooth and plump. Corneodesmosomes are what affect the cell turnover rate. Columbia’s complex accelerates this turnover to that of young, luminous skin.

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