Depending on who you ask, some might say that being in school is the best time of your life. In fact, you might even meet people who say that it’s impossible for students to have stress. But when you think about it, being a student, especially a college student, life isn’t always about playing sports and having fun. Being in college also means entering young adulthood, a period which many struggles with.

What Can Cause Stress to Students?

Stress affects everyone differently. In fact, a bit of stress is actually a positive thing because it pushes you to exceed your limits. On the other hand, being too stressed can negatively affect your academic performance. To ensure you don’t become too stressed, it’s important to recognize what exactly is causing it. There are many things in college that can cause stress including:

The Financial Aspect

As important as a college education is, it’s not free and in some cases, almost unaffordable. Not everyone is able to pay $120,000 out of pocket for their desired degree. Some degrees, like a law or medical degree, are more expensive than others because of how extensive the program is. That said, many students often take out a student loan, so they can pay for the necessary resources. If you’re struggling with the financial part, you can take out a student loan with a private lender. A private lender is recommended is because they can generally have reduced interest rates and even refinancing options for undergraduate students to maximize their budget during a time when finances are stretched thin.

Maintaining a Career

Not everyone who goes to college is young and just starting out. People who have full-time or part-time jobs often go back to college, so they can advance their careers further. However, with the added responsibility of the schoolwork mixed with the job responsibilities, it’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed. Heavy workloads with very little time to yourself can stress anyone out.

How Does Stress Affect a Student’s Achievement?

College-induced stress can cause a student’s academic performance to plummet, which ultimately impacts their achievements. No matter what degree you’re pursuing, your achievements in college reflect on your resume. The more you achieve, the more your resume could stand above others. However, being too stressed can prevent you from accomplishing your goals because you’re mentally worn out.

Why Relaxation is Important

When it comes to college, learning how to relax is what’s going to help you advance. Relaxation is all about calming your mind. How you go about this depends on what you find soothing and what you’d also like to try. Whether it’s simply sitting and leaning back in a comfortable chair or delving into the art of meditation, the main goal is learning how to remain calm, focused and reducing stress.

Tips on to Relax

One way you can relax is to practice deep breathing. Deep breathing is when you inhale as much air as you can and then slowly exhale. This is one of the most common and effective methods of relaxation. You can do this little mental exercise anywhere and it doesn’t take long at all. It usually takes about a few minutes to start feeling calmer, but you can do it as much as you need.

Another way to relax is to take a break and do one of your favorite hobbies. This can include listening to music, exercising, watching TV, or reading a book. Whatever brings you a sense of joy and allows you to have fun should be the goal. Doing activities you enjoy also releases endorphins, which also decrease stress levels.