Coffee can be truly addicting, and if you’re like every other coffee nut out there, you probably have your favorite blends and coffee recipes you drink. But if you’ve been trying out yoga or working out recently, you’re probably worried if your caffeine habit is putting a kink in your wellness goals.

If you’re worried about how drinking coffee before yoga or working out can influence your health and your fitness goals, you’re not alone. It’s generally accepted that coffee not only helps you stay focused and motivated, but it improves your performance significantly. 

We’ll talk about how great coffee is in just a minute, but the long and short of it all is that it’s completely safe and encouraged to go get your favorite latte or try a new blend with the help of

It Increases Speed 

Caffeine may not make much of a difference, but it may be able to make you a little faster on your morning runs. You can cover more ground this way, get more exercise in within the same amount of time, and overall get better results. 

The exercises that benefitted the most from this were things like pushups, sit ups, and squats. It may not be the best if you want to calm down, but it may work for your morning run. 

Reduces Muscle Pain 

Who isn’t aware about the sore muscles you get after yoga sometimes? Those expercises look calm and relaxing, but they’re not ones you should underestimate either.

Taking caffeine before your morning routine or yoga can help reduce muscle pain according to a small 2013 study, but as with everything, you really need to be careful about overdoing it. 

Who wouldn’t love a great cup of iced coffee, black coffee, or a creamy, steamy cup of that rich goodness in the morning. Whatever your coffee of choice tastes like, you can probably personally confirm how active you feel after drinking it – it’s no surprise that it helps with your speed! 

Increases Your Metabolism 

If you want something to help you burn fat faster, look no further. Black coffee and other caffeinated drinks are great at helping your body burn more fat. What’s more, they suppress your appetite too so you end up eating less throughout the day than you normally would. 

Drinking coffee right before you start your gym routine might not be a great idea, but aim to take it somewhere between 15-30 minutes before you do. Take care though! If you’re someone prone to acid reflux or super sensitive to coffee, you might want to take it easy on the espresso.

Helps You Focus 

The main point of countless exercises and yogas is to help the body and mind focus. If you feel like you’re having trouble managing to do this, drink coffee before you try next time. This will help make your meditation and yoga sessions more productive and yield better results than you would if your mind kept wandering to all sorts of places!

But if you’re going down this route, make sure you’re eating enough. Coffee is not a replacement for an actual meal, and if you’re taking it, it should be along with a snack or your meal, not in place of it. If you try meditating on an empty stomach you’ll just end up with a hard time getting any meditation done, which is not at all what you’re going for here. 

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