Employees feel respected and valued when you appreciate their efforts. It not only help you to retain the best talents in your company, but employees also show a willingness to work towards organizational growth.

According to edco awards and specialties careers, companies who appreciate their employees and arrange employee recognition programs generate higher revenues. So, it’s essential to acknowledge your employees’ efforts. 

Top Employee Recognition Ideas

Are you unsure how to recognize your employees’ efforts? These employee recognition ideas will help you appreciate their contribution to your organization? 

  1. Public Recognition

One of the best ways to appreciate the effort of an employee is by recognizing them publicly. Offer them a certificate or a small gift or trophy and appreciate them when they reach a milestone or do something excellent. 

  1. Health and Wellness Benefits

Everyone deserves a better lifestyle and mental relaxation. You can offer relaxation programs at a spa to your employees or a wellness program at a fitness center. It will make them feel that you care about their physical and mental health. Apart from that, you should provide employee assistance programs to support your staff’s health and wellness. 

  1. Celebrating Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Other Events

Celebrating special days like birthdays, anniversaries of employees will make them feel a part of the company. You can offer gift cards, cakes, and even arrange small parties to celebrate the special days of your employees. 

  1. Offering a Vocational Treat

Who doesn’t love to spend some quality time? You can offer a vocation treat to the employee to have a good time with their family. If you don’t want to offer any meal or arrangement for accommodation, you can simply offer them holidays to enjoy. It will allow them to spend some time with their family and friends or travel to a new place. 

  1. Professional Training Program 

If you want to appreciate the performance of employees, enrolling in a professional training program or course will encourage them and also improve their talent. If you find that an employee is putting effort into bringing better results but lacks due professional skills, you can enroll in a course for them. It will not only help the employee but also enhance your business growth. 

  1. Take Them to Lunch

Offering them a meal or taking them out for lunch is also a great idea to appreciate your employees. When you want to reward all your employees for monthly or quarterly performance, you can treat them to a meal at a good restaurant. You can also order meals for your employees at the office. 

  1. Value-Based Reward

Appreciating and offering a reward to the employees who give an excellent contribution towards the organization’s mission, vision, and values is a great way to recognize your employee’s efforts. You can offer these rewards on a monthly or quarterly basis. Also, you can give these value-based rewards on an annual day along with gifts. 

  1. Arrange a Picnic or  Tour

You can also plan for a picnic or tour to a new place. From busy working days to fulfilling the targets, taking them out for a picnic party or tour is always a good idea. Spend some good time with your employees and involve in different activities like music, dance, sports, etc. 

  1. Offer Event Tickets

Another great way to appreciate your employees is by offering them tickets to various events like games, sports, plays, music events, etc. However, ensure that the employees have not booked a ticket earlier or some other plans on the same day and the event’s timing.  

  1. Constructive Feedback

Employee recognition not just about giving gifts and appreciating the public. Giving constructive feedback to your employees is also a way of recognizing your employee. If you provide them with feedback for their improvement, they will feel that you value them. So, don’t just appreciate who worked well, acknowledge the efforts of employees who tried their best but need guidance to perform well. 


No matter what you do to appreciate your employees, be authentic and do it with a full heart. Don’t just offer anything for the sake of morale or expecting better organizational results. Lastly, please don’t forget to share which employee recognition idea you have chosen from the above.