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14 Ways To Relax Better At The Spa - Spa Industry Association
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One of the best ways to unwind, relax, and recharge from day-to-day life’s stresses is to head to the spa. It’s an ideal break from a long week at work. 

Spas have been around for a few thousand years now–from the ancient spa locations to the modern outdoor spa centers with fluffy robes and flip flops. It’s a testament to how beneficial spas are to people’s well-being that these wellness locations stand the test of time, given how fast things come and go out of the public’s consciousness nowadays.

Whether you prefer to just lounge around reading good books, spend your day swimming in the pool, or sweat things out in the sauna, nothing beats the atmosphere that spa has. If you’re planning to visit a spa soon, here are ways to make it a truly relaxing and perfect experience for you:

  1. Planning Ahead

If you’re heading to a spa that you’ve never visited before, do your research. Doing so beforehand means you can plan ahead of time the kind of things you like to do while you’re there. Knowing the spa location that you want to visit even before arriving there can help you save valuable relaxing time, especially since some spas will only allow guests to be in the area for a limited period.

  1. Checking For Special Offers Beforehand

Planning to book a relaxing break at the spa but worried about the cost? What you can do is to try looking for any deals that they may have. Many spa centers offer package deals that’ll give you the chance to cut the cost of getting multiple treatments and experiences to as much as 50%.

  1. Getting A Treatment

Book a treatment if you can. It’s indeed where the money mounts up but adding a treatment is like giving yourself another level of pampering experience. 

Going for a massage before heading to the pool allows your body to fully relax before you hit your spa circuit. Just be sure to book everything in advance so you can get the treatment that you want.

  1. Trying Something New

Most of the spa services are meant to help guests relax, and that one new thing could just be your magic ticket to ultimate relaxation. Hence, always try new things and test the waters.

Speaking of new offers in spa centers, you might want to try a very relaxing CBD (cannabidiol) massage. As you might know, CBD has transformed the wellness industry. It has now become a mainstream ingredient, even in spas. Many spa centers have already started to add cannabis treatments into their menus. 

As discussed by Learning CBD, CBD oil has significant benefits to the body, one of which is giving you relaxation. Incorporating cannabidiol is one way of adding high amounts of relaxation. 

  1. Turning Off Mobile Devices

This tip is absolutely important and necessary for your next trip to the spa. Don’t look at any of your work emails while you’re trying to relax in the spa’s lounge; turn your mobile devices off. If you want to avoid getting tempted to check them, don’t just silence them. 

You want to ensure that you’re focusing on the right elements. It’ll be best if you just give your smartphone a rest while you’re trying to relax.

  1. Taking Two Swimsuits And Asking For Two Towels

Getting a good balance between spending time relaxing and using the facilities is the key to a perfect spa day. However, nothing kills relaxation time like laying or sitting in a wet swimsuit and a damp towel.

Packing an extra swimsuit gives you the chance to switch into something dry. Also, use one towel to relax with and the other to dry-off. It’s never nice having to put on a wet costume when receiving a relaxing spa treatment.

  1. Reading A Good Book

It’s easy to escape reality within the pages of a book. Forget about all your troubles as you go through the pages of a story written by your favorite author. Doing so enhances your level of relaxation at the spa. 

If you can find spa facilities that offer all the ways you can take CBD other than massage, go for them so you can drink CBD infused-drinks like coffee while reading.

  1. Listening To Music

Sit back and relax by putting on headphones and tuning out the world around you. Drift away listening to some of your favorite melodies.

  1. Doing Yoga

The warm water of the spa’s hot tub will relax your muscles. As a result, you can get deeper into yoga stretches to improve blood flow and achieve a higher level of relaxation.

  1. Practicing Breathing Exercises

Breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth can lower blood pressure and stress. It’s so calming that it brings your body and mind to ease, especially when you’re in the spa.

  1. Drinking Some Herbal Tea

Lavender and chamomile tea are known for their ability to induce relaxation and calmness. Try out either of them while you’re in the spa to relax better.

  1. Squeezing A Stress Ball

Grab a stress ball to ease tension in your mind and body. It can induce you to relax better while releasing some energy.

  1. Staying Hydrated

It’s easy to become dehydrated when you’re in a spa. The chance of dehydration becomes higher if you’re using the steam/sauna rooms and drinking an odd glass of bubbles. Make sure to use the free drinking water often offered by spas. If you can, just carry your own bottle of water around.

You can pack a bottle of other liquids (other than alcohol) if you’re not that much of a fan of water. The most important thing is that you have something to keep you hydrated throughout the day.

  1. Speaking Up When Needed

Don’t be afraid of speaking up if you need to during your spa appointment. If your massage therapist is using too little or too much pressure, let them know. Say something if the facial treatment you’re getting agitates your skin. Remember that the spa should be all about relaxing and enjoying yourself, so speak up if something just doesn’t feel right or is uncomfortable. For sure, spa therapists are willing to adjust to give you the best time possible.

Final Thoughts

Armed with the knowledge of how to relax better at the spa, you’ll now feel more encouraged to make or find an opportunity to relax at one of the many great spa facilities in your area. 

Know that whether you’re visiting a spa center for only a few hours or an entire day, you’re doing something really beneficial and positive towards your overall well-being.