If you enjoy going to the spa so much that you’d even brave the cold winter temperatures, it’s safe to say that you’re pretty dedicated to your relaxation. Since we are in quarantine and not visiting spas and day spas as much as we would normally, your spa at home is a great way to add to your wellness. If you have an outdoor spa or hot tub that you’re trying to utilize during winter, here are some tips for the ultimate soak.

1. Covers

If you’ve ever rushed into the snow only to discover that your hot water isn’t as hot as you’d like it to be, chances are it’s time for a new cover. If you don’t have an effective one, your hot tub or heated pool will struggle to maintain heat in low temperatures. If your hot tub or pool loses heat and can’t raise the temperature while you’re using it, there may be something else wrong. Doing a quick search for “pool builders near me,” can help you find an expert for a professional opinion and get back to enjoying your tub in no time. Once your hot tub or pool is sufficiently covered, you may want to look into additional cover for you. Umbrellas can be a big help when snow or rain gets too heavy to be enjoyable, and a pair of slippers can reduce your chance of falls while also keeping your feet warm as you walk between your tub and your home. Keeping a fluffy robe on hand can be convenient as well.

2. Heat

Transitioning from the spa to the cold and back inside again can be uncomfortable, but some planning ahead of time can make the process a little easier. Try preparing hot drinks for either during or after your soak. Some hot chocolate or even mulled wine could be the perfect addition to your relaxation time. If you’re worried about keeping your beverage warm, try an insulated container, which is easier to transport than a glass or lidless cup. This can also make it easier to avoid unwanted spills. Nothing ruins your night quite like having to clean the hot tub. Before you head outside, throw some towels or blankets into the dryer so that they’re warm when you’re ready to come back inside. You may even want to invest in a towel warmer right by your spa, so you don’t have to worry about keeping your towels warm while you soak. Just make sure the warmer is appropriate for outdoor use

3. Skin Protection

Winter is a notoriously difficult time for skin, which means a leisurely soak can wind up hurting your face for a few days. Not only does winter skin tend to be more dry than usual, but also more susceptible to absorbing chemicals from hot tub water. You can make yourself far more comfortable by investing in a decent moisturizer for the colder months. Your skin will get much-needed moisture in addition to a slight barrier against harmful substances. If you use your spa or hot tub during the day, make sure you use sun protection as well, and don’t forget about your scalp. Wearing a hat can help protect your skin and hair from sun damage, but it can also help keep your hair away from the water. Chemicals aside, cold hair or a cold head can make it difficult for your body to retain heat. Remembering to grab your favorite knit hat can keep you warm and keep your hair from smelling like chlorine.

Using the spa in winter can be one of the most relaxing and aesthetically pleasing experiences until you have to leave the warmth to travel back inside. With a little preparation and some fun new spa accessories, you can make the entire process more comfortable all season long.

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