by: Jenny McHenry Welcome to 49 ways you can take care of your skin. With this guide we’ve gathered many skincare methods all in one place so that there’s less confusion in what you can do to get healthier skin.

Before you do anything, you should wash your hands. Why? Because you wouldn’t use a dirty cloth to wipe something down, so why should the same apply to the rest of your body, including the face? The primary way to wash your hands should be thorough, so let’s go with the CDC five-step specifications of hand washing since if it’s good enough for the CDC, it’s good enough for us. 

First wet your hands with running water, and then lather them in soap. Make sure to get the back of your hands, as well as between the fingers where dry skin can form. Scrub your hands for about 20 seconds before rinsing and then drying them with a clean towel. If you’re concerned about the soap used, pH-balanced hand wash made for skin care is available.

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