1. It is safe. Cool Sculpting is the first of its kind that will actually freeze fat. Traditional techniques that we have used for fat reduction have been radiofrequency devices. Radiofrequency is great for skin tightening but has not proven to be as effective for fat loss.

These devices would get so hot that clients would be too uncomfortable to tolerate the treatment for the amount of time required to effectively destroy fat cells. Cool Sculpting utilizes cold therapy to break down fat pockets while keeping the skin safe from damage. The cooled area becomes numb making Cool Sculpting very comfortable. Clients typically enjoy our Netflix programs, read or even nap while being treated.

2. It is for everyone. There are few clients who would not benefit from Cool Sculpting. For those who have problem areas that seem to be immune to diet and exercise, Cool Sculpting is an excellent option. For those who are looking for a way to jump-start weight loss and fat loss, Cool Sculpting is often the kick off to better habits.

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