Now that the world is immersed in this ongoing health crisis, more people are beginning to understand the value of leading a healthier lifestyle. Those who have been postponing some of those difficult decisions, be it to quit smoking or reduce their sugar intake, have finally found some form of motivation now to boost their immune system. This is absolutely a worthy goal, and something we should all strive to accomplish throughout our lives, but it shouldn’t be an isolated moment of fear that drives us towards greater health.

The more you focus on your wellbeing, the easier it becomes to incorporate certain changes in your life. At first, it’s a challenge, and you’ll feel tempted to roll right back into your old routine of self-destructive, unhealthy decisions, but if you push yourself for the first several weeks, one day at a time, then you’ll be able to slowly embrace these new choices as your new lifestyle. Here’s what you can do to improve your health and fitness and stay true to your goals for the long haul.

Improve your sleeping schedule

It all begins with exhaustion, burnout, and too much stress. When you fail to give your mind and your body enough downtime to heal, recuperate, and fully absorb all the nourishment you’ve provided during the day, you put yourself through too much stress. Cortisol is bound to wreak havoc on your hormonal balance, and you’ll likely resort to energy-boosters such as caffeine or nicotine, or you’ll succumb to sugar cravings and eat junk food.

To eliminate that exhaustion and stress, you should restructure your sleep time by introducing a regular schedule for your rest. Try out various sleeping routines, such as reading before bed, aromatherapy, or meditation, and you’ll find something to relax and prep you for a perfect night of pure rest.

Variety and accountability for your workouts

When motivation is scarce and you find it difficult to kick yourself out of the bed and onto the treadmill or your yoga mat, you should consider pairing up with a spouse, a friend, or someone in your community who would also like to train. This gym-buddy system helps increase accountability, as you keep pushing each other to reach your goals.

Then again, creating a program with varied exercises keeps your body guessing and gives you enough creativity and stimulation to not get bored. This is a preventative measure perfect for curious people, so you can incorporate everything from yoga, swimming, running, weightlifting, all the way to dancing to keep things fun.

Enrich your nutrition with supplements

Suddenly making such major changes in your life can be tough on your energy levels, which is why you can follow in the footsteps of athletes who know how to maximize their nutrition through healthy supplementation and stay dedicated to their fitness goals.

One simple way to do that would be to introduce preworkout supplements that will keep your energy levels steady and balanced, allow you to focus on movement execution, and ensure that you can recover more easily after the workout. Better performance also helps you get better results in the long run, and keeps the risk of injuries much lower for someone who has just started with their new exercise plan, too.

Think seasonal and local thoughts

Some choices are best both for you and for the environment. That refers to your menu in particular. By choosing local, seasonal produce sold directly from farmers, you not only consume foods grown in adequate conditions rich in nutrients, but you also support the local economy and growth, and choose sustainable farming over imported, exotic goods.

Your diet of choice impacts everything from your skin health, all the way to your hormones, weight, and body composition. One meal at a time, and you can start to work towards a leaner physique and a more resilient immune system.

Eliminate harmful behaviors one at a time

Just as it’s vital to choose carefully what you do to grow your wellbeing, it’s equally essential what you choose not to do. Some of the most detrimental habits include smoking, alcohol consumption, and eating processed sugar and calorie-dense foods devoid of nutritional value.

Try getting an accountability partner for these steps too, as they help with refining your diet and your habits and even replacing them with healthy choices. For example, every time you get a sugar craving, you can eat a piece of fruit, do a few lunges around the house, or call your friend for a supportive chat.

Remember that this is a process, and not a one-time change. It takes a lifetime to fully embody these decisions, and it should be perceived as a journey, not a single destination. Therefore, give yourself the time and care you require to completely appreciate the scale of these changes and to start seeing their impact on your life. Only then will your mindset be completely transformed to uphold these little promises to yourself and stay on the right, healthy path.

Peter is a men’s grooming and lifestyle writer at Men-Ual and TheBeardMag magazine from the UK and AU. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.