There are many spa marketing ideas you can use for the promotion of spa, but video content is probably one of the best types of content for spa marketing. In addition to that, non-medical and medical spa marketing are quite similar to each other, so the tips offered in this article will help you create the perfect promotional spa video in both cases.

#1 Display Product Demos

The first thing you can do in your promotional spa video is to display product demos. This way, you are giving your viewers a feel of the products and services you have to offer. For example, if you sell three different kinds of soaps, you can make a video explaining what these soaps contain, when and how they should be used, and why they could be a great gift to someone you love. Services like spa manicures can also be turned into product demo videos.

#2 Create Tutorials and Guides

Another way to improve your promotional spa videos is by creating tutorials and guides. You can hire a professional writer from a writing services review site like Online Writers Rating who will create the scripts for such videos. You don’t need to explain every single detail about how you complete certain procedures, but guides and tutorials are still meant to explain them to an extent in order to encourage potential clients to visit your spa.

#3 Include User-Generated Content

User-generated content is the content created by your social media followers, past and present customers, and email subscribers. Most of the time, user-generated content includes reviews of your spa which is why they can be so powerful for conveying your message and attracting more customers. By including user-generated content in your videos, you also show your current customers that you care about their opinion and listen to them.

#4 Show Sneak-Peaks and Teasers

Sneak-peaks and teasers are a subtle way to show something you will be releasing soon – or you can use them to notify your viewers that there will be an event that you will be hosting and/or attending soon. What’s important to remember about sneak-peaks and teasers is that they need to be written very carefully, without giving away too much.

#5 Host Q&A Live Streams

Last but not least, hosting Q&A live streams can also help you market your spa. Live streams hosted on social media platforms are known for increasing engagement, especially if they are done regularly. Try to create a schedule you can follow to make your streaming consistent. For example, you could be hosting live streams every Monday evening. You can also have giveaways during such live streams and announce new winners every time.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, spa marketing is an important part of promoting your spa salon and attracting more clients, so make sure to use the tips in this article to create promotional spa videos and find new customers.

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