As wellness becomes a priority for everyone, self-care enthusiasts are willing to go the extra mile with their routines. Think beyond eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, and following a meditation schedule to take self-care to the next level this year. Integrating a spa treatment into your regular routine is a good idea as it soothes your senses, heals your body, and refreshes your mind. You can try a deep tissue massage, indulge in a rejuvenating facial treatment, or pamper yourself with a body wrap. But you may think adventurous and try something different this season because there are plenty of options to explore. Here are some unconventional ones you can try this year.  


Cupping is a Chinese medicine tradition making it big on the spa care landscape in recent times. A therapist will heat a cup to create a vacuum in it and place it along your skin in a gliding motion. The suction technique shifts the body’s energy to increase circulation, relieve pain, and promote healing from deep within. It even reduces the appearance of cellulite over time with regular sessions. You will have to lie on your stomach, while the cups are placed on your back, shoulders, and hips. Expect slight bruising as toxins are pulled to the surface, but the effects are only temporary.  

Cactus massage 

Surprisingly, a cactus massage can do wonders for your skin and body, so it is worth trying this year. The therapy is also known as Hakali massage. You will love it because it is not prickly or painful as it sounds. The professional will use heated nopal cactus paddles for massage. It will not have the needles, rather you can feel a gooey touch. The therapy is ideal for detoxification, and it also soothes and heals sunburns. You will see visible changes on your skin with regular sessions of cactus massage.  

CBD spa 

A CBD spa is another option you shouldn’t miss out on this year. After the legalization of cannabis in the country, CBD spas have become mainstream. You can easily find a spa, salon, or resort that offers the service. The experience is heavenly as you feel the deft hands of a therapist massaging your back with CBD oil. Soak in a tub infused with CBD bath bombs and get a facial treatment with an infused topical product. You can chew luscious CBD gummies to complete the indulgence. Rest assured, you will love every moment of the experience without having to worry about the quintessential high of cannabis because CBD is the non-psychoactive element.  

Full body toning 

This form of spa treatment uses ancient sound-and-dialogue therapy to explore the body mind. It relieves tensions of the body and mind by revealing the patterns of environmental and emotional frequencies and the body’s natural harmony. Sound therapy brings your body into deep alignment. Further, it alleviates pain and anxiety and melts away physical, emotional, and environmental stress. You feel enlightened and relaxed at the end of the session.  

Cold sauna therapy 

Typically, spa therapies are hot, but you can try the unconventional cold sauna for a change. You will have to enter a cryogenic chamber and stay in there for one to three minutes. The temperature inside the chamber is extremely low, so you will have to wear proper clothing, including a facemask, gloves, socks, shoes, and headbands to cover your ears. The sudden exposure to low-temperature releases deep-seated pain, removes the toxins and reduces inflammation. It works well for people struggling with stress, sleep disorders, and skin ailments such as psoriasis. 

Hay bath 

A hay bath also deserves a place on your spa wishlist this year. The experience promises to be different from anything you have tried before. It is an ancient therapy that has made a comeback in recent years. You will be covered in warm, fresh, and damp hay for twenty minutes. Following this, you will be made to lounge on a waterbed for half an hour. The therapy has detoxifying effects and strengthens your immune system, making it relevant in pandemic times.  

After a slow couple of years of the ongoing pandemic, spas and salons are back with the bang. You can visit your favorite destination and try your favorite treatment to heal your body, mind, and skin without worrying about safety. Even better, try something unconventional to experience intense healing and pamper yourself the way you deserve. Pick one or more options from this list to make your next time in the spa a memorable experience.