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7 Beauty Predictions for 2022 Trends That Will Shape the Future of Beauty Industry 
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The beauty industry is changing as we speak, and we are continuously faced with new products that, in some ways, are shaping current trends. In the last couple of years, a lockdown has significantly impacted the way we treat our skin, maintain personal hygiene, and take care of our bodies.  

But, if you are familiar with ongoing trends, then you will be able to understand in which direction the global beauty industry is going. That’s why we have listed a couple of trends that will dominate the future of cosmetics and beauty.  

Let’s see what 2022 has in store for us! 

Better hygiene  

As we already mentioned, the world is still under the influence of coronavirus. Therefore, if a pandemic taught us anything, it’s the importance of cleanliness and personal hygiene. Based on some predictions, many expect this trend to continue.  

During the pandemic, everyone was obsessed with soaps and hand sanitizers, so this habit remains to this day. But beauty trends saw an opportunity to enter an entirely new market and offer luxury sanitizer and hand soaps.  

Even though some people are still loyal to their favorite brands, they are willing to try something else.  

Transparent skincare products  

We no longer live in the dark ages where we don’t know the ingredients used in our favorite skincare. People want to be more informed and to know what big companies are putting into their products.  

That’s why brands hire third-party labs to provide complete transparency regarding skincare products. This is one of the trends that will revolutionize the beauty industry.   

These days, transparency has become a top priority because it helps customers understand different products, whether they are organic or sustainable.  

Fermented ingredients  

Ingredients like fermented soy, barley, fig, millet and rose are pretty popular, especially in the skincare industry. They mostly came from J and K-Beauty markets and offered a couple of benefits for consumers and brands.  

But why are these types of products so popular? Well, fermentation releases enzymes that break down molecules. This way, they can better penetrate the skin and affect its structure. The fermentation process encourages the growth of beneficial bacteria like acetic, organic, and lactic acid, which behave as natural preservatives. These bacteria also prolong the shelf life of the products.  

Bold haircuts  

How many times have you heard, “I just need a trim?” Well, this might be a thing of the past. According to social media networks and Pinterest, dramatic looks like mohawks, shaved heads, bob-cut wigs, even short, kinky curly hair are trending at the moment. Thanks to Miley Cyrus and Billie Eilish, we now have a “wolf cut.” 

Natural look 

To be honest, people are tired of perfectly polished Instagram faces, whose only job is to look pretty. We want to see wrinkles, blemishes, pores, everything that makes us humans. That’s why the natural look is taking off again.  

Cosmetic treatments are becoming more popular, and even celebrities are going public with the products and cosmetic treatments they apply to their skin. Now men and women are looking for ways to point out their natural beauty without using a ton of makeup.   

However, needles are also an important part of this process, but people use them to boost their natural features instead of going overboard with procedures. This is like no-makeup-makeup in the cosmetic industry.  

Natural hair  

In the past, natural hair was very popular, and people spent thousands of dollars on hairstyles that would augment their real hair. However, now people are quite happy to embrace the way they are. So, we can expect natural hair to become a beauty trend in 2022.  

Instead of using straightening and curling tools, many accept natural hair because they want to avoid damage. You will notice that air-drying and natural texture is a common thing right now. Also, many will stay away from intense heat and chemicals while slowly moving towards low maintenance.  

Male grooming  

Male-grooming and male beauty products are on the rise, and according to some estimates, this sector will generate a global sale of $82 billion by 2024. During the lockdown, men became more comfortable with beauty products and started experimenting with different brands.  

Even though 2021 became saturated with celebrity beauty brands, there is a high demand for male grooming products. Many social media platforms have given men room to express their individuality, and, in some ways, they are challenging gender stereotypes when it comes to men’s beauty.  

There is also a thing like “bald positivity”, which addresses the male hair loss stigma that has been going on for years. However, this is about to change in 2022.  

We hope we managed to provide you with an insight into 2022 beauty trends. Look out for the upcoming months because we believe this year will bring us many surprises.  

Photo by Yan Krukov from Pexels