The goal of salon and spa owners around the world is to create a place of beauty and tranquility that helps clients to look and feel recharged, renewed, and ready to take on the world.  

The hottest design trends for spas and salons in 2021 galvanize and build on trends that emerged in the last couple of years. Natural, clean, and simple are the impulses that guide décor and design choices, whether the look is rustic, traditional, or ultra-modern.  

Let the following 7 spa and salon interior design trends inspire you to energize your space and set the mood for the treatments on offer. 

1. Bring Nature Indoors 

Nature has been one of the greatest inspirations in design trends in recent years. You can see it in textured floral-print wallpapers that are perfect for feature walls (more about that in a moment), in rattan and wicker furniture, and in fixtures made of wood and stone. Find ways to incorporate those elements into your spa. 

Other elements that can help bring nature into your salon include delicate wind chimes, candles, and a water feature – even if it’s as simple as a decorative bowl filled with water in which you float a few flowers or petals. 

Potted plants are another great way to tap into the natural trend. They add color, interest, and life to the space, making it even more Instagrammable. More importantly, plants bring happiness to people. If bringing live plants into the space isn’t an option, use faux greenery and flowers instead. 

2. Use Earthy Shades 

The trend of using earthy shades flowed out of the trend described above. Use inspiration from nature in the color schemes you choose for the space. Consider the light greens and other pastels of early spring, the deep greens and rich colors of summer, the grays and browns of rock and earth, and the oranges, reds, and rusts of fall leaves. 

According to colour psychology, many people find greens, blues, and other earth tones to be balancing, calming, and relaxing. Don’t stop at earthy colors only – incorporate texture with driftwood, rustic veneers, glowing patinas, and matt leathers. 

3. Choose Tastefully Decorative Lighting 

If the lighting in your day spa or salon is mostly harsh spotlights or fluorescent lights, it’s time for a change. Choose lighting options that offer bright but soft light. A growing number of salons are opting for concealed lighting that offers brightness without making the space seem less inviting. 

If you prefer using visible lighting fixtures, choose neutral styles that won’t distract from other décor elements in the space. Consider combining textured materials, such as wood or rope, with light fittings for a more organic look. 

4. Incorporate Blush Pink 

A natural rather than earthy tone that elevates the mood and inspires joy, blush pink is one of the most popular color trends at the moment. The color really started grabbing attention around 2017, and its popularity has grown since then. The playful shade of pink is found in fashion and make-up, in bedrooms, bathrooms, family rooms, and kitchens.  

Let your clients find blush pink in your salon or day spa, where it can complement other styles and colors. Introduce the color using paint, wallpaper, or textiles. 

5. Create A Statement Wall 

Statement walls can add character, create a special space within your spa or salon, or highlight a beautiful architectural feature. They pack a visual punch when done properly, which makes them a good option if you have the space for one. 

In an article on feature walls for the Spruce, Lauren Flanagan offered some helpful tips. Two of those tips were to: 

  • Use complementary colors – Choose colors that complement the rest of the room. If the rest of the room is characterized by muted colors, avoid using bold colors on the statement wall. 
  • Use paint for the wall – Choose paint when creating a feature wall. It’s an easier, more versatile, and less expensive option than good quality wallpaper, or paneling. 

6. Introduce Decorative Tiles 

Decorative tiles offer a variety of colors, textures, shapes, patterns, prints, and glazes to choose from. Use them to energize the walls (and floors) in your spa or salon. As with the colors used on feature walls, your choice of tiles should complement the rest of the space. You can limit your use of decorative tiles to a single wall, to sections of wall, or to the use of single tiles used as you would a painting or sculpture. 

2021 has seen a number of tile trends inspire people around the world. Block colors and hexagons, terracotta, Moroccan tiles with geometric patterns and bold colors, hand-painted tiles, and tiles decorated with art deco fan shapes are among them. Aesthetic qualities aside, the best thing about using beautiful tiles on your walls is that they’re durable and they’re easy to clean. This makes them ideal for busy spas that welcome a large number of clients through their doors.  

7. Choose An Industrial Look 

While many salon interior trends in 2021 draw their inspiration from nature, some look to industry for inspiration. Transform your spa by giving it an industrial vibe that blends warm wood, exposed stonework or brickwork, exposed beams, and air conditioning ducts, glazed concrete floors, high ceilings, clean lines, bolts, and rivets, and a mix of metals. 

Some spas or salons that have a predominantly male clientele may prefer a heavier industrial look that incorporates fewer elements from other styles. Establishments with more female clients may prefer to blend a few tasteful industrial elements with other styles.  

Either way, you can complement the look by adding vintage or antique furniture or fixtures. The best colors to use with industrial design trends in a spa setting are metallic grays, silvers, navy blue, brown, and gold. 

Energize Your Space 

Each of the salon interior design trends described above has the potential to energize your space.  

Consider the energy and mood you want to create in your spa, consider your general clientele, and think about what would be most practical and value-for-money when deciding what to incorporate. Then take the plunge and implement an exciting new vibe in your salon or spa. 

Meta Description: Day spas can benefit from a bit of pampering as much as their clients can. Discover 7 fabulous spa and salon design trends energizing spaces in 2021.