When people go to the spa they are seeking to be pampered. The services spas offer to their clients can range from massage, sauna, facial, steam baths, nails, hair, and dark rooms. If you are looking into opening a spa, or are a current spa owner and you want your clients to have the most calming and rejuvenating experience, read on for six tips to make that happen.  


The sounds a person hears while visiting a spa are an important part of their experience. You do not want them to hear a lot of talking or hustle and bustle. In order for your guests to relax you want to play music that is soothing and encourages a mellow feeling.  

You could consider playing a radio station, like 101.9 the mix or music you find on an app that includes dulcet tones, classical music, and soft rock. You do not want the beat to be too loud or heavy. You may want to research and download music to make a prepared playlist for your business.  


Smells are so important in a spa. You need everything to have a clean and inviting scent. However, you do not want to overpower your guests. If your spa has an amazing scent, any time your clients smell it, they will be transported back to the time and place they felt the most relaxed.  

You may want to purchase scented candles that are made out of essential oils. If there is a scent you love, buy in bulk. Some scents that are known to be soothing are lavender, citrus scents like orange and lemon, Chamomile, and Bergamot. Remember that fragrances have the ability to ease anxiety and improve your mood.  


You should definitely consider investing in LED lights for your spa due to their many benefits. Different colors of LED lights provide people with different perks. Red lights can encourage your collagen to produce new skin cells and it is also known to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.  

Light green lights provide people with a sense of calm and safety. It can reduce depression and calms the nervous system. Blue light stimulates creativity and mental awareness. It can reduce headaches and lower blood pressure. You may notice a reduction in body aches and pains as well. 


In order for your spa to be the most comfortable it can be, you must spend money on high-quality furniture and linens. This could include bed sheets that have a high thread count. When clients are relaxing in between treatments or spending time in the sauna, you should provide them with plush microfiber robes and slippers. Each fabric should be carefully chosen and be nice to the touch.  


Take the time to consider the best ways to absolutely spoil your clientele. Consider only providing towels that are fresh out of the dryer or invest in a towel warmer. The water you serve could be infused with fresh fruits and garnishes.  

It is important that you only hire qualified therapists who have references and experience. It is in your best interest to employ people who are professional and passionate about their craft. Train them and observe them to make sure they give excellent customer service.  


You want to make sure that your spa offers a variety of treatments and services. Think of offering different types of massages like Deep Tissue, Swedish, and Lymphatic. Be sure to include single and couple massages, and think about taking it to another level with an aromatherapy menu to choose from. The best experience is in the details. 

Install a dry sauna and wet sauna for your guests to enjoy. As far as facials, hire estheticians who can perform microdermabrasion, dermaplaning, chemical peels, and acne or ageless facials. If your spa is a one-stop shop for your clients, the less likely they will need to go elsewhere and the more money they will spend with you.