Nancy Trent – January 10, 2020

Probiotic skin wellness: People should be using probiotic skincare year-round. There are millions of microorganisms (a vast variety of bacteria, viruses, and fungi) currently living on your skin. Research shows that some of these microorganisms actually promote skin health, and reinforce your skin’s natural barrier against harmful bacteria, balance your skin’s pH levels, and may even protect against skin cancer. But the use of harsh facial cleansers and antibacterial products strip your skin of its “good” bacteria and other microorganisms, damaging the skin’s natural ecosystem known as your “microbiome.”

As a legacy brand and leading innovator since 1871, Columbia Skincare uses prebiotics, probiotics, botanicals, and peptides in a science-backed formula that helps people heal their skin by supporting microbiome health while stimulating the natural production of collagen and hyaluronic acid to activate the skin’s natural healing process. Columbia Skincare Probiotic products are proven to speed up skin renewal, improve the cohesiveness of skin cells, reinforce the barrier, and amplify skin’s production of antibiotic-like chemicals. The strains, protein, and stem cells in Columbia Skincare products were selected based on years of research that determined these ingredients together potentiate and become a new complex, unique formulation—blending science and nature for supreme wellness and skin health. Columbia Skincare’s proprietary technology assures the efficacy as well as the safety of their products when used as recommended.

Renowned dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe claims Columbia Skincare products are the best for “Sensitive, Irritated, and Rosacea-Prone Skin” and recommends it for use after chemical peels, laser treatments, and micro-needling, or to offset the uncomfortable effects of retinoids and exfoliants.