A wellness spa is a place where people can relax at the end of their busy day. It’s a perfect treat from all the hard work you’ve been through and an excellent way to release tension. While people can always go home and enjoy a good cup of tea, nothing feels better than visiting a wellness spa.  

If you’re building a wellness spa as your business or part of your house, the key features you must highlight are your spa’s coziness and comfort. People will go to you as they’re looking for a place to relax and be free from stress. While the process may be challenging, your customers or your family will appreciate the amount of work you put into it.

With that in mind, here’s a list to make your wellness spa cozier and more comfortable:

  1. Add A Comfortable Waiting Area 

During the peak season, expect to receive plenty of customers and a packed reception. Even if you want to accommodate your patrons, there might not be enough room for everyone if you lack the staff and the space to let them stay. With that, your customers would be left standing at the waiting area, waiting for their turn.  

As they’re your loyal customers, treat them right by providing the most comfortable seating. While you can’t go wrong with a comfortable sofa, the best recliners will make your customers extra special—if your budget allows it, that is. That way, your customers can sit comfortably or take a nap for a while as they wait for their turns. This’ll surely make them feel better as they sit and have a starter spa treatment in your recliners without having you work hard for it.

  1. Play Relaxing Sounds

Apart from the spa treatments that your customer will receive from your establishment, you should try to maximize their relaxation by playing relaxing sounds. As they enter your space, they should feel like they’re entering a different world where relaxation and calmness are the only things they’d think about.

To promote tranquility, you should play relaxing nature sounds in the room. You could play the sound of crashing waterfalls, chirping birds, flowing streams, ocean waves, or more calming sounds that people use to help them sleep. Ideally, you should play relaxing music on a seamless loop for continuous and endless relaxation.

  1. Use Neutral Tones 

When designing your wellness spa, you must use neutral and relaxing colors that help promote calmness. You can’t expect people to feel relaxed when they enter a room full of bright and loud colors. For the best results, you should consider using neutral earth tones such as white, beige, and wood.

As you choose neutral tones, make sure you use comfortable materials for your furniture and decorations. While wood may look sturdy and strong, it can boost calmness when you pair it with lighter shades.

  1. Make Your Space Close To Nature 

If your wellness spa has enough space or you’re building it outside a corporate establishment, you should try to make it as close to nature as possible by creating an area where your customers can feel the calmness of nature surround their bodies. You can build a corner wherein people would have a clear view of nature, such as the appearance of trees and the presence of birds chirping around them.

Moreover, if you’re building a wellness spa in the city, try to create a space wherein you can plant a small tree and surround it with relaxing plants, allowing people to relax and appreciate a small taste of nature. It’ll be like a semi-indoor garden as you remove the roof and let the natural sunshine through.

Additionally, you could fill the spa with indoor plants that are easy to care for, providing a relaxing environment inside your business. It’ll be a small trick to bring life inside the room, and one your customers would surely appreciate.

  1. Light Scented Candles 

Scented candles are popular for a reason. Apart from adding warmth and coziness to any space, the fragrance that scented candles release is relaxing and calming at the same time. As your customers enter your spa, you should try to surround the area with scented candles according to the fragrance of your customers’ choice. For a safe option, you should prepare lavender, bamboo, sea breeze, rosemary, and vanilla, as they are usually easy to source.

With scented candles, you can help to provide a relaxing ambiance, especially since their presence instantly promotes calmness in the room. With the added scent, it’s a special treat to your customers’ senses.

  1. Supply Light Snacks

Even if people come to a wellness spa to relax, you’d be making them more comfortable if you could provide them with a light snack they could enjoy as they go through each treatment. Depending on your spa services, if they could munch and chew while you treat them, you should offer some snacks and refreshments to your customers. You can choose to give them biscuits, cookies, unsalted chips, cheese, water, tea, decaffeinated coffee, wine—anything that would make your clients feel more relaxed.

You can just imagine the pure bliss your customers would feel as they enjoy a good snack while being treated to massages or aromatherapy. While this should be common sense, you should also offer snacks at the waiting area where your guests could grab anything they’d like as they wait to be pampered.

  1. Provide Comfortable Robes 

Inside a wellness spa, your customers would be changing from their regular clothes and putting on your in-house robes. To start your spa experience, you should make sure that you provide the most comfortable robes available on the market.

Wool is popular for being warm, and for something light to wear and light on your wallet, fleece mimics the warmth wool provides. Silk robes are luxurious and shows you mean business, but they might not be entirely relaxing for everyone. For your wellness spa, you should go with wool or cotton velour for a hint of luxury and comfort.

With the right robe, you can allow your guests to feel relaxed and put their minds at ease, especially since you provide excellent spa products and services.


With a wellness spa, your main goal is to provide comfort and coziness. While you can give the best treatment in your area, you shouldn’t forget that the way you operate your establishment will help people be in a relaxed mood. As you add features in your wellness spa, your customers would appreciate every single aspect, especially if they can leave the room feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.