The beauty of technology knows no bounds.

The only thing better than a professional, work-all-the-kinks-out massage, is said massage taking place in the comfort of your own home. Blysis doing just that – bringing together a community of qualified therapists all over Australia who will quite literally arrive at your doorstep, complete with massage table and essential oils, and set up in your living room. The best part is that it’s all booked via the Blys app or website, so no human interaction is necessary. It’s like Uber Eats, but for relaxation.

The genius idea belongs to Ilter Dumduz, who coincidentally had it when he was walking home from a massage appointment of his own. The commute was his time to destress and enjoy the post-treatment sense of calm, but it also got him thinking about how his background in tech could be applied to improve the experience tenfold for massage-goers everywhere.

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