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Best Practices To Ensure Client and Employee Safety in Spas  - Spa Industry Association
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Spas are beacons of serenity. It’s important for your clients as well as employees to feel safe in their environment. If guests don’t feel safe, they can’t truly relax. There could also be adverse consequences from unsafe practices. Clients and employees alike could get hurt if you don’t take the proper precautions in your spa. Learn how to equip your spa to be a literal haven for your team and anyone who walks through its doors.  

Why Spa Safety Is Important 

Establishments that serve the public have to protect their customers and employees. Spas, in particular, rely heavily on the trust between client and provider. The nature of spa services, particularly massages, involves a degree of vulnerability for clients as they seek relaxation and improve their well-being. Prioritizing safety measures not only mitigates the risk of infections and injuries but also instills confidence in patrons.  

Additionally, you can safeguard the well-being of spa employees by providing training on proper techniques. This enhances the client experience and prevents occupational health issues from repetitive movements or strains. A commitment to safety not only preserves the physical health of everyone involved but contributes significantly to the overall satisfaction and reputation of your spa. Learn how to establish your spa as a reliable and caring establishment in the eyes of customers and staff alike. 

Practice Proper Chemical Handling 

Spas typically have several chemical substances on hand at one time. Chemical storage and safety are of utmost importance to prevent leaking, corrosion, or even explosions or burns. This, of course, depends on what types of chemicals you’re using in your spa. The use of cleaning agents, disinfectants, and spa-specific products like chemical peels are the most common.  

Although common, improper handling can pose health risks. You must provide adequate ventilation, use personal protective equipment, and regularly update safety protocols. When storing chemicals, make sure containers are intact and labels are clear. You can also prioritize environmentally friendly and non-toxic alternatives whenever possible to mitigate any potential health risks. In any case, staff must be trained in the correct storage, mixing, and application of these substances to prevent accidents. 

Focus on Employee Knowledge and Well-Being 

For spa employees to do their best, they must feel their best. Team buy-in matters when it comes to safety because everyone has to be on the same page. If staff doesn’t care about the well-being of the spa, they may cut corners. Emphasize the value of teamwork and show your team a commitment to their individual well-being. 

Ensure your spa staff is thriving by providing education on not only spa and massage techniques but any tech that the organization implements. Make sure everyone feels they vibe with the culture of the spa by having engaging activities outside of work and asking for feedback from employees in one-on-one meetings. You can even provide a wellness program for staff so that they can feel as good as their clients feel. 

Adhere to Health Regulations 

Safety at the spa also includes adhering to health regulations. While there aren’t federally recognized guidelines for massage and bodywork, specific states will outline their own rules. In any case, it’s best to:  

  • Disinfect and sanitize all equipment and tools between visits;  
  • Conduct security checks regularly and rigorously;  
  • Book client times mindfully, leaving plenty of time for cleaning and security;  
  • Use single-use towels and items if possible. 

Without following this protocol, your patrons could be at risk of infection or disease spread. Sanitization and safety are the best ways to keep your spa customers and employees secure, relaxed, and happy.