www.refinery29.com – When you think of a relaxing day at the spa, your mind generally conjures up images of someone massaging every last knot out of your shoulders or layering on a mud mask. What doesn’t usually come to mind is having your blood drawn — a procedure typically reserved for the doctor’s office.

But if you happen to live like one of the #RichKidsOfInstagram — jet-setting about for lavish long weekends (or you’re a globe-trotter and simply understand the finer things in life) — you might have noticed that some of the higher end spas have become extremely interested in your medical history in recent years.

Many of the top spas around the world are investing in medical services in order to deliver wellness practices to correct what ails you — whether it’s related to weight loss, energy loss, your immune system, your digestive system, or simply stress.

In order to achieve this, they’re working with their patients on getting blood samples prior to their spa stays to make sure they’re offered just the right treatments. Of course, we had to learn more about this crazy trend. We spoke with multiple spas about this newfound blood thirst — and even lent a vein — in the name of research.

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