How Spa Benefits Your Mental Well Being

When we think of a spa day, we automatically think of a relaxing day dedicated to self-care. Either by going to a spa or choosing to enjoy some alone time at home, regardless, we enjoy spa treatments, salons, skincare and makeup. Spas have become a healthy part of our lifestyles for both mental and physical well being.

According to the Global Wellness Institute, one of the key sectors of the wellness economy is the spa economy that stands at a whopping $119 billion. Even the numbers suggest that it is a growing business. As people continue to integrate it into their lives, the market would boom exponentially, but it will be a significant contributing factor for our mental well being.

Let’s check out how!

5 Benefits of Spa for Your Mental Well-Being

Here we have listed down five of the best benefits that spa and spa treatments have for your mental well being.

1.     Enhanced stress reduction

Stress has become an increasingly challenging issue for many people in their daily lives. Most of us struggle from chronic stress that lasts for long intervals, enough to disrupt our daily routines and become a hurdle in our everyday lifestyle. A day off at the spa where you do nothing than to focus on yourself, do some self-care treatments, or indulge in a nice, private massage session is not only a break from your rigid routine but hugely beneficial for your mental health.

2.     Helps in sleeping better

Having difficulty sleeping, irregularity of sleep, insomnia, sleep deprivation, and other sleeping disorders can be both a result of ill mental health and a significant contributing factor to it. It can be even because of your physical attributes where your active, on-the-go lifestyle doesn’t allow you to rest yourself properly, and you end keeping your body on edge. A spa day can easily counter all these issues as it will have an immense effect on both your mental and physical well being. In fact, it would last you days and weeks before you feel relapsing back to a bad sleep schedule.

3.     Uplifting for depression

It is in human nature to feel good if you sense that you are being pampered, looked after, or taken care of. So it is only understandable that a chill, laid-back day dedicated just to you pampering yourself or allowing a spa member to do so, will make you feel good. The spa is hugely beneficial for uplifting depressed mood swings, cheering up if you’re feeling low, or merely uplifting your spirits to start a day fresh. Therefore, it is not wrong to indulge in a spa session every once in a while to make your mood.

4.     Confidence booster

Many people feel insecure and sink in self-doubt every so often. You tend to feel unattractive or question your looks based on the vague beauty standards created around you. However, much of the questioning is inside our heads, and a little pampering day off can easily fix it. From facial regimes to massages and many other therapeutic spa treatments are a pleasing offering to one’s self to feel good and restore that lost confidence. It can significantly act as a confidence booster once you have the satisfaction of attending to your physical as well as realistic mental needs.

5.     You feel more relaxed

A relaxing spa day, whether you enjoyed it at home with some skincare, called over a masseuse or went over to a spa salon, would act as a switch off button from the daily struggles of your life. It will allow you a much needed time off to reflect on your mental health, take a step back from everything around you, and just focus on yourself. As you allow yourself to relax and take at the moment as you lay on a massaging chair of the spa, even the tensest muscles in your body will relax.

In Conclusion;

All in all, having the desire to look and feels good is everybody’s right. If a beautiful relaxing spa day is an answer to it, then, by all means, attend to your inner peace and mental well being by taking a much needed day off and spending it rightfully; pampering yourself. Cheers!

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How to Build a Loyalty Program For Your Salon

Client loyalty is crucial when it comes to obtaining new clients and retaining old ones. As the owner of a spa or a salon, you must understand that your clients are your brand ambassadors. They’re also a big part of your revenue. 

How do you crate a loyalty program that’s mutually beneficial for you as well as your clients? This article will guide you in designing a loyalty program that improves your KPI (key performance indicators) and also rewards your customers at the same time.

1. Analyze

You must always implement a loyalty program based growth. “Focusing on the growth indicators, especially the ones you’re struggling with is a good place to start,” says Navrajvir Singh, content creator at Sensible Businessmen, Revolutionary Startups and Minting Cash.

The growth indicators can be: new clients every month, retaining these new clients, retaining existing clients, frequency of visits, average tickets and productivity.

2. Develop

Once you have analysed your growth indicators, it’s time for you to develop loyalty promotions. If you want to increase the number of clients every month, use referral strategies such as points for referring more clients. 

If you want to retain these new clients, use points for re-booking within a stipulated amount of time. For instance, you can award $5 or 5000 points on a total of 5 pedicures within 6 months. 

I suggest you start with no more than 1-2 strategically planned campaigns to avoid giving away more than you get. It’s wise to scale your business slowly rather in order to ensure long term growth.

3. Educate

Most business owners overlook their biggest assets—their employees. Your employees already have a better relationship with your clients than the sales representative you plan to hire.

They’re aware of all of your client’s needs; right from how frequently they visit, the kind of services they require and how much they’re willing to shell out. 

They’re the best way to market your promotional campaigns also because they have established trust with the clients. Train your staff to be more confident, keep them updated with the latest promotional campaigns to market your program effectively.

4. Launch

Once your team is on board, it’s time for you to launch your program. Create elegant flyers and place them in the client’s welcome bags. You can also print out a few brochures and place them on the reception to attract more clients. If you’re not into digital promotions, stick to the old marketing mantra i.e. inform your clients via SMS/emails.

5. Evaluate

Checking the performance of your campaigns quarterly, bi-annually or annually is a good way to determine its effectiveness. Reevaluate your growth indicators and make the necessary changes to ensure that the campaign continues to benefit your business. 

Wrap Up

Building loyalty and customer retention are essential to growing a thriving business. Make sure you and your team have the necessary tools to promote your loyalty program. 

Written by: Shristi Patni 

Shristi is the Chief Content Officer at Raletta. She enjoys writing about food, fitness, finance and everything in between. Feel free to connect with her via Linkedin or drop an email at

6 Benefits of Smoking CBD Hemp Flower

Out of the over 130 compounds present in the cannabis plant, none has received the attention and spotlight comparable to that of cannabidiol (CBD). Cannabidiol has been widely popularized due to its immense medicinal properties. Indeed, CBD is the most therapeutic extract of the cannabis plant.

Experts recommend cannabidiol for a wide spectrum of conditions. The best part is that it comes with almost no side effects. If side effects do occur, they are commonly mild and not long-lasting.

Another great thing to love about CBD is that unlike its cousin, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), it doesn’t come with any mind-altering effects. As it lacks the psychotropic properties of THC, you can use the substance without worrying about experiencing the famous “high.” That makes it incredibly easy for patients on CBD to not only monitor their conditions but also establish their ideal CBD doses.

One of the main  concerns among CBD users is how to consume the substance. In this post, we shall discuss smoking CBD hemp flower and its many benefits.

Ways to Consume CBD

The following are the most popular ways to consume CBD:

  • Dripping CBD oil tinctures beneath the tongue
  • Vaping CBD e-juice
  • Swallowing CBD capsules and tablets
  • CBD edibles, such as gummies
  • Applying CBD ointments and topicals

The choice of one method of CBD consumption over the others depends on three main factors, including how fast-acting the method of administration is, bioavailability, and convenience. For instance, CBD oil tinctures and vape juice are known to deliver faster results compared to the other methods.

Bioavailability means how much of the CBD you consume from a product actually enters your bloodstream. Sublingual tinctures and CBD vape juice also score relatively high in terms of bioavailability. When it comes to convenience, CBD gummies and capsules rank higher than the other methods of consumption.

Now, many CBD users are breaking away from these traditional methods of CBD consumption and embracing smoking CBD hemp flowers.

The following are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy by smoking CBD hemp flowers.

1.    Relatively Affordable

Admittedly, the popularity of cannabis has increased over the past few years. However, the price of various CBD products, such as CBD oil tinctures and CBD vape juice, remains inhibitive for most people. Indeed, it’s difficult to find cheap weed and in most cases, buyers have to make a tradeoff between affordability and quality.

One of the reasons behind the cost-inhibitive nature of most CBD products is the high cost of manufacturing these products. However, CBD hemp flower is considerably cheaper than many other CBD products. The fact that CBD hemp flower is mostly available in dry weight makes it easier to buy in bulk at reduced prices.

2.    Won’t Get You High

Many people associate cannabis with the feeling of euphoria. Unknown to them, cannabis is actually a genus of a plant that comprises various strains, including Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, Cannabis ruderalis, etc. Now, hemp is mostly derived from indica strains. These cannabis species are marked for their high levels of CBD and insignificant levels of THC.

Therefore, smoking CBD hemp flower ensures that you enjoy all the therapeutic properties of cannabidiol without worrying about the psychotropic effects of tetrahydrocannabinol. While some users report mild calming effects after smoking CBD hemp flower, those feelings don’t compare to the “high” that THC has.

3.    Fast-Acting

Another notable benefit of smoking CBD hemp flower is that it’s a faster way to enjoy the therapeutic effects of CBD. As we mentioned earlier, the length of time it takes to notice the effects of CBD is one of the crucial factors to consider when choosing a method of consumption.

When you smoke CBD hemp flower, the cannabinoids in the substance are carried by the smoke directly to your lungs, where they instantly enter your bloodstream. That’s in contrast to taking CBD oil tinctures, whose effects may take between 30 minutes to one hour to kick in.

Smoking CBD hemp flower ranks even higher in terms of effectiveness, compared to other slower-acting methods of CBD consumption, such as edibles, ointments, or capsules.

4.    Delivers Higher Bioavailability

The bioavailability of smoking CBD hemp flower is as high as 50 percent. That’s higher than CBD oil, whose bioavailability is a paltry 20 percent. When you consume CBD oil or edibles, the substance has to go through your digestive system. As that happens, some of the cannabinoids in the CBD are destroyed, leaving only a handful entering your bloodstream.

On the contrary, smoking CBD hemp flower introduces CBD directly into your lungs and your bloodstream. No digestion is involved, which means more cannabinoids enter your system. A higher bioavailability implies so you can enjoy the benefits of CBD by experimenting with low doses, which reflects positively on your overall health and finances.

5.    It’s Legal

There’s no denying the fact that hemp-derived products are more legal than their marijuana-based counterparts. This is because it has a lot to do with the low levels of THC in hemp plants compared to marijuana. Most people who shy away from smoking cannabis are usually unaware of the herb’s legal status.

However, it’s reassuring to know that you can smoke CBD hemp flower in any of the 50 states in the US without running afoul of the law.  The signing into law of the 2018 Hemp Bill by President Donald Trump made it legal to cultivate, trade, and use hemp-based products. You only need to ensure that those products contain a maximum of 0.3 percent of  THC concentration.

6.    You Still Enjoy the Therapeutic Benefits of CBD

Cannabidiol is recommended for the treatment of numerous medical conditions. The substance can help treat diseases that are symptomized by pain, anxiety, seizures, inflammation, etc. You can also use it to regulate your mood, appetite, and circadian rhythms, as well as boost your energy.

Smoking CBD hemp flower does not take away any of these benefits. If anything, its fast-acting nature and higher bioavailability mean you can benefit from CBD’s medicinal properties more effectively compared to other methods of CBD consumption.

Evidently, there are numerous benefits of smoking CBD hemp flower compared to consuming the substance by any other means. Just ensure you purchase your hemp flower from a trusted CBD supplier.

Trademarks Required for Amazon Stores

Why does Amazon require a registered trademark to set up an Amazon store? The answer is trust. As the world’s largest marketplace, Amazon depends on both buyers and sellers to participate in a way that creates trust so they keep coming back. They clearly have a great deal of trust from buyers, which is why Amazon has over 150 Million Prime subscribers. That massive audience is why businesses want to sell on Amazon. To keep those buyers coming back, Amazon needs to have great stuff for sale, and that means products from great brands that its customers recognize. What those brands worry about in a marketplace this powerful is losing control of their reputation and relationship with consumers. With over 150 million Prime customers ready to “Buy now with one-Click®️”, it can be easy for merchants to offer counterfeit goods, or knockoffs, and other products that buyers mistakenly believe come from those great brands. This kind of confusion can dilute, blur, or tarnish a brand by associating inferior products with the mark, and enabling freeriding where a well-known brand’s reputation is exploited to sell another merchant’s goods. 

read the full article here

An Interesting History & Origin of SPA Treatment

For all the right reasons, there is always a need for humans to get themselves relaxed and have peace of mind. The search for eminent comfort is always had been the most concerning factor above all. Considering all the equipment and facilities that humans have ever built for their ease, Spa is one of the best inventions that have ever been introduced. Being fundamentally a form of exercise, Spa allows us to have the most effective way of relaxation.

Dating back to Romans and Greeks, it is a method that was used by indigenous people, bathing in natural – mineral hot springs of water. According to the latest research, the global spa industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.66% between 2017 and 2021. So, what is so unique and astounding about this exclusive spa method? Considering the earliest century, when Spa was initially introduced, it was the most accepted way of socializing with people and meeting the traditions. It helped people soothing their mind, enabling them to get their mind and body relaxed.  

The Great 19th-Century Spa Towns

As humans advanced, things became to take new turns; similarly for this great practice of Spa. Talking about the 19th century, we get to know a few of the most exciting features about it. The reason it became famous among the people was due to its ability to heal the skin. It was also practiced by women to glow up their skin and enhance their beauty. Moreover, spa centers were also considered as natural habitats where people were driven due to its high effectiveness for physical and mental relaxation.

Another great reason for its acceptance was that not much was offered by the western medication at that time. Therefore, the spa areas kept the same impotence just as modern detox machinery, allowing humans to get that alluring experience. The alluring nature of Spa dragged many western people towards it, and these centers were treated as a social gathering. People used to gather to spas to handle anything, ranging from cancer to other chronic diseases. It merely depicted a modern rehabilitation center.

An Insight Into The History

Before Spa was introduced to the Middle Eastern hammam, the ancient people used to facilitate themselves with hot spring natural waters. It was merely not just associated with the people of Greek; however, the Romans had this in their tradition too. The practice of Spa was initially centred to the ones who were rich in their culture, only being found at the palaces of the kinds and high authorities. However, gradually it became common amongst the people and became the most effective way of experiencing relaxation and peace. Later on, as time passed by, it didn’t remain primitive to officials, and it gained acceptance by communities.

Where Does The Word Spa Come From?

Have you ever wondered from where the word Spa came from? Indeed there must be something special associated with its name. Not having a clear answer to that; nevertheless, it has something to do with the healing procedures and skins treatment practices. Many prolonged theories have a link with the term’s etymology. Coming back to the real meaning of the word spa: it is an abbreviation derived from the Latin slogan ‘Salus per Aquam’, which literally means ‘health from water’. According to numerous scholars, the word spa has its association with a village name, where hot and natural spring of waters was found in earlier days. It was a place where a wounded soldier was taken for treatment and healing.


Having an insight into the history of Spa may help us know the importance of it. As discussed above, there were quite exciting factors due to which it is still the likes and practised by many individuals. The sheer health benefits that are associated with it and its ability to provide heal to most of the chronic diseases have led the people of the modern era to practice Spa in the modern era too.

Author Bio

Claudia Jeffrey is currently working as a Research Analyst at Crowd Writer, and trainer at Dissertation Assistance, a famous brand among undergraduates for its splendid do my coursework services. She is an enthusiastic writer and advocate of youth. She aims to uplift them with her ideas and knowledge.

5 Beauty Tips To Keep You Looking Your Best All Summer Long

Summer is a great time to get a fresh start on your beauty routine. You may have been wanting to improve many areas of your life, and your outward appearance can be a great source of confidence. When researching beauty tips, always remember that what is inside your body shines through, so be sure to get plenty of nutritious foods and exercise this season. Along with this, consider using the right facial cleanser, moisturizing, watching new makeup tutorials, investing in your hair and pampering yourself.

Use the Right Facial Cleanser

When choosing a beauty routine, it is essential that you first and foremost cleanse your face. Dirt and oil can wreak havoc on your skin and pores, so make sure that you are using the right cleanser for your skin type. Ideally, you should wash your face at least twice daily. If you are prone to blackheads or other types of acne, you might benefit from an exfoliating scrub.


Without moisturizing, your skin will look tired with even the best makeup on. Moisturizer brings your skin back to life, and it can help your makeup last longer. Some creams can also reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. If you see that your moisturizer just isn’t working like it used to, it might be time to read Beverly Hills MD deep wrinkle filler reviews and make an appointment. Many people are amazed at the difference that these types of treatments make.

Watch New Makeup Tutorials

It is never a bad time to freshen up your makeup routine. If you have been using the same products and techniques for years, you could really be missing out. Watching makeup tutorials can give you great ideas on how people that share your skin type apply makeup. You can learn about new techniques that are perfect to mask the effects of oily skin, or you can learn about rejuvenating products for dry and sensitive skin.

Invest in Your Hair

If you find that your hair is difficult to style and that you are putting it in a ponytail holder more days than not, it is probably time to see your stylist. Summer can be a great time to try out a new cut, and you can always ask your cosmetologist what style would work best for you. He or she can give recommendations based on your face shape and can let you know how to easily style it every day. The warmer weather might also prompt you to add some fresh highlights to brighten your style for the season.

Pamper Yourself

The way you treat your body has a lot to do with the beauty that radiates from you. If you are constantly too busy to eat healthy foods and get the rest you need, you will look tired and haggard. Stress is not a good look on most people! It can be easy to put this side of your life aside when things get busy, but it is important that you pamper yourself on a regular basis. This might include getting monthly massages, a pedicure or even just a day to relax by yourself. You do not have to spend a lot of money or time on your pampering, but it is important that you give your body time to recuperate from daily life.

This summer, take time to focus on yourself and your beauty routine. With this simple tips in mind, you can be on your way to feeling your best self this year. Remember that you are worth every effort that you take to look and feel your very best!