CareCredit Introduces New Way to Pay for Day and Medical Spa Treatments

CareCredit announced today its expansion into the day and medical spa markets—helping Spa providers drive growth by providing an additional payment option for consumers. The CareCredit credit card is a health, beauty and wellness card dedicated to helping people get the care they want and need.

CareCredit’s 11 million cardholders. Participating spas will also become a part of the CareCredit network of qualified providers, which receives more than 850,000 searches per month. CareCredit helps people care for themselves and focus on their overall wellbeing, while also helping small business owners offer more payment options which, in turn, gives them more peace of mind while helping them meet their ambition of growing their business.

Click Here for a  link for more information and how to get started.

Cotton Naturelles 3″ cotton ovals from Intrinsics

large cotton ovals

100% pure, medical-grade cotton, these cotton pads are large 3″ oval shaped in order to better fit the contours of your face.

–        Constructed with a quilt-like surface to resist shredding

–        Larger, 3” size, fits the contours of the face

–        100% pure, medical-grade cotton, double-sided

–        Use wet or dry

–        Ideal for facials to remove make-up or as eye pads

–        Hypoallergenic

From Intrinsics

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Industry Educators Showcase featuring Nathalie Cecelia, Jenni Nagle, Sherrie Tennessee, and Craig Ure!

IECSC is coming up at the end of June and these great education events should be on your schedule!  Increasing your industry knowledge and participating in continuing education is one of the most important factors in the success of your business. Regardless of it’s focus: treatment techniques, marketing your business, or business building exercises, finding educators and participating in their events will improve your industry knowledge!

We will be showcasing education partners in upcoming blogs that will be teaching at IECSC, June 23-25.  Check out additional information below and make these world class speakers part of your IECSC plans!

avatar for Nathalie Cecilia

Nathalie Cecilia
Bon Vital

Upcoming Classes:

Bamboo-Fusion® Therapy featuring Bon Vital’® Massage Products presented by Bon Vital – Discover the numerous benefits of incorporating warm bamboo sticks into many different services. Pioneer of Bamboo massage therapy and educator for Bon Vital’®, Nathalie Cecilia, demonstrates her unique treatments for massage therapists and estheticians combining the beauty of natural bamboo with premium quality Bon Vital’ professional massage therapy/spa products. Nathalie will start with a back massage, continue with a luxurious bamboo facial massage and finish with a foot massage. Attendees will receive Bon Vital’ products.

avatar for Jenni Nagle

Jenni Nagle
Lipstick + Aftershave/Jenni Nagle Aesthetic Marketing

Co-Editor-in-Chief of Lipgloss + Aftershave and Founder of Jenni Nagle Aesthetic Marketing, Jenni has nearly two decades of experience in the skincare industry. She began her career as an esthetician working in all aspects industry: day spas, medical and resort spas.  Jenni always gravitated towards the business and marketing aspect of the spa industry and eventually managed large spas and became the Director of Public and Media Relations for a skincare brand.  Looking for even more opportunity she created her own digital marketing and public relations firm offering consulting services to international skin care brands.

Upcoming Classes:

Organic Beauty: A Growing Trend: Barry Eichner + Jenni Nagle are the Co-Editors In Chief of Lipgloss + Aftershave and have written many articles on organic skincare and body care. Join them for a review of established and emerging brands and trends. You will learn the innovate ingredients and products that many popular brands are adding to their lines. Find out how market expansion is impacting the availability of organic products at the retail level.

avatar for Sherrie Tennessee

Sherrie Tennessee
Director of Education

Ms. Tennessee has more than 15 years of experience in the spa industry, including the role of a massage therapist, nail tech, spa owner, speaker, writer, professor and author. In addition, to receiving multiple awards throughout her career, Sherrie’s writings have been published in some highly respected industry outlets, and she has been asked to speak to many public forums. As a professor at Johnson and Wales University, she provided leadership in the development and instruction of the Spa Management course on the topics of marketing, Spa operations and Human Resource Management. Sherrie is completing a Ph.D. and holds a Masters of Business Administration with a concentration in marketing and entrepreneurship. Sherrie was the Education Manager for Red Lane Spas. She is the Director of Training for a hospitality company, the Education Director of SpaSOS and is completing her second book.

Upcoming Classes:

Three Tips to Incorporate Wellness into Your Spa: The Global Wellness Summit states the wellness industry generated $3.7T in 2015 and that is just the start. The concept of wellness has become a major factor in the spa industry. With the launch of wellness centers and wellness-focused services, spas must be able to offer the similar experience to guest. This course will explain the concept of wellness and present the most current data on wellness trends, as well as three simple ways to spas can offer wellness-based experiences to clients and employees.

Next Generation of Spa = Wellness and Cannabis: The 2017 ISPA report indicates spas in the US generate $16.8B (US) in revenue, it seems the industry has bounced back. The next logical phase for the spa industry is the incorporation of wellness into menu and products offered. With the spa industry generating $99B in wellness options, and at the forefront of wellness movement is the topic of cannabis. Cannabis sales are expected to reach 6.8B by 2020. With medicinal cannabis use now allowed in a growing number of states, spa owners, managers and therapists need to be able to understand legal ways to capitalize on the next big thing in the industry. The course will present key spa industry data and wellness trends, as well as ways to incorporate wellness into the mission, menu and retail aspects of spas. In addition, Mary’s Nutritionals Educational Director will share an overview cannabis, including benefits, legality and creative uses.

avatar for Craig Ure

Craig Ure
Chief Massive Action Officer

Craig Ure is the President of publishing international, a web marketing consultant, speaker, author and social media adviser for many INC 500 offline and online companies. Craig and his father owned and managed 118 fitness/spa properties, 2,987 licensed spa clubs and an international fitness equipment manufacturing company in Europe. Craig has an MBA in marketing and business studies and owns many publishing websites and eCommerce stores selling physical products. He has spent the last 26 years at the school-of-hard-knocks perfecting marketing tactics and proven business-building strategies within the health, beauty and medical industry. Craig is now focused on fixing and providing immediate growth solutions for small and medium-sized businesses leveraging the most advanced internet marketing, eCommerce and proven integrated marketing tactics and strategies.

Upcoming Classes:

Marketing: Learn Seven Proven Growth Hacks to Double Your Profits Quickly: If you want to discover exactly where your business is leaking profits and fix your marketing failure starting today, then attend this fast-paced workshop and learn proven tactics and strategies to increase your business net profits by 50% or more in the next year while stressing less. Including: The five marketing leverage points to exponentially grow your business, lead-generation systems to quadruple-your-conversions, effective follow-up systems to triple-your-profits, proven conversion strategies to capture 30% more sales by default, the ultimate consultation system to skyrocket sales, drip marketing systems to double-your-profits plus real world strategies, tools and resources you can start using immediately to predictably scale your business for success and much more. Don’t miss this one. All marketing worksheets and checklists provided (a $997 value).

Global Wellness Day is just around the corner!

Global Wellness Day is an entirely not-for-profit day, a social project dedicated to living well. The purpose of Global Wellness Day is to ask the question, even if for just one day, “How can I live a healthier and better life?”, to direct the thoughts of both individuals and society towards “living well” and to raise awareness.

Want to see the activities planned!  Check out the image below…

To find out more…go here!

Green Spa Network Launches Global Tree Planting Initiative

 Green Spa Network (GSN) is proud to announce its first annual Action Initiative, the GSN Tree Planting Initiative, in partnership with WeForest, to mobilize the spa and wellness industry to plant 1 million trees by Earth Day 2019. This effort is premised on the critical and urgent need to regenerate the earth using trees’ natural abilities to reverse climate change.
Existing and new members of GSN are encouraged to pledge to contribute to this effort in any of three ways:

  1. Donate funds to plant new trees through the GSN-WeForest partnership,
  2. Organize or participate in a local tree planting event, or
  3. Continue an existing tree planting partnership.

However contributors choose to be involved, signing up with GSN allows the spa and wellness community to track its overall progress, rally around a common cause, and send a clear message that the industry cares to be recognized as a champion of environmentalism. 
“Climate change can no longer be ignored, especially when solutions exit! WeForest is delighted to support GSN in its commitment to transform the spa industry into an actor of change. Delighting customers with trees planted as a result of their business is a simple gesture which will make a huge difference to the local communities that live around the forest we restore in Brazil and help make earth cooler,“ said Marie-Noelle Keijzer, CEO of WeForest. 
GSN’s Tree Planting Initiative will contribute specifically to WeForest’s Brazil project to support the Brazilian Atlantic Forest. Restoring the forest is extremely vital to safeguard the remaining biodiversity and combat the progressive loss of the world’s species and for our climate as well. The high carbon sequestration potential of second-growth forests in the Latin American tropics means the Atlantic Forest is a key player in the climate change agenda. This project aims to create forest corridors between remaining fragments, increasing tree cover and habitat connectivity for native species. The community-based nurseries, seed collection, and planting activities are under the management of local people who, thanks to this project, are empowered to earn a living while restoring the forest.
“Together with WeForest, GSN hopes to elevate tree planting to a global regeneration movement,” said Bonnie Baker, President of the GSN Board
More information is available at the initiative website, GSN is using the hashtag #GSNPlantsTrees to follow the Network’s progress and stories.
About WeForest:
WeForest’s mission is to leverage corporate and scientific partnerships and empower communities to sustainably advance and implement innovative, high-standard, scalable, and lasting solutions to restore forest landscapes.
About Green Spa Network:
GSN is a non-profit trade association serving the spa industry in support of action for a sustainable future. Their mission is to promote the vital connections between personal wellbeing, economic sustainability and the health of our planet. Through networking, education, and best practices developed with a membership of the nation’s most innovative green spas, GSN is a resource for vital people building a vital planet.