10 Must Have Nail Technician Supplies For Your Salon


If you are just starting out with a salon or your own nail salon business, it’s important to know your supplies. While much of your job involves talent and training, you should never underestimate the importance of quality nail technician supplies. Even with skills, if your supplies fall short, so will your outcomes. Any type of salon or spa business is highly reliant on your reputation. Happy clients come back to the same salon again and again. Happy clients tell their friends and family when they love your service — and when they don’t. So it’s important that you start out with the best supplies, and that you have everything you need to do the best work possible.

Here is a list of 10 must-have nail technician supplies for your shop or individual business. These are basic tools that you need to have in order to get the job done right.

  1. Quality Nail File Kit

    These are basic supplies and they are necessary. Again, keep an eye on quality. Your clients will notice if you don’t.

  2. Cuticle Exfoliator

    This helps get rid of dead skin and avoid problems with cuticles in the future.

  3. Reusable Nail Forms

    You need these for gels, acrylics and French manicures.

  4. Diamond Nail File

    Who doesn’t love diamonds? This is a tool that helps you give the best results, due to the strong properties of diamonds.

  5. Sable Brush

    A good sable brush is a necessity. Cheap brushes will shed and mess up your work.

  6. Towelettes

    Towelettes are daily use items that you will go through quickly. With that said, don’t skimp on quality here, either. It’s tempting, but you need products that stand up to use and don’t leave fibers all over newly-polished nails.

  7. Toe Separators

    Don’t leave home without these. They are necessary and help eliminate the risk of messed up polish on toes!

  8. Cuticle Oil

    Good cuticle oil helps soften and moisturize, and makes clients feel pampered!

  9. Pedicure Foot File

    Smooth those rough edges with a good foot file.

  10. Nail Cleanser

    A good nail cleanser cleans nails and stops bacterial and fungus growth. Use it every time!

Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list, but it is a list of items you need to have. You are as good as your tools, so do yourself a favor and use the best. Keep stocked up and try different brands out to find your favorites. Don’t underestimate the importance of small items that you use frequently, such as towelettes. You’ll find that there are many nail technician supplies that you will need for your business, but remember, everything you purchase is an investment. As a nail technician, your reputation is your biggest asset. Do good work and you will build that loyal clientele that will ensure that you are a success!

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Why We Love Double Cleansing

Double Cleansing is more than just a current skincare trend, it’s a highly effective beauty ritual practiced for centuries in Korea and Japan. This multi-step cleansing method has since made its way States-side and we couldn’t be bigger fans. And we know, adding yet another step to your morning routine may be the last thing you think about when hitting that snooze button, but we promise it’s worth it.

At first glance, this method might seem like simply washing your face twice with the same cleanser, but the effectiveness of this cleansing method has less to do with the number of times you wash your face, and more to do with what types of cleansers you are using. To effectively target both oil-soluble and water-soluble dirt and impurities, you will need to start with an oil-based cleanser and then, you guessed it, finish off with a water-based cleanser.

We recommend starting your double cleanse with our iconic plant-based oil cleanser HY-ÖL paired with the Phytoactive tailored just for your skin type. Apply four pumps of HY-ÖL and two pumps Phytoactive to dry skin, moisten fingers, massage into skin, then rinse thoroughly. Then complete the process with our best-selling Enzyme Cleanser. Place the enzyme powder in the palm of your hand, add a little warm water and work up a gentle lather. Massage generously into the face then rinse off with plenty of water.

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Dr. Vivian Valenty and the story of Dazzle Dry interview

From voyagephoenix.com – 

Today we’d like to introduce you to Vivian Valenty.

Vivian, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
Growing up, I was taught that the best way to make the world a better place was to recognize and use your natural talents. After almost 50 years of being a bio-organic chemist, I am convinced that my talent is in creating products that not only solved problems but did so in a natural, healthy way. Once I discovered the dangers lurking in everyday nail care products, I became determined to create my own line that solves the performance problems of traditional polishes and unhealthy nature of gel polishes, yet free from harmful chemicals, animal byproducts and animal testing.

To this day, Dazzle Dry is the only quick-drying, long-lasting natural nail care system of its kind. It uses a signature four-step system to strengthen nails, protect against abrasion, air dry rock solid in just five minutes, and last up to three weeks. Removal is easy as it wipes off with regular polish remover.

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8 Rich Skin Benefits of Selenium

The skin is the body’s largest organ and your body’s first line of defense against infection. While your diet and vitamin supplements provide some minerals required for optimal health, certain compounds may not be absorbed appropriately through the process of digestion—or worse, may create damaging free radicals and eventual inflammation. Selenium is integral to your health, and recent research reveals that it is best absorbed through the skin.

Dr. Kedar Prasad, Ph.D., is a renowned and preeminent expert on micronutrients, authored Micronutrients in Health and Disease, and is a Nobel Prize Council scientific physician. He and a research partner were the first to show that vitamin E could kill cancer cells in 1979, and his research on micronutrients has since revolutionized modern medicine. Prasad says, “Selenium is an important co-factor for glutathione peroxidase that increases the glutathione level in your skin cells. Glutathione is a very important antioxidant.” Read on to discover the top health benefits of selenium.

Top Selenium Benefits

1. Prevents Signs of Aging: Selenium fights free radicals, minimizes skin damage and inflammation, and may even prevent skin cancer.
2. Reduces Inflammation: Inflammation is caused by ultraviolet rays, stress, poor diet, and lack of minerals. Selenium fights inflammatory cytokines that eventually cause skin damage.
3. Benefits the Immune System: White blood cells are micro-soldiers on the front lines of immune defense. Selenium boosts white blood cell function, preventing both bacterial skin infections and viruses.
4. Promotes Skin Healing and Reduces Acne: Selenium (when paired with Vitamin E) boosts glutathione, which may help heal skin heal. What’s more, selenium can decrease the incidence of acne.
5. Prevents Heart Disease: Fat stores in the body can lead to heart disease over time. Low doses of selenium have been linked to heart failure, as the mineral reduces blood clots and cholesterol oxidation and has been proven to reduce the instance of heart disease.
6. Improves Fertility: Selenium antioxidants aid in male fertility, especially in sperm development, improved sperm mobility, and the fertilization of eggs. What’s more, the nutrient may reduce the risk of birth defects when consumed by women.
7. Regulates Metabolism: Selenium regulates metabolic processes and boosts glucose.
8. Regulates Thyroid: Healthy thyroid function is crucial to regulation of hormones such as Selenium aids in thyroid regulation through conversion of hormones from T3 to T4.

How to Boost Your Selenium Intake

Foods high in selenium content include organ meats such as liver, kidney, brain, heart, and tongue. As many don’t include liverwurst sandwiches, cow tongue, or monkey brains on their menu of desirable meal items, other meats such as grass-fed beef and lamb will help. Organic and pasture-raised fowl such as turkey have high selenium content, as well as salmon, sardines, and Brazil nuts.

While eating foods and supplements rich in selenium may boost intake, the process of digestion may negatively affect how your body absorbs the mineral. The proprietary mixture of micronutrients in Nutrient Body Sculpt includes selenium, as well as various other minerals essential for skin health, and is a revolutionary leap forward for your beauty regimen. Our treatment is the only sculpting product available today that contains micronutrients and minerals. What’s more, Nutrient Body Sculpt will sculpt and tighten your skin while hydrating and refreshing.

Have you seen results after using Nutrient Body Sculpt or eating foods and supplements high in selenium? 

Nutrient Body Sculpt

Nutrient Body Sculpt

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The salt therapy business model. What options you have for décor.

With over 400+ Himalayan Salt Decor projects, Salt Chamber is the industry leader in salt therapy and decor.

salt room

Your biggest variable expense will be your salt décor. Depending on your preference, concept, style, and theme, your salt décor costs will vary. Keep in mind that you do not need any salt décor to provide effective active salt therapy. The efficacy of halotherapy is provided solely from the halogenerator. Passive salt rooms that don’t have a halogenerator but have a large volume of salt coverage in the room, still need to modify the room and the HVAC. There is no halogenerator expense, however.


salt wallHaving a unique or a particular designed environment does add to the customer’s experience and will enhance the overall salt therapy session. Himalayan salt provides additional benefits, especially when heated like bulb-type salt lamps. Some people like a salt cave-like theme, some like a more Zen or Spa-like environment, some are simple, and others have more elaborate décor themes. Some are themed for children and others are geared towards other architectural elements. This is a variable expense that can range from a few thousand dollars per room to the tens of thousands per room.

For example, a 200 square foot salt chamber room with a halogenerator and moderate Himalayan salt décor averages between $12,000 to $20,000. Salt décor ranges by dollars per pound and by square footage.



Salt Chamber

Salt Chamber


5 Ways To Get That Perfect Glow

Step 1:


Get your Beauty Sleep! Everyone has heard the age-old line, “Get your beauty sleep.” But just how important is sleep to your skincare routine? Very! Sleep deprivation lowers the circulation in your skin, which can cause you to appear pale or washed out. Which is the exact opposite of glowing skin! Since cell renewal occurs during sleep, nighttime is the best time to rejuvenate your skin. It is recommended you get around 7 hours of sleep each night. Not only to feel rested and ready for the day, but so your skin is glowing and rejuvenated too.

Step 2:


Use a gentle yet effective oil cleanser made with pure natural plant oils. Try our 2-step oil cleansing system, HY-ÖL & Phytoactive Reactivating, designed specifically to deep cleanse and refresh dry dull skin. This combo works to gently remove both oil-soluble and water-soluble dirt particles, without leaving the skin feeling tight and dry. And contains natural antioxidants helps to counteract negative environmental factors.



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