What Is: Tumescent Liposuction

Tumescent liposuction is considered by many cosmetic surgeons and patients to be the safest and most effective form of liposuction surgery. The use of larger amounts of local anesthetic not only reduces pain after surgery, but also reduces bleeding, swelling, and skin irregularities and makes the entire procedure run more smoothly.

The Procedure

Tumescent liposuction has gained a tremendous amount of popularity in recent years, primarily because it has eliminated some of the unpleasant side effects previously associated with liposuction, resulting in a shorter
recovery period. The procedure itself is similar in method and cost, but with a few differences.

In the first step of tumescent liposuction, a large dose of liquid (composed primarily of lidocaine, a local anesthetic, and epinephrine, which helps to shrink blood vessels) is injected into the part of the body being treated. The added fluid forces the compartments of fat to swell and firm up, which lets the provider extract the unwanted fat smoothly and with minimal bleeding.

Benefits of Tumescent Liposuction

Tumescent liposuction can significantly reduce some of the unpleasant side effects of other techniques. Because the anesthetic solution temporarily reduces the size of the capillaries, it can significantly reduce blood loss
during surgery and the pain, bruising, and swelling that occurs afterward.

And because tumescent liposuction provides local anesthesia, patients can avoid the side effects of general anesthesia, such as vomiting and nausea, they can even be awake and aware of the treatment.

Risks of Tumescent Liposuction

As with any form of liposuction, complications can occur during tumescent liposuction. Two risks that are unique to tumescent liposuction are lidocaine toxicity and fluid accumulation. Lidocaine toxicity occurs when the amount of lidocaine in the tumescent solution is too high, making it difficult for the body to adequately metabolize the drug. When too much solution is injected into the treatment area, it is possible for fluid to accumulate in the lungs.

To avoid this complications and achieve maximum results the procedure must be performed by a qualified practitioner. Although tumescent liposuction has made fat removal easier and less painful than ever before.


Grow Your Spa Business With New Sales Strategies

spa business

If you run a spa or similar business, you are likely always working hard to increase your sales. Local businesses can be very lucrative, but they also need constant marketing attention to maintain a sufficient customer base. The following tips will help you to enhance your sales strategy and grow your business.

1) Ask Your Clients About Their Visit

All sales strategies should be grounded in customer wants and needs. The best way to identify these is to simply talk to clients. You can ask them about what they would like to see more of from your business. Getting suggestions both gives you ideas and shows your customers that you are listening.

Consider asking each client about his or her visit at the end. Alternatively, send people a follow-up email the next day to ask about it. This can help you gain valuable information.

2) Upsell Clients With Add-Ons

Spa businesses can do very well by upselling clients. The client is getting a massage? Consider adding aromatherapy to the experience, for example. This is a good way to add some extra money to each sale. Additionally, many upsold services and products can have excellent margins.

This is often easier than bringing in another client. This is especially true for spas. After all, your customers likely want the full, relaxing and pampering experience.

3) Be Confident About Sales

When you want to sell someone a service or product, be confident about it. A lot of people are uneasy because they aren’t used to sales. However, it is important to believe in your business and your offerings. They are much more likely to buy if they can sense that you believe in what you are trying to sell.

To aid with this, only offer products and services that you believe in. Don’t add a new product to your lineup that you will feel uneasy about selling.

4) Get Branded

Branding can play a big role in business success. For spas, it can be difficult to stand out. Try to avoid overly cliché imagery and signage for your business. Instead, add some elements that will make you more noticeable. It can be very helpful to have giveaway items that people bring home. For example, you may sell self-care products with a branded caddy. This puts your business name in front of your customers.

5) Don’t Be Afraid To Offer Special Promotions

It is always a good idea to offer people a reason to buy. If one of your customers is considering buying from you but uncertain, a discount or special add on can make the difference.

You could offer some money off one of your top services. For example, give a discount on massages. Then, use that to sell other products and services. Alternatively, use it to simply increase your customer base. Another option is to offer one of your upselling items for free. Maybe run a promotion offering aromatherapy to all your customers.

6) Ask for Reviews

Finally, ask your customers to review your business online. Pick a platform that you will focus on and request that people review you there. For example, if you choose Google, send a polite request to your clients after their visits. This is a great way to increase your visibility and bring more people in the door.

Social proof is a big part of sales. The more reasons you give people to consider your business, the better off you will be.

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Can Dental Implants be Covered by Insurance?

dental implants

It is not a secret that dental implants are the best option for missing teeth issues. This treatment under cosmetic dentistry is one of the most effective solutions for teeth replacement. If you want to consider this as an option for your dental needs, you also need to know that it can be a bit costly. Before you go on with the procedure, you may want to check your medical or dental insurance. Knowing the coverage of your dental insurance plan can help you deal with the cost easily. 

Since dental implants are permanent, they are considered as good investments. It does not only help you maintain your oral health but also gives you the self-confidence you need. Your understanding of the cost that is involved in the treatment will also help you assess the protection you will get from dental insurance. 

Insurance Plan Covers Depend on:

    • Insurance Provider

There is a difference on the terms and coverage among insurance providers. Knowing exactly how much of the cost will be shouldered by them must be considered. 

    • Plan Coverage Details

There are some insurance plans that cover implants but there are also some that do not. According to the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS), the coverage may vary according to the plan. Aside from that, the nature of the tooth loss may also be one of the considerations. 

    • Plan Annual Limits

And finally, you should know the annual limits of your plan. If you have already used it for some other treatment, it may also affect how much will be covered. 

Talk with Your Insurance Provider and Oral Surgeon

It should be noted that only the insurance provider can provide the answer that you need. This is why you need to discuss to them your plans to have a dental implant treatment. This way, they will be able to give you the exact picture on how much you will be able to get from them. There are some instances when you can get a hundred percent coverage. Some insurance providers would cover implants that are needed due to an accident. 

Aside from that, you also need to talk with the oral surgeon. This way, you will be able to know the extent of the procedure that needs to be done. You need to understand that there are additional steps that must be done aside from the standard implant treatment. You may need to undergo teeth extracted. There are also instances when a patient needs a bone graft to be placed in their jawbone. The cost of all these additional treatments will determine the final cost. 

What Kinds of Insurance Cover Dental Implants?

As a patient, you have to investigate the options that are presented. You need to know the extent of the surgery for you to be able to compare the cost and the coverage. Even the cost of anesthesia can affect the cost. This is why you need to contact your dental insurance provider. Here are some of the things that can help you get enough information: 

    • Discuss the extent of the surgery

Know if the crown that will be attached is going to be covered by the dental plan. If there are medical complications because of tooth loss, will it also be covered? There are some insurance plans that cover specific aspects of dental implants only. When the replacement is due to an accident or an injury, the coverage is also different as compared to normal circumstances. 

    • Review the plan’s annual limit

After knowing all that is going to be paid for your treatment, you now have to look into the plan’s annual limit. Reviewing the annual limit of the plan will help you know if there is a need to add out-of-pocket payment. This information is necessary for you to be able to know the exact cost that you will shoulder even with your insurance. 

    • Benefits depend solely on an individual policy

One of the mistakes that people commit is that they base their medical budget from someone else’s experience. You need to know that the benefits that people get depend on their individual policy. Aside from that, the additional treatment needed also differs from one person to another. Even the situation that led to the need for the treatment may also affect the cost. With that, you have to focus on your own treatment needs and the specific rules stated in your policy. 

Getting medical or dental insurance is one of the best ways to deal with dental costs. Dental implants are good investments. Unlike other dental treatments that may require replacement, dental implants can last for a lifetime. This is why it is worth the price. It may be more expensive as compared to other treatments but you will surely enjoy its benefits. Since it is as good as permanent, you will be able to eat, smile and talk confidently. It looks exactly like the natural teeth. This is also why a lot of people are considering this option. It is indeed worth the cost that comes with it. 

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Being flexible in New Times

I learned to play golf as an adult, well 32 years old which was 30 years ago. I spent a lot of time going to the range, playing golf and getting frustrated. I thought to myself “what is the problem here? I’m athletic and I know how to swing a golf club.” This went on for a number of years until someone suggested I take lessons. I grew up in Minnesota where we finally like to Proclaim that we learn to skate before we learn to walk, I played football when I was much younger and was very quick down the field. Why would I need lessons? I think I’m a pretty good athlete LOL… until you try something new and find out it is tough to be successful, especially after doing it the same way for many, many years. 

For those of you who have tried to take on a new sport there is always a very high learning curve to being good at it especially as you move up the age scale. Take for example pickleball, which is popular with the elder set in our society and puts less wear and tear on your body then tennis. Yet, there is still a learning curve and it is not over night. 

So I am now thirty years down the road playing golf where tracking yourself is based on a statistic called a handicap. I started Golf as a 28 handicap and I’m now a 13.7, but not happy. Why? I want to be what is commonly termed a “single-digit” handicap that means under 10 and in my case I’m aiming for 9.9 (since I have been a single handicap before it’s even more important to get there again). 

When you play golf, your playing partners are generally very happy to give you a number of tips; keep your head down, don’t sway, take the golf club back lower and slower, change your tempo and on and on… This is not the best way to be a better golfer. So, what to do? 

I’m back to lessons at a place in Scottsdale called GolfTEC, they have facilities across the country and they utilize computers, swing analysis, all kinds of tools to help you get to your calls. The first lesson isn’t as much a lesson as it is an analysis of where you stand today. Then you fill in a questionnaire on what it is you’re trying to change, where are you already happy, what would you like to improve on and more. In addition, they suggest that you buy what they call “credits” which are essentially lessons and you buy them in a package for the year (I did). Why? Because just like running a spa (salon, medical spa, etc), we don’t always have the right information to go forward. Sometimes you just need to purchase expertise in an area you are not familiar with. With golf, I’m buying expertise to attain my goal. In the spa channel, you may need to hire in a number of different areas Including but not limited to; retail purchasing, sales education, accounting, marketing and advertising, visual merchandising and the list goes on and on. 

Frankly, you can choose to not hire an expert and sometimes you get lucky and whatever you do works, but most times you will fail because of the lack of knowledge. The short-term investment in dollars can pay long-term benefits to you and your facility, but you have to choose to go out and get expertise. Times are different today and what you did last year may not matter in today’s environment. Be flexible and be ready to change! My favorite direct marketing adage is “test, test, test again.” Get ready to test!

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Hair Towel from Luin Living

Luin Living’s Hair Towel is a perfect fit for the everyday moments after a shower or bath. The Hair Towel is made from the finest cotton to dry even the thickest hair and feel extra soft on the skin. The Hair Towel has the added convenience of a clip, so it will stay securely in place. One size suits all ages and hair lengths.

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From Luin Living

7 Ways to Improve the Recruitment Process

The recruitment process in the salon, spa, and wellness industry can be quite cumbersome and time-consuming. You need to find top candidates with all the necessary skills and make sure they are the right cultural fit.

With so many competitors around, attracting and hiring the right people can quickly become overwhelming. That’s because it’s a candidate’s market. They can afford to shop around until they find their perfect match.

The key is to step up your recruitment game to not only lure qualified candidates but also hire the best talent. Here are seven ways to do it.

1. Train Your HR Executives

Before getting into the recruitment process, you need to make sure your HR executives are up to the task.

After all, they are the ones who will locate qualified job candidates and collaborate with your hiring manager to select the right applicants.

The best way to train HR personnel is to use online training tools. HR training software can help you provide guided, self-paced learning with course bundles and learning paths.

You can use ready-made HR training courses designed for recruitment training, interviewing skills training, management skills training, and much more.

With HR training software, you can also monitor your HR staff’s progress and performance in real-time, ensuring there are no learning gaps.

2. Create Clear and Effective Job Advertisements

Writing a job advertisement is one of the most important steps in recruitment. The more specific you are with all the necessary skills and work responsibilities, the more likely you’ll attract candidates who are qualified for the job.

Write down the top qualities you’re looking for in a candidate. Good communication skills, attention to detail, a friendly attitude, and good organizational skills are excellent examples.

Describe the job, that is, everything you expect the new employees to do while working for you. Be upfront about everything, including work hours, the experience you’re looking for, the salary, and any other key information.

If you save any of it for the interview, you might waste a lot of precious time. When everything is clear in a job ad, only qualified and genuinely interested people will get in touch with you.

3. Advertise Where Your Candidates Are

This may sound a bit obvious to you, but many business owners overlook many places that can help them find ideal candidates. Many rely only on their website or printed flyers that they place around town.

Those can work brilliantly, but you should also post your job ad on industry job sites, employee review sites, and social media.

Social media is where people often start their job search these days. Besides social media ads, promote your job vacancy on your official business page and in community groups. That way, you’ll attract a lot of passive candidates as well.

Don’t forget about colleges and cosmetology schools, if there are any in your area. Pin your job flyers on their boards, where students can see them and spread the word.

4. Promote Your Workplace Culture

Your salon, spa, or wellness center’s workplace culture is crucial in the recruitment process. It’s one of the top priorities of job seekers because they want to really like and enjoy the place they work at.

That’s why you should promote your salon or spa workplace culture when hiring new staff. Showcase your core values in the job ad and share employee testimonials on your website and social media. Get people excited about working for you, and you’ll compel a lot of them to apply for the job.

5. Attend Salon, Spa, or Wellness Trade Shows

These trade shows are perfect places to meet qualified job candidates. You can spread the word about your business and get a lot of people interested in it.

Some of them might even recommend a top-notch hairstylist, nail technician, spa therapist, massage therapist, or anyone else you’re looking to hire.

Attending trade shows to speak on a panel or do a demo will also help you build your business profile. That’s the best way for the attendees to get to know you better and gain a clearer picture of your key values.

6. Streamline the Interview Process

There are two reasons why the interview process should be as smooth as possible. The obvious one has to do with you choosing the right hires. The other reason is enticing them to choose you.

Maybe some of them are still shopping around for the right establishment, so you need to make a great impression and ensure they choose you.

Have your HR staff prepare for the interviews in advance by double-checking the resumes and writing out a list of questions. If you don’t have an office to conduct the interviews, find a quiet place where your candidates will feel comfortable. A cafe might be a good idea.

7. Conduct a Trade Test

Trade tests are essential when hiring in the salon, spa, and wellness industry. They help you assess the skills of your job candidates to see if they possess all that experience they’ve included in their resumes.

Depending on the job, bring in test clients to see how your potential hires will manage multiple tasks. Whether it’s a manicure, haircut, blow-dryer work, massage, or anything else, have them carry out various tasks to test their competency and creativity.

That’s also an excellent way to see how they will communicate with your clients.

Upgrade Your Recruitment Process

As you can see, there’s much more to the recruitment process than merely posting a job offer, waiting for interested parties to submit their applications, and calling them in for an interview. It would help if you got people excited about working for you.

So, follow all these steps, and you’ll lure in top talent who are genuinely thrilled about your workplace culture. Good luck and happy hiring!

Author Bio: Kamy Anderson is an ed-tech enthusiast with a passion for writing on emerging technologies in the areas of corporate training and education. He is an expert in learning management system & eLearning authoring tools – currently associated with ProProfs Training Maker

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