How To Add Cannabis Into Your Self-Care Routine?

The constant need to juggle between the tightrope of work and family sometimes makes us forget our needs. Often while fulfilling our responsibilities, we tend to sideline the right nutrition and care, which can have a terrible effect on our health in the long run.

Good health is not something we can achieve in a day. It takes gradual and consistent efforts to adapt to such a lifestyle and habit. Getting there might require us to follow a self-care routine that is sustainable and achievable. The search for a supplement that can help support such a routine is inevitable.

One natural supplement that’s gaining a lot of popularity in this area is cannabis. After its legalization, the enthusiasm towards the herb is paramount and users are keen to learn about its scope and usability in everyday life. As more people are adopting cannabis, the ground question remains how it can become a part of our daily lives? With plenty of cannabis products, it might not be as difficult as it may seem. Here are some simple tips that can get you started.

1.  Try Cannabis Edibles to Improve Digestion and Appetite

Munchies that people experience after ingesting cannabis aren’t entirely psychological. The interference of cannabis with the  ECS can modulate your appetite and hunger.  THC in cannabis can combine with certain receptors to restore sound eating habits.

Cannabis edibles can stimulate your appetite to meet your daily needs of fiber as well as nutritional goals. Cannabis also supports great digestive health by reducing any gut inflammation for an effortless bowel movement. People who suffer from poor eating habits or nausea can also benefit hugely from consuming cannabis before their meals.  

2.  As a Pre-workout to Advance Your Exercise

Recent discoveries regarding the benefits of cannabis in boosting exercise performance are promising.  A study conducted on the use of cannabis as a pre-workout supplement reported an increase in the testosterone level, the hormone responsible for muscle growth.

Places where marijuana is legal, many individuals like to add cannabis to their pre or post-workout ritual. They concur that the herb helps increase their workout performance and improve the overall experience.  The THC element in cannabis can help boost energy and increase agility while the CBD can help you relax mentally to perform with acuity.

Some people like to pair steroids and THC for faster muscle growth and recovery. You can buy steroids online to advance your fitness routine. One of the easiest ways to incorporate cannabis in your fitness life is to add them into your pre or post-workout meals. However, cooking with cannabis requires decarboxylation to experience its benefits, make sure you heat cannabis at the right temperature to release its active compounds.

3.  Nighttime Vaping for Better Sleep

Sleep is one of the critical aspects of our general wellbeing. While muscles recover, our mind receives its due rest during sleep. One night of improper sleep can increase our daytime grogginess and impact productivity the following day. The long term sleeplessness springs perils like stress and disturbs our hormonal balance.

Cannabis may act as a natural sleep enhancer that can help you get a sound sleep. CBD rich strains can help reduce stressors like Rapid Eye Movement during sleep hours ensuring that your mind receives complete rest. You can choose CBD dominant strain or CBD oil to reap the relaxing benefits of cannabis.

4.  To Enhance Your Creativity

Cannabis has always been a point of attraction amongst artists and creatives. Closely associated with better creativity and skill enhancement, users are intrigued by the value cannabis can add to their life.

A study indicates cannabis to be effective in increasing divergent thinking among the participants who estimated themselves as non-creative thinkers. While cannabis may or may not increase your creativity directly, it might enhance your sensory perception, thus minimizing creative blocks and hurdles.

5.  Vaping to Reduce Stress

The chemical structure of cannabis makes it suitable for the Human Endocannabinoid System (ECS). This system contains a mesh of a neural network that controls various homeostatic functions, including stress, anxiety, and mood.

Cannabis interacts with our system to modulate chemical activities, altering our stress and mood perception. The CBD element in cannabis interacts with the brain’s dopamine receptors and brings a feeling of calmness. Alternatively, you can choose to dab the concentrates or shatters to experience immediate results.

6.  Topicals To Reduce Pain or Inflammation

Gladly oral consumption is not the only way to ingest cannabis. The presence of CB receptors under our skin surface makes its topical application viable to reap many potential benefits of cannabis.

Since cannabis shows high anti-inflammatory properties, CBD lotions and creams are a rage in the cosmetology industry. CBD oil for pain is widely used. Many users also prefer cannabis transdermal patches as it is an easy and discreet way to ingest cannabis into your system.

7.  Improve Sex Life With CBD

The interaction of cannabis with the ECS has many facets as it can modulate and regulate hormones and influence mood, which can have an impact on your sexual life as well. Cannabis can increase stimulation and enhance the blood flow in the sexual organs for increased sensitivity.

Studies suggest cannabis can increase sexual drive and arousal among some users. Cannabis can help reduce muscle tension and manage anxiety; thus, one can enjoy sex without any physical and mental pressure. The anti-inflammatory properties in CBD lubricants and salves can reduce dryness and make the act less painful, especially for women.

Individual results of cannabis may vary hugely from one person to another. Your internal chemistry, including your mindset, and mood, have a  significant role in your experience. To begin with, you can try micro-dosing on it and gradually work your way up. Choosing your perfect strain and potency can be daunting, so often, help from an expert can save you a lot of time and energy. Lastly, do take diligent care of the legalities of using cannabis in your area.

The Bottom Line

There are many things one must keep in mind while developing a self-care routine. Mental and physical health remains to be pertinent aspects of it. Proper exercise, the right nutrition, and supplements can help us stay on track and bring us vitality. When used responsibly and under the right guidance, cannabis can be a gamechanger to your self-care routine.

5 reasons why spas should be working with social media influencers


A fundamental change has occurred in how people look for products and services they need and how they make purchase decisions. Now, potential clients and customers turn to reviews and advice from people they trust. A few positive remarks from a trustworthy influencer have much more impact on people’s opinions than an expensive commercial on TV or even sponsored posts on social media. For this reason, brands have started cooperating with social media influencers to promote their products and services. And the effects are incredible. Like many other businesses, spas can also benefit significantly from such partnerships. The beauty industry has exploded dramatically due to the emergence of social media and beauty bloggers who knew how to exploit the new playing field for making money. And the reasons why spas should be working with social media influencers are numerous.

1. Increase your client base

Single cooperation with the appropriate influencer can generate a considerable spike in the number of followers. Therefore, to target the demographic you want to reach, you must select influencers carefully. Keep in mind their age, location, and the type of content they post on their platforms. This way, you can target new customer groups. If you want to attract a more affluent crowd, you can do that effectively by choosing the right influencer.

Looking at hashtags a specific influencer uses can help you determine who is worth looking into. Ideally, spas should be working with social media influencers who are passionate about health, beauty, fitness, and travel. Moreover, they should also have high engagement with their audience and a large number of followers. The number of people who follow a person means nothing if only a tiny portion reacts to the content.

2. Create digital awareness and a likable image

In addition to growing the following base and engagement, influencers have the incredible power to drag a business from complete obscurity to the limelight. Since people are interested in influencers’ lifestyles and will try to imitate them, they can shape people’s perception of a brand by endorsing and legitimizing it. Potential clientele buys into the experience spas can offer before they even book, so positive comments from an influential figure will effectively increase the likability of your business. Mentioning your spa in one Instagram story in which they talk about advice on how to unwind and spend quality time with friends, family, or partners will generate buzz and create a chain reaction of positive outcomes.

3. Increase sales

Influencers are always in tune with what their audience wants and needs. More importantly, they have built trust between themselves and their followers. They have managed to do so by working hard on being authentic and trustworthy. Because of this, their word means something, and cooperating with them can boost sales dramatically.

Building customer loyalty is another major reason why spas should be working with social media influencers. If you had trouble attracting new people to visit your spa, a giveaway organized in cooperation with a blogger will have a positive outcome. And these new people will want to come back once they have tasted a sample of what you offer.

4. Diversify your content

We are all well aware of the importance of social media presence for all types of businesses. To make sure your spa is not forgotten, you have to pay attention to what you post. Your content must be engaging, fresh, innovative and informative. If you have run out of original and good quality content to publish, you can always share an influencer’s posts. During the visit to the spa, they will make videos and photos, which they will use for a few days. Also, they will make live videos in which they can advertise your services. Sharing their content will fill the gaps and serve as an endorsement for your quality.

5. It’s a win-win partnership

Cooperation with social media influencers is a powerful marketing tool for spas, and there’s no telling where it could lead. And it’s a win-win situation too. In exchange for talking about your services, posting photos, blogging, making stories, or live videos on Instagram, you can offer the chosen influencer an overnight stay with a spa treatment. Alternately, if it suits both sides, you can provide financial compensation. Moreover, it doesn’t have to be a one-off partnership. If you are in it for the long haul, the benefits for both parties can be astonishing. You can organize events that will promote both sides and add to the positive image you are trying to convey. Finally, whatever the arrangement, such cooperation is good value for money. We have already established that the word of a reliable influencer is more effective than traditional marketing tools, but it is also less expensive. And both parties are satisfied.

Trust influencers and treat them with respect

The benefits of working with social media influencers are immense. You should communicate the terms of cooperation clearly, so both sides go out of it happy. Remember, be professional – influencers are business people like any other, and the good ones are in high demand. Provide the information they need and make sure you show them what you’ve got. They must wow them! And people will trust sincere reactions. So, you will make the most out of this business relationship.

There is another point that spas should take into consideration. The fact is that there is a sea of young YouTubers and Instagramers who are striving to become famous. Thus, the pressure for being different and creating quality content is increasingly stronger. Therefore, should you decide to start cooperating with a beauty blogger, choose wisely. If you have done your research well, the influencer you have selected will produce more dynamic and unique content than you could ever imagine.

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How to Dive into a Sea of Plastic and Doing Something About It

The threat of global warming and plastic littering to our home planet’s ecosystem is a real and present danger. Whereas its effects on land are obvious through desertification and dying wildlife, climate change’s impact on the ocean ecosystem might go unnoticed to the average public. However, scientists and water sport enthusiasts understand this and should be at the forefront of reversing the trend.

The vast ocean bodies absorb about 90 percent of the heat generated by the greenhouse effect raising water temperatures and affecting marine life adversely. 

Raised temperatures and plastic litter affect marine habitats leading to deaths, changes in breeding habits, species characteristics, metabolism, and life cycles besides forced migrations, especially from the continental shelves and corals to deeper waters. So, dive into the sea of plastic and see what you can do about it.

Diving into the plastic vortex

One man, Ben Lecomte, dove into the world’s largest plastic waste dump in the ocean appropriately called the great pacific garbage patch, illustrating how scuba diving as a profession can help in conservation efforts. 

The patch is an area in the open sea with powerful spinning currents that pull in and trap garbage in a massive vortex twice the size of Texas. Virtually all of these are plastic in various forms, posing a serious threat to marine life. 

Plastic is not biodegradable and can only break down to small particles known as microplastics that pose an even greater danger to sea life as they are ingestible. 

Whereas one man dove in and brought the report, another decided to do something about it by creating the first of its kind buoyant trash-sweeping device. Towed across the polluted waters, the device can sweep 600 meters wide and three meters deep without trapping sea animals.

Do something about single-use plastics

Disposable plastic is the single most dangerous threat to both marine and land ecosystems. Single-use plastic containers discarded on beaches are blown into the sea by wind or washed in by rainwater. Seafarers carelessly toss used plastic cups overboard without a second thought seeding the ocean with harmful objects.

However, you can start doing something about this menace. Decline service when offered in disposable plastics that include cups, straws, plates, and water bottles explaining why and recommending that the businesses try alternative material. 

Cut down on the use of other plastics like take-out containers, plastic bags, and dry-cleaning bags for reusable and biodegradable alternatives to save our ecosystem.

Drop the use of products containing microbeads

Microbeads are small plastics used in personal care products like facial scrubs and toothpaste. Known as polyethylene and polypropylene, they are also made from petrochemical plastics for use in consumer products. As they are washed down drains, they eventually end up in water bodies absorbing toxins as they float about. 

Fish and other marine animals are unable to distinguish between these toxic particles and food, ingest them and suffer from blocked guts or other serious problems. You can do something about curbing these harmful consumer habits by checking labels of what you buy. 

As written in one of the reviews of the dissertation writing services for Buy Assignment Online in 2020, “Avoid any products that contain polypropylene and polyethylene as ingredients on their label to discourage manufacture. Remember that you too eat fish and these toxins can be transferred up the food chain causing health problems.” 

Practice safe disposal by recycling

If you must use plastics, take care to go for types that are safe for recycling to minimize the entry of more junk into the ecosystem. Whenever buying products packaged in plastics, check the recycle logo on it and the number indicated. 

In most cases, the logos will have numbers and letters like PETE, HDPE, LDPE, and PP, all covering a wide range of products with plastic elements in them. These classes comprise products like water bottles, detergent packaging, bags, or cloths, and are easier to recycle. 

However, categories marked with PVC that include pipes and toys, PS that cover Styrofoam products are hard to recycle. Always check this classification on plastics that you must use and store them with care for later disposal, preferably at a recycling center near you.

Follow ban guidelines

If your local authority has put in place a ban on any particular class of plastics, show your civic duty by obeying to help save our environment. Businesses and manufacturers must especially be at the forefront of ensuring such bans succeed by adopting alternative materials for packaging products and encouraging their customers to bring reusable containers for take-out. 

Civic authorities seriously need legislation to curb wanton use of plastics not only for environmental benefits but also for the management of physical infrastructure that includes storm drains and municipal sewerage systems. 

Windblown litter blocks drainage vents and clogs sewerage systems costing the taxpayer unnecessarily in added labor. Waste management is also complicated when a large portion of it is non-biodegradable. The alternative disposal that may include incineration is even more harmful as it releases toxic gases into the atmosphere. 

Do something, help cleanup

Do not stand by and watch helplessly as harmful garbage piles on your favorite beach, forcing you off as it kills marine life. Volunteer by joining local citizen initiatives or better still organize one yourself and help restore our seacoasts. If the beaches and coastlines are free of harmful litter, none gets windblown or flood-swept into the seas.

“Enjoin friends and family for beach cleanup initiatives as a form of weekend fun. If you do this frequently, the chances are that other beach users will join in,” says Britany Stein, the green specialist at Buy Assignment, in her research for blogs and social media for essay writing service reviews.

Those that are reluctant to join will, on the other hand, exercise care and dispose of their plastics in designated points to avoid offending you. You must play your part in environmental preservation for children and future generations.

Join plastic cleanup organizations

Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup works with volunteers to carry out its cleaning campaigns along the world’s shorelines. 

You can find out more about them online and sign up to participate in organized cleanup operations or through individual effort on beaches near you. You will also get an app, the Clean Swell, by which you will document data of what trash you collect for impact assessment.

This is just one of many such organizations across the world fighting plastic pollution in our seas. Search on the internet for those that operate in your area and sign up to boost their service. Whatever the case, do not just look on in consternation, do something to save our oceans.


Our bad consumer habits have contributed to the increasing plastic pollution in our oceans. We need to change now, clean up our seas and coastlines for the conservation of our marine life heritage. It all starts with you, so do something now!

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Hemp vs. Marijuana: What’s the Difference?

You may find it difficult to differentiate between hemp and marijuana, their related products. This is because of how related they are. Some even confuse them together while others use the names interchangeably. Although they are different, you can be excused if you are one of those who think otherwise. That is because the differences require that you look a little closer at both of them.

Technically, both marijuana and hemp are gotten from the same Cannabis sativa plant. However, it is worthy of note that one of the major products derived from hemp is CBD. CBD or cannabidiol is a compound extracted from the CBD flowers of hemp plants. While CBD has become very popular in the recent past with it being a component of many health, beauty, and recreational products, marijuana and its products have not enjoyed similar freedom.

You can find CBD products on shelves when you walk into the stores. It is now available in different forms, such as oil, capsules, tinctures, edibles, vapes, and topical. CBD is also a component of many products, including creams, lotions, balms, and gummies. Marijuana, on the other hand, remains banned in many states in the US except for medical purposes. Even in states that allow you to buy or sell for medical purposes, you still need to obtain the proper license before you’re allowed to trade.

What then are the differences between these two plants? Why are they treated so differently? The main difference may be the high derived from one of them. However, there are other reasons that you will be finding out below.

The Differences Between Hemp and Marijuana

What are they?

Before going ahead to list the other differences between the two, it’s important to state what they are basically, and that provides a great basis for differentiating them.

The Cannabis sativa plant has hundreds of compounds, with THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabinol) being the most popular ones. THC is an intoxicating compound that gives psychoactive effects when consumed. THC is available in different concentrations in different strains of the Cannabis plants.

While a concentration as much as 0.4% qualifies any strain as marijuana, hemp is a strain of Cannabis sativa plant that has 0.3% concentration or lower. That is because 0.4% or higher THC levels are known for getting you “high” when you consume them. However, the level of psychoactive effect you experience depends on how much you consume.

Where do they come from?

The cannabis plant has three different species. The most common ones are Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica, while there is also a less commonly known species, Cannabis ruderalis. The Cannabis ruderalis species do not contain any valuable fiber content, and they are usually produced in low yields. It is only notable for its ability to flowers regardless of the day length, unlike others.

While hemp and marijuana are among the hundreds of components contained in the Cannabis sativa species, marijuana can also be gotten from a species of cannabis known as Cannabis indica, both. Therefore, Cannabis indica is strictly related to marijuana. Only the Cannabis sativa species has different strains that can either be regarded as hemp or marijuana.

How do they look?

Both strains, hemp and marijuana, grow in the same way; they have thin leaves and tall stalks. Meanwhile, marijuana from other strains is shorter, with thick bushy leaves. However, the difference between them is in the flower that is available on both strains.

Marijuana has stickier and thicker resins on their flower buds that contain the compounds, especially THC. But then, hemp strains do not have many resins on its CBD flower. Instead, it stores most of its compounds in its leaves.

Which is legal, and which isn’t?

As a result of their different chemical compositions, hemp and marijuana are classified differently under the law. As stated earlier, marijuana produces psychoactive effects, while hemp does not. Therefore, the cultivation and trade of hemp are fully legal. Farmers who were subject to strict scrutinizing, supervision and taxation, can now freely cultivate hemp since 2018 when the Farm Bill was passed into law.

The only thing they need is to make sure the cannabis strains qualifies as hemp by producing not more than 0.3% THC. Accordingly, manufacturers are free to produce CBD related products since they are made with hemp, which is legal, and you can buy CBD them without any legal consequence.

On the other hand, marijuana, including medical marijuana, is still subject to very strict laws. For instance, in Washington, those above 21 years of age cannot possess more than 2 ounces of marijuana, while those below 21 cannot even keep it. It also must not be sold or bought but can be gifted. Other states have different laws, and the legality would be dependent on which state or country you are in.


While hemp and marijuana are very similar in many ways, they are not the same thing. Their composition, the effects they have on the body, and legality are different. While marijuana is used for medical purposes due to its therapeutic effects, hemp is used for producing food, industrial and medicinal products. Therefore, it is important to note their peculiarities before purchasing, cultivating, or doing anything with them.

Image by M. Maggs from Pixabay

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