How Workplace Wellness Impacts Your Team’s Overall Mental Health

As a part of the wellness and healthcare communities, promoting a balanced lifestyle when it comes to physical and mental health should be at the center of everything we do. We encourage our clients to focus on healing their bodies and their minds, but, as a business owner, how often do you encourage your employees to prioritize their mental health?

Below are 5 ways you can better support your employees in their mental health wellness journeys.

How mental health impacts your employees

On average, we spend a third of our day working, so the workplace can be a key place in which to implement mental health awareness and wellness strategies. Increases stress and poor mental health can affect your employees in the following ways:

  • Poor communication skills with other coworkers
  • Lack of engagement with their work
  • Low job performance and productivity
  • Low physical ability and function in day-to-day tasks

It is critical to your employees’ overall health, as well as your business’s longevity, to promote a working environment that focuses on mental health wellness and stress management.

Include mental health coverage as a part of your health care plans

Focusing on mental health in the workplace and providing resources to your employees may also lead to a reduction in healthcare costs for your business and your team members. Do your best to provide a comprehensive health care plan to your employee that includes quality mental health care coverage. Additionally, consider providing your employees with a health savings account (HSA) to help offset out-of-pocket healthcare expenses.

The extra time and money spent on a quality mental health care plan for employees can be worth it: The WHO has found that for every $1 spent on treating common mental health concerns, there is a return of $4 in improved health and productivity. 

Establish an employee assistance program (EAP)

An employee assistance program (EAP), or a workplace wellness program can be useful tools in identifying at-risk employees and providing support in reducing and managing stress. Many EAPs have proven to be successful in positively affecting employees’ mental wellness and stress, particularly when they are coupled with mental and physical wellness invention techniques.

Open communication lines to reduce stigma and increase access to mental health resources

Many adults will deal with some sort of mental health issue at some point in their life. Providing an empathic and open environment that is supportive of employee betterment can help to reduce the stigma around mental health.

Encourage your managers to highlight your business’ mental health resources, not only when new team members are brought on, or only during open enrollment, but year-round. There are many resources available through health insurance companies and within our own communities.

Promote overall well-being

According to the CDC, mental illnesses such as depression may interfere with an individual’s ability to complete physical tasks up to 20% of the time and their cognitive performance up to 30% of the time. As spa and wellness professionals, these are critical skills your team needs to possess in order to provide quality care to your clients. 

Consider incorporating a meditation space dedicated to your employees to help them recharge and relax during the work day. Additionally, consider offering incentives to reinforce healthy workplace behaviors amongst your employees.

After a stressful past few years, prioritizing mental health is more important than ever. Let’s practice what we preach, and do what we can to promote healthy work environments for our teams.


Check Out This Amazing Guide That Will Help You Find an Excellent Name for Your Spa

Every facet of our daily lives is becoming more stressful than usual, and most people are tethering on the verge of exhaustion. So it’s not surprising that many people quickly turn to spas to detox, relax, relieve pain, and rekindle the glow in their skins.

There’s just one challenge—competition, and there are lots of them. In fact, the spa service market is expected to surpass 133 billion by 2027. This means that if your spa must pique people’s interest and transform them into loyal customers, it must radiate specific values with which customers can connect. That’s why it needs to be properly branded. And the first step to branding is finding an excellent wellness business name, and that’s what we’ll help you achieve today. What you have to do is observe this simple guide.

Three Steps to Getting the Best Name for Your Spa Business choosing the wrong name for your spa. 

Use Accenture as an illustration. Once you hear its name, its brand identity is the first thing that springs to mind; yet, for those who don’t know about the company, the company’s name does an excellent job of communicating its brand identity as a modern, sophisticated, and professional company.

Likewise, while gathering information about your business, focus on learning the taste and budget of your customers, your competitor’s unique services, and designing your location in a way that reflects your business values. Once you understand the kind of brand you want to build for your spa, getting the perfect name will come easy.  

  1. Build Your Spa Business’s Brand

Your name is a critical feature of your brand, so you should have a deep and thorough knowledge of your brand identity before starting the naming process. Otherwise, you run the risk of choosing the wrong name for your spa. 

Use Accenture as an illustration. Once you hear its name, its brand identity is the first thing that springs to mind; yet, for those who don’t know about the company, the company’s name does an excellent job of communicating its brand identity as a modern, sophisticated, and professional company.

Likewise, while gathering information about your business, focus on learning the taste and budget of your customers, your competitor’s unique services, and designing your location in a way that reflects your business values. Once you understand the kind of brand you want to build for your spa, getting the perfect name will come easy.  

  1. Brainstorm

Now that the foundation stage is complete, things are about to get interesting! Based on your knowledge of your brand, make a list of the elements your chosen name should have. You may gather a group, explain what the name of your company should be, and then start brainstorming.

When brainstorming, don’t distract yourself by evaluating every name idea you generate. Instead, get a pen and a note and pour your focus into writing down every single idea that comes to mind, no matter how good or bad you think they are.

To assist you in brainstorming, use any of these:

  • A dictionary or thesaurus
  • A naming agency to crowdsource naming
  • Rhymes
  • Industry slangs
  • Visual names, particularly when they contain a color.
  • Mood-setting words

Remember, your focus while namestorming should be on getting a name that’ll evoke calm, soothing, and relaxing feelings in your customers. 

Start concluding your brainstorming session once you have at least 200 possible company names written down. This will give you a big variety of names to choose from when analyzing.

Once that’s done, proceed with evaluating each word and see if they match your spa’s brand image. Gather at most ten names that communicate the values your brand stands for.

  1. Validate

We’re confident that one of your top ten final names is the perfect spa business name you’ve been searching for. Make sure that every shortlisted potential brand name first passes a few crucial litmus tests before you start rejoicing. 

Validating your names will help you know if the top name is the best one for your brand. You can validate your name by:

  • Gathering Customer Feedback: It is crucial to run your name past a small sample of your target market. Gather customer feedback extensively, and only pick a name they love.
  • Check for Domain Availability: Having an online presence is very crucial for your business. So ensure you confirm that your perfect name has an available ‘.com’ domain name.
  • Trademark: Save your brand from legal trouble by making sure that a trademark does not already protect the name you intend to choose. Getting a trademark attorney will go a long way to make trademarking smoother. 


Brand names are well known for their ability to influence the growth or cause the failure of your business. Giving your spa an excellent company name that’ll evoke positive emotions in your target audience and represents the tone and personality of your business is the first and most vital step to true success.

Grant Polachek is the head of branding for, 3X Inc 5000 startup and disruptive naming agency. Squadhelp has reviewed more than 1 million names and curated a collection of the best available names on the web today. We are also the world’s leading crowdsource naming platform, supporting clients from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies.

How Can Chiropractic Care Promote Overall Wellness?

Chiropractic care has been around for several decades and is quite popular today for its potential benefits. This alternative type of medicine is based on the concept that a person’s body is self-healing. This non-invasive and drug-free treatment involves adjustments to the spine, joints, and other body parts, performed by a trained specialist. The expert will use their hands or a small tool to exert sudden but controlled force on a targeted area for treatment.

A great advantage of chiropractic care is that it focuses is enhancing patients’ health and well-being. In this article, you’ll learn how the power of chiropractic adjustment can better a person’s quality of life. However, to enjoy the benefits below, you must get treatment from local area professionals. Otherwise, engaging an untrained person can put you at risk of getting injured or worsening pain in treatment regions. 

If done correctly, chiropractic care can improve your quality of life by:

Lowering Stress

A stress-free life is essential for a person to thrive. However, financial, health and family issues can prevent you from living without tension. Stress can affect your health and well-being negatively in several ways. For instance, it could cause muscle pain, tension headaches, high blood pressure, and insomnia. 

It’s believed that your body’s muscles hold most pressure and tension caused by stress. Chiropractic techniques like deep tissue massage can help relieve muscle tension by adjusting the spine. Such kinds of manipulations can also help release pressure pockets in the body. As a result, the body can release chemicals, like endorphins and serotonin, that help alleviate pain and enhance your mood. This way, your stress levels are reduced.

Enhancing Sleep

If you feel tired, anxious, sluggish, confused, irritable, or have trouble concentrating, you may not be getting good quality sleep. This is quite risky because such symptoms could make you cause accidents while driving or operating heavy machinery at work. Besides, you may be less productive, risking your job or lowering your school performance. Not sleeping enough may also cause severe health issues like high blood pressure and obesity, which could increase the risk of heart problems. 

Insufficient sleep can be caused by stress, pain, and anxiety. It could also result from muscle and spine tension caused by an injury or long-time poor posture. Chiropractic care can help better your sleep by dealing with the above issues. For instance, as discussed above, the treatment encourages the release of chemicals like endorphins and serotonin that stabilize your mood and relieve pain and anxiety.  

Additionally, a chiropractor can perform adjustments that realign your spine and relieve muscle tension. This will result in sufficient blood flow that can encourage relaxation and promote better slumber. Moreover, the chiropractor may also ask about your sleeping pattern and position and the kind of mattress and pillow you use. If they learn that these affect your slumber quality, they could recommend better alternatives to help you sleep better.

Minimizing Opioids Reliance

Health professionals will often prescribe opioids to people with pain. Though they help alleviate the discomfort, opioids can cause dependence or withdrawal symptoms if abused or taken for long. Also, they lead to side effects like constipation, nausea, vomiting, and drowsiness. Moreover, an overdose can cause severe side effects like unconsciousness, difficulty breathing, or death. 

Chiropractic care helps with pain management by relaxing tight muscles, realigning joints, bones, and the spine, and relieving body pressure. A professional does this using hands or small tools. Usually, chiropractic care is a drug-free treatment. Also, you don’t have to take pain medicines before, after, or during your visits. Therefore, if you go to chiropractic sessions for pain management, you’re less likely to rely on opioids or experience their side effects, withdrawal symptoms, or dependence. 

Final Thoughts 

Chiropractic care is today preferred by many because it’s non-invasive and drug-free. Some insurance companies also provide full to partial coverage for sessions. In this article, you’ve learned how chiropractic care can improve your life. As seen, the treatment can help you reduce stress, improve your sleep quality, and minimize opioid reliance. 

However, it’s essential only to engage professional chiropractors to enjoy the benefits mentioned above. A trained expert will also help reduce the risk of injuries or worsening pain in targeted treatment areas. To ensure you’re working with a professional, check out their credentials, ask about their experience, and ensure they provide a license. You can also ask around about their reputation or look through their site to see reviews from past clients. Trusted friends and relatives can also recommend an excellent specialist.

In-Home Care for Seniors: What You Need to Know

There are many reasons why seniors may choose to stay in their own homes as they get older. Some people like the convenience of living in their own homes, while others do not have the money for a nursing home or assisted living facility.  

If you are caring for an elderly parent or other loved one who is still healthy enough to live at home but needs assistance with basic tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and laundry, here are a few things you need to know before taking the step. 

Home Care Is Based on Your Needs 

There are many different types of home care services, each offering different types of assistance to those in need. Whether you’re looking for help with bathing or other personal hygiene needs, or just someone to come by and check on your loved one a few times a day, there’s a service out there to suit your needs. 

Each service has its own set of pros and cons. Some are more affordable than others, while some offer more comprehensive care options. To choose the right home care service for your family member or friend, you must consider both their specific needs, as well as any preferences they may have regarding what kind of care provider they want. 

Insurance Can Help with Your Home Care 

If you or a loved one needs in-home care, you may be wondering how to pay for it. If you have long-term care insurance and need some assistance with activities of daily living, your policy might cover the cost of home care services. 

Long-term care insurance is designed to help pay for the costs associated with serious health conditions that require special medical attention or assistance with everyday tasks, such as bathing and dressing. Long-term care insurance can also cover skilled senior care options, like nursing homes and adult day programs, if those services are necessary for your health and safety. 

Always Consider Alternative Care 

If your loved one is unwilling to let anyone into their home, they may need to move into a nursing home instead. They might not be able to do things for themselves anymore and are afraid of losing control of their life.  

If you notice that the person is becoming less independent and relying on others for everything (such as going to the bathroom or getting dressed), it’s time for them to move out of their home and into a facility similar to this assisted living Melrose Park, IL service, where they can receive proper care around the clock. 

You Can Hire an Agency, But You Need to Research 

If you want to hire a home care worker on your own, make sure that you do your research. Confirm that the person has experience and training in their field. If they are new to working with seniors, ask how their experience will benefit your loved one and what kind of training they will receive. 

Some agencies provide this training themselves or have partnerships with other organizations that offer it. Some agencies will only hire workers who have undergone extensive background checks and have references from previous jobs, while others may be laxer in their hiring process if they know the worker personally. 

Background Checks Are Important 

If you are considering hiring a senior caregiver on your own, run a background check first. You will want to make sure that the person has been properly screened and is fully licensed. In addition, look for any complaints against them, as well as their references (both personal and professional). Look at online reviews from people who have used them in the past. Finally, ask for a criminal background check and see if they have any convictions or pending charges against them. 

Home Care Agencies Should Be Insured 

A bond is a form of insurance for the caregiver and the agency. If a caregiver steals money from their client, or if the agency doesn’t meet its contractual obligations to provide the services it promised to provide, then the bond will cover those losses. 


In the end, it’s up to you to decide whether home care services are right for your loved one. If they’re willing to try them out, there are many benefits to hiring a caregiver or home health aide. They can help with household tasks like cooking and cleaning, which can help your senior loved ones to stay in their homes longer.  

IMC Announces Q4 Market Wednesday Calendar

ATLANTA –  September 28, 2022 – International Market Centers (IMC) will close out AmericasMart Atlanta’s 2022 Open Year Round schedule with two Market Wednesday events for sourcing and networking on October 5 and December 7.

“Market Wednesdays are important components of the AmericasMart Open Year Round calendar, and we’re delighted to offer Atlanta’s design and retail communities two more opportunities for commerce and connection before year-end,” said Bob Maricich, IMC CEO.

The October 5 and December 7 Market Wednesdays will feature over 350 showrooms, with home décor resources in Building 1, gift resources in Building 2 and apparel and accessories in Building 3. Showrooms will be open from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., with many exhibitors offering special discounts and buying incentives such as no minimum orders or free shipping.

Among highlights in October is a Professional Portrait Day, with celebrity photographer, Catrina Maxwell. Photography sessions are $200 for 40 minutes, including professional make-up. Purchasers will take home four polished image files in high resolution with unlimited usage. For information and registration, visit

The Open Year Round home decor collection at AmericasMart features 140+ showrooms in Building 1, with 350+ lighting, accent furniture, rugs, wall décor, casual furniture and linens brands plus 100+ commercial design brands. The gift collection features more than 130 multi-line representative groups and branded showrooms throughout Building 2 with gift, lifestyle, gourmet, tabletop, holiday / floral and outdoor living product. In apparel, 80+ Cash & Carry showrooms on Building 3, Floors 6 and 7 and some six children’s apparel showrooms on Building 3, Floor 13 are open every day.

The Open Year Round Designer Workspace, in Building 1, floor 15, offers signature events, in-person and virtual seminars, educational opportunities, designer concierge services, a resource library and guided tours throughout AmericasMart Atlanta. For more information, visit

About International Market Centers: International Market Centers (IMC) serves as the center of commerce for the wholesale furniture, gift, home decor and apparel industries. With more than 20 million square feet of premium wholesale showroom space in High Point, N.C., Las Vegas and Atlanta, IMC has more than 60 years of relationships and experience creating scalable business platforms for wholesale commerce. With the launch of Juniper, a fully integrated omnichannel B2B commerce solution and multiline B2B e-commerce marketplace empowering buyers and sellers to better manage and grow their business at markets and year-round, IMC now provides the only omnichannel sales and marketing platform that seamlessly connects physical and digital wholesale commerce. For more information, visit


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5 Tips for Starting Your Own Day Spa

Starting any kind of business is not a walk in the park. Fortunately, technological advancement has simplified the process especially due to the easy access to knowledge sources available over the internet.

A day spa is one of the most profitable businesses. It is one of the business premises that are frequently visited today. People going to a day spa are often looking for relaxation and ways to relieve stress from their daily lives.

Day spa businesses offer a variety of services. Most of these services feature traditional and modern relaxation techniques. However, you need to follow some guidelines and tips when starting your day spa for you to succeed. 

Here are some tips you need to follow;

Write a Business Plan

The most important tip when starting a business in the spa industry is writing a business plan. It can be defined as a roadmap or guide that details all your business goals and explains how you are going to achieve them.

When creating a business plan for your day spa business, you need to include all the services as well as the complementary ones that you want your business to offer. You should also list all the equipment that your business needs for its operations.

In addition, make sure to talk about your target customers, the kind of talent and skills you need your employees to have, and the type of spa that you want. A business plan is going to guide you through the entire lifecycle of your business. It can be modified over time.

Get a Good Location For Your Day Spa

This is a tricky process that takes time, effort, and sacrifice. This is because it is challenging to find a location that meets all the requirements for a day spa. Depending on the kind of spa you want to start, your spa location is one of the most important considerations for you.

When getting a good location for your day spa, you need to look at a couple of things. Some of them include proximity to your target market, ease of access, an open spot in a busy shopping center, and the availability of parking spaces where clients can leave their vehicles for long hours.

You also need to ensure that the location you choose offers an attractive and relaxing environment. This is important in providing a good experience to your customers and showing how luxurious your day spa is.

Create a Marketing Strategy

Apart from creating a business plan, you will also need to create a marketing strategy for your day spa business. When doing this, ensure that the kind of strategy you choose targets the most important clients. These are usually high-end customers.

Doing that will prove easy for you to market your business, and attract the right customers. You will also find it easy to attract supporters, investors, and partners.

There are different marketing strategies and options you can consider. Some of them include email marketing, affiliate programs, social media ads, influencers, blogs, video tutorials, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), among others. 

Consider How to Cover Your Startup Costs

You also need to consider the different options you have when it comes to covering your startup costs. The costs for a day spa might be quite expensive, even though this depends on the size and the kind of day spa you are starting.

There are different ways of financing your start-up costs such as personal savings, investors, or a personal loan. Those looking for a loan can finance with a Sofi personal loan. This loan is flexible, comes with affordable terms, and can be approved within the day of application.

When considering your start-up costs, you need to keep in mind the things you will be paying for. Some of them include permits, insurance, licenses, supplies, furniture, advertising and marketing, equipment, lease, and training, among others.

Create the Perfect Environment for Your Spa

When running your day spa, you need to attract new customers and keep the existing ones. This can be the difference between a successful day spa and an unsuccessful one. You can do this by creating the perfect environment for your spa.

To get started with this, ensure that there is reliable communication between your customers and the day spa. You should also provide customers with a way of providing you with feedback. This way, you will learn about the things that they (the customers) want in your day spa.

Following the tips discussed above, you will find it easy to start a day spa. It will also be easy for you to succeed and meet all your requirements.