10 Proven Health Benefits of Turmeric Curcumin Supplements

Throughout history, our ancestors have relied on numerous herbs and spices, not only for cooking but for their powerful healing properties. Few have survived the test of time quite like turmeric, arguably the most well-studied dietary supplement in modern natural medicine.

Turmeric root powder originates from the Curcuma longa plant, a species of ginger native to Southeast Asia. The curcuminoids within it have potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity with a wide variety of uses and benefits and very few side effects.

The best turmeric supplements have a combination of curcumin and black pepper (piperine) to enhance absorption and maximize efficacy. But what are the health benefits of turmeric and curcumin pills?

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Top 5 CBD Infused Massage Therapy Ideas

The explosion of cannabis-infused products into the market has so far been quite successful and well-received. CBD specific wellness and lifestyle products such as cosmetics and beauty ranges are receiving high demand due to the therapeutic benefits of the compound.

A powerful way of inducing the benefits of CBD’s topical application would be via massage therapy. Regular massages can improve skin elasticity, texture, relax the muscles, ease soreness, alleviate inflammation, and improve overall health and wellness. Introducing CBD to your massage routine can bring a lot of good to your skin and health.

woman getting massage

So how can the therapeutic benefits of CBD improve your massage experience? How to include the compound into our regular massage? Are there ways of incorporating CBD into a massage? Well, let us explore these questions in detail.

Benefits of Adding CBD to Massage Therapy

Introducing CBD into massage regimens can initiate several therapeutic benefits to users. The light texture and soothing aroma apart from the presence of a spectrum of cannabinoids can guide users to a relaxing, stress-free, and pain-free life. Here are some powerful benefits of adding CBD to a massage. If you are looking to buy CBD products make sure to check CBD Isolate wholesale direct from the source.

Pain and Inflammation Management

CBD’s potent analgesic properties in several forms such as CBD gummies with multivitamins, or CBD oil, can help treat body pain, muscle soreness, and inflammation. If you are not too keen on ingesting CBD in any form, you can reap the same benefits through topical application. 

CBD massage oils have healing properties without the presence of any psychoactive effects that help relieve inflammation in several parts of the body effectively.

It can be beneficial for users suffering from chronic pain or inflammatory issues such as arthritis or injuries. The compound binds with receptors to reduce the body’s response through inflammation.

Coping with Anxiety and Stress

The anti-anxiety properties of CBD create a relaxing and stress-relieving effect on the body. The compound regulates hormones responsible for coping with stress and eases stiffness and tension in the body. It makes users feel deeply relaxed and light after a massage that can be a rejuvenating experience overall. It can relieve the effects of stress and anxiety and make users happy and refreshed.


Aids in Sleep

Introducing CBD into effective massages such as deep tissue therapy can help relieve the strain and tension from the body and guide to good sleep. It eliminates common causes of sleeplessness such as pain, nervousness, restlessness, and makes users feel at ease to fall asleep faster.

Elevates Skin Health

The profile of nutrients that constitute CBD oil enriches the skin from within to add nourishment and enhance texture. It helps to balance natural oil secretion that eliminates common skin woes such as dry skin, acne, and some inflammatory conditions such as psoriasis. The compound can deeply moisturize and hydrate skin naturally.

Improves Mood

Massage therapies, in general, have an uplifting effect on users. Relaxing the mind and body through a soothing massage experience can be enjoyable and stress-busting. The use of CBD increases the concentration of happy hormones in the body to make the user feel light, happy, and positive post a massage session.

How To Include CBD In A Massage

1. Massage Oil

CBD Massage oils refer to a range of massage oils with an infusion of several cannabinoids of the cannabis plant in it. The oil derives from cannabis plant extract and is rich in omega fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals that can enrich skin health.

massage oils

The carrier oil could be coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, or jojoba oil, induced with CBD for healing properties. Massaging the oil on the skin can directly bind the compound at CB receptors on the surface to initiate therapeutic benefits such as stress relief and good sleep. The natural oils can have powerful benefits for the skin and overall health.

2. Lotion

CBD infused lotions are the next best way of utilizing the power of the compound. Many people use lotions instead of oil during massages to reduce the greasy texture and provide a better grip while performing the massage. CBD infused lotions for therapy can be useful to introduce the compound to the skin. These lotions contain several other moisturizing and nourishing ingredients that can heal the skin.

The presence of CBD cleanses the surface and balances oil level to eliminate acne and other problems. It repairs damaged skin and heals inflammation in local areas such as joints and muscles effectively.

3. Bath Salts

CBD bath salts also have therapeutic effects on users when included in the massage regimen. Bath salts are often recommended by masseuse after a session of deep tissue therapy to eliminate the metabolic waste accumulated in the body.

The use of CBD bath salts can not only help in eliminating the toxins but also offer deep relaxation after a massage. A warm water bath with CBD bath salts or bath bombs can be deeply calming and relaxing for the mind and body to cope with pain, stress, and soreness.

4. Candles

CBD Massage candles slowly turn into massage oil on the application of heat, increasing the efficiency of the massage. It can perform three essential parts during a massage. Lighting up the candle at the beginning can set the aroma and environment in the room to be relaxing and quiet.

candles in massage

The wax then melts into a warm oil that can be useful for massaging into the skin. The combination of stress-relieving essential oils such as lavender and eucalyptus can help in soothing the mind and calm the user. The wax-like texture is easy to absorb on the skin and provides extraordinary moisturizing properties for healthy skin.

5. Body Butter

CBD Body Butter can be the solution to saving your skin from dryness and dullness. The high viscosity of body butter ensures that the skin always looks radiant and nourished. It increases moisture retaining capacity on the surface to reduce the appearance of age signs such as wrinkles, dark spots, saggy skin, and fine lines.

CBD is a natural humectant that can elevate the properties of the body butter and improve skin elasticity and moisture during a massage. It deeply penetrates the skin to add a natural glow from within and prevent skin ailments such as eczema and psoriasis.

How To Infuse CBD Into Massage Therapy

The vibrant range of lotions, creams, oils, bath bombs, serum, and more, can enhance skin and hair health and revitalize them with essential nutrients to add glow. These are direct means of infusing CBD into massage therapy. Alternatively, you can infuse CBD to your regular massage products by adding a few drops of full-spectrum CBD oil.

Utilizing a spectrum of CB receptors present in the skin to induce CBD through a massage can help treat general health problems and improve the relaxation effects of the massage.

How Spa Therapies Can Ease Your Postpartum Blues

“Me” time is in short supply when you are a new mom, right at a time when you need it the most. Yes, your tiny miracle is the most beautiful living being you have ever seen, but sometimes, you need a break from motherhood. Don’t let guilt prevent you from taking care of your body and mind. You are coping with the cumulative effects of several stressors at a time when your physiology is taking great strain.

New mothers are often coping with the effects of C-sections, painkillers, breast swelling, surgical site infections, and even prolapse. Your exhaustion is not limited to sleep loss. Your body has just undergone a drastic shift, and your wellbeing needs a little attention. A spa day will give you the soothing care you need.

Massage and the Postnatal Body

Labour and delivery are exhausting, but postpartum massage will do more than just revitalize you. Advanced therapies can speed up healing to help your body to return to its pre-pregnancy condition. Pre or perinatal therapists can help new moms to overcome some of the effects of postpartum depression. They typically target the whole body, encouraging the uterus to cleanse and restore itself to its pre-natal condition. By boosting circulation, deep tissue massage can reduce swelling and help the body to eliminate excess fluid. Some forms of massage can improve milk flow and trigger oxytocin flux in new mothers who are struggling to breastfeed or breastpump.

Circulation Stimulators

Coldwater pools can stimulate your circulation if you can cope with the temperature. If a chilling bath doesn’t tempt you, medium pressure massage can also achieve the same results. It’s perfect for newbie moms who are desperate for a touch of luxury. Body wraps and hot stone massages will help your skin to lose its post-hospital greyness. If your circulation problems are focused on your legs, your lymphatic system might need support. Gentle leg pressure massage can help and may go a long way towards preventing varicose veins.

Gentle Workouts

Pregnancy tends to stretch the core muscles and cause weakness. If you are not ready for a full workout yet, a spa saltwater or hydrotherapy pool can encourage gentler motion. Deep tissue massage gives you a passive workout that targets stiff and painful areas beneath the deep muscle layers, releasing cellular debris simultaneously. All that rejuvenated circulation will improve oxygen flow throughout the body, aiding healing.

Specialist postnatal massage is generally given to new mothers daily for 40 days after birth, often including baby in the treatment. This form of spa treatment focuses on soothing sore spots caused by muscle tension from childbirth. The upper back, hips, and abdomen usually need plenty of care, and a therapist who specialises in postnatal treatments will know exactly how and where to place their focus.

The Power of Endorphins

Many spa and massage therapies stimulate endorphins and oxytocin release, which is needed for bonding, pain relief, and milk production. High endorphin levels will also make you feel more alert after those long, sleepless nights. These feel-good hormones attach to opiate receptor neurons — the body’s own painkillers, so spa days are just the thing for new mothers who are coping with post-surgery pain.

Your Skin and Pregnancy

Pigmentation and stretch marks are part of the pregnancy experience. Several spa treatments will support your postnatal beauty needs:

  • Laser therapy, needling, and microdermabrasion are the three treatments of choice for stretchmarks.
  • Laser peels, dermabrasion, and microdermabrasion will help with hyperpigmentation, but if you’re looking for a less drastic spa treatment, glutathione or a body scrub massage will target those pesky dark spots.
  • Is your complexion looking dull? A face massage with essential oils will bring back that early pregnancy glow. Better yet, those oils will soothe your frazzled nerves.
  • Dry Thai massage will bring your flexibility back and encourage cellular regeneration.

The Importance of Me Time

Motherhood saddles you with exhaustion, pain, and a veritable hormonal rollercoaster when you need your emotional health the most. No wonder new moms suffer from several common emotional problems related to adjustment and attachment. While nothing can replace professional obstetric and therapeutic support, me-time is the key to every recovery, so it’s a core parenting resource.

Don’t let guilt build a wall between yourself and self-care. The time you dedicate to your treatment of choice is an opportunity for introspection and processing, helping you to discover the “you” that has just entered a new era. Above all, your spa therapy choices should be governed by one thing: your own preferences. Think of it as a chance to gather up the fuel you need for another day of motherhood.

Author Bio: This article was written by Conor O’Flynn of O’Flynn Medical who are a leading supplier of breast pumps to the Irish market. Conor has found that women who have post-natal massages recover faster, both physically and mentally, after giving birth.

How to Make Better Diet Choices as You Age

woman in kitchen cooking

Senior stage of life comes with a variety of new rules when it comes to health and health care. However, the transition doesn’t need to be hard or complicated. It’s much easier to make healthy diet choices when you know which plan to follow, so here are a few things to keep in mind during your next supermarket visit which will ensure you age gracefully.

Create a weekly meal plan

The easiest way to stay on track when it comes to your diet during the week is to create a weekly meal plant. This will help you make healthier choices when it comes to food and allow you to create good eating habits. And you don’t even have to start with three fully-prepped meals a day. Start by planning and prepping a week’s worth of dinners and keep them in your freezer until it’s time to eat. As you get better at meal planning and prepping, you can introduce lunch and even breakfast.

Don’t run from fats

Even though weight gain is a serious problem for seniors and you must keep your fat intake within healthy limits, you shouldn’t avoid all fats. For instance, saturated and trans fats can go, but good monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats need to find their place on your plate. These healthy fats protect your body from disease and maintain a good mood. Think olive oil, avocado, fatty fish and nuts.

Go for fibers

Type 2 diabetes is quite a common disease in people over 50. One way to stay away from this disease is to eat plenty of fibers which slow down the release of sugar and stabilize blood glucose levels. Dietary fiber also helps in digestion, lowers cholesterol levels and helps with weight maintenance. In general, experts recommend that men over 50 consume 28 grams of fiber per day, while women need a little less, around 23 grams. Best sources of fiber are plant foods like veggies, fruits, beans, nuts and whole grains, and they all are quite dense in nutrients, which is another plus.

Consider supplements

While you can get all the necessary nutrients from your diet, this is not always possible or enough. Consult with your doctor and see which supplements you can introduce to your daily diet. Women in menopause can also seek help from supplementation. Quality menopause diet supplements can help with hot flashes, vaginal dryness, mood swings, sleeping issues and other symptoms. You can even find natural menopause supplements if you want to avoid anything synthetic.

Work on your skin health

People usually think they can’t do anything about their skin later in life because losing skin integrity is just a “sign of aging”. However, you can be proactive and introduce plenty of vitamin E and C. There are various nutrition choices you can make to better your skin like eating some sunflower seeds, almond, spinach, bell pepper, broccoli, kale and berries—all excellent sources of vitamin E and C. Eating smart to support your skin will have aesthetic benefits and it will help your injures heal faster and make your skin more resilient.

Reduce salt, increase spices

With age, taste buds lose sensitivity, so people tend to overdo it with salt to boost flavors. However, according to experts, too much salt can lead to blood pressure complications which can, in turn, cause heart issues, stroke and kidney disease. 2,300 milligrams of sodium should be your daily limit. If you need more flavor, experiment with spices and herbs. Basil, sage, turmeric, cayenne pepper are all packed with flavor and even have some added health benefits.

Hydrate whenever you can

Many seniors report lowered feelings of thirst which can lead to dehydration. In order to stay healthy and strong, don’t miss a chance to hydrate throughout the day, even if you don’t exactly feel thirst. If you’re not a fan of plain water, go for fat-free milk or 100% fruit juice. While every body works differently, these tips above will help everyone and they are 100% universal. So no matter if you’re nearing your senior years or if you’re already there, make sure to include these healthy choices into your diet and you’ll feel like you’re in your prime!

5 Tips to Perfect your Physical Therapy Resume?

As a physical therapist, your job is to  help patients with issues related to functional activities such as immobility, muscle pain, pinched nerves and so on. 

No matter how good you are at your job, you cannot impress a recruiter if you fail to highlight your skills and professional achievements effectively on your resume. 

The given tips will help you to create an impressive physical therapy resume to impress the recruiter and land a gig of your dreams. 

Optimize the resume title 

Profile title on a resume plays a major role in determining the overall impression your resume will make. Let’s say you wrote the title/header as “curriculum vitae” or “resume”. Though it’s true that is what you are writing, merely writing such pointers is not helpful. 

No insightful information about your profile can be drawn from such a title, all it says is that you have written a resume/CV. 

So, change it as per your job title, you may modify the title as per the key functions of your job or as per the description mentioned in the job description. For instance, if the job post makes it apparent that you should have expertise in “patient rehabilitation”, then you may include it in your resume. 

Here are some examples of profile titles that you can include in your resume if the requirements are as such:

Certified Physical Therapist 

Patient Rehabilitation and Prosthetic Care Professional 

Showcasing achievements 

The most important aspect of your physical therapy resume will be – showcasing your achievements. Here is how you tackle it: 

Make subheadings

Recruiters receive loads of applications, so it is important to note that they will not get much time to spend on your resume. Under such circumstances, your skills and attributes should be distinctly visible. 

Hence, just merely writing statements to display your accomplishments will not cut it. When it comes to showcasing your skills, you need to make sure that your resume is visually appealing and readable at a glance. 

To achieve this, try to include your job-functions under relevant subheadings. For example, “therapy & patient care”, “patient rehabilitation & prosthetic care”, etc.  

Bold important achievements

Why does bolding information matter in a resume? What you need to understand is you should be directing the recruiter towards the information you want him/her to read. Let’s say during your tenure as a physical therapist, you improved the patient satisfaction rate by 60% with your expertise. 

You can write this point as demonstrated below: 

Rendered stellar physical care services for rehabilitating patients, improving the satisfaction rate by 60%” 

This method directs the recruiter towards your accomplishments and skills. Further, it is also helpful in improving the overall readability of your resume. 

Write a professional summary

Your resume is full of attributes that define you as a professional while equally emphasizing your achievements. However, a professional summary is an overview of your resume that is highly critical because it is the most likely the first thing that the recruiter reads. 

In a paragraph form in 3-4 lines, you need to showcase the most essential pointers in the summary that can help you charm the recruiter. Check the example below to learn how you can write a professional summary: 

           “4+ years experienced certified physical therapist with a prolific track-record of rehabilitating patients with extreme care. Specializing in wound care and immobility in muscles to help patients with its functionality. Skilled at aquatic therapy and deploying diagnostic measures to identify the core-issue and provide appropriate care.” 

Correctly format your resume 

You can include top-notch information. But having an ill-formatted resume will not do justice to it. So, you need to correctly format your resume

  • Correctly write your work profiles with the company name, job title, dates, etc. along with a few key achievements. Further, make sure the chronology of your profiles is correct. You should use a chronological format and list all your profiles in a reverse chronological order to emphasize more on your recent achievements. 
  • Except for the summary that is to be written in a paragraph form, no points in your resume should exceed one-line. Catering to the readability factor, you need to make sure that you highlight everything correctly and long paragraphs just act as an obstacle when you are trying to achieve that. 

Use the job description

It is clear that you are writing a resume and spending time on perfecting it because you wish to improve your chances of getting shortlisted. However, it is important to note that what works for one job post may not be ideal for another. So, using one resume everywhere may actually hurt your chances of getting shortlisted.  

How do you avoid this? 

Apart from your final resume, create a master resume that has all the information, achievements, skills, etc. Use the job description to highlight pointers in the master resume that are relevant to the job profile. 

For instance, the job post states that they are looking for physical therapists who specialize in wound care. You can take this keyword and highlight information in your resume along the lines of wound care.

Key Takeaways 

Here are a few takeaways: 

  • Optimize your resume header as per your job post and key expertise. 
  • Showcase your achievements and skills to improve their readability.
  • Write a professional summary serving as a snapshot of your profile. 
  • Ensure proper formatting to convey relevant information correctly. 
  • Leverage the job description to bring your resume in-line with the target profile. 

The Ultimate Hiring Guide For Your Salon and Spa

Launching a day spa and a salon can be rewarding and lucrative only if you understand the type of employees you need to help you make your spa/salon a huge success.

“One of the initial roadblocks faced by spa owners is hiring (and then retaining) good employees,” says Navrajvir Singh, content contributor at Cute Insides, Sassy Stree and Fun Travellers

Yes, it’s a daunting task — the responsibility of hiring the right candidate with the right skills and attitude can quickly wear you down. To top it all, the entire hiring process becomes tricky because of the competition that’s there for the qualified personnel. Your competitors might easily lure all of your talented employees and you’re back to square one. 

Here’s an outline of all the employees you’ll need to run your spa/salon:


The first employee of your salon/spa is you. Your attitude, work ethic and culture directly impact your employee’s behaviour. 


Skip hiring a manager only if your salon/spa is extremely small. Otherwise, it’s a wise decision to spend those few extra dollar bills on a manager. They can help you handle all the myriad tasks from recordkeeping and paperwork to purchasing and employee scheduling. They can also act on your behalf when you’re not around and deal with issues like facility management and maintenance. 


Your hairstylists and cosmetologists are the heart of your salon/spa staff. They are licensed to cut and colour hair, give facials and manicures. 

Salon/Shampoo Assistant 

You’ve seen this employee shampooing your hair while your stylist is busy with another client. They may also sweep away the hair clippings, fold towels, and basically run errands to support the salon. They’re usually interns/graduates working to gain experience. 


Apart from greeting customers, scheduling appointments, billing, ensuring your clients have had a welcome drink/beverage and hanging their coats, your receptionist plays a vital role in retaining customers.

It’s a good idea to let your receptionist be in charge of the sound system and also keep them updated with the latest products and services so that they can convince your clients to try them out. 


If you wish to provide professional pedicures, manicures and acrylic nail treatments, you’ll need a well-qualified manicurist. 


They’re qualified and licenced to provide all sorts of hair removal services. 

Massage Therapist 

They are experts in giving massages since they have more experience and training. 


If you’re a small salon owner, you can skip hiring an electrologist and massage therapist and hire an esthetician instead. They’re licensed to provide services like massages, waxing, facials, etc. 

They can also offer make-up consultations if you don’t have a budget to hire a specialised make-up artist. 

Written by: Shristi Patni 

Shristi is the Chief Content Officer at Raletta. She enjoys writing about food, fitness, finance and everything in between. Feel free to connect with her via Linkedin or drop an email at shristipatni@gmail.com.