Our world and life has gotten even more delicious with all the new foods and different kinds of drinks! Bring a taste of it to your clients in your spa or salon. You can start by serving them a yummy punch or a cocktail. Show off your personality and create a signature drink that you seasonably serve to them. I find clients love this and it makes them FEEL so special.

A perfect pairing of a manicure and pedicure and a cozy warm drink, cocktail or yummy treat. While it is still cold outside think about serving homemade hot cocoa or a batch of Chai tea. Serving coffee is so expected…do the unexpected. It really does not take long to make it and you can make it and store it in an insulated pitcher. In a hurry, you can always serve store bought brands.

Wine and beer is nice but a bubbly champagne punch pretty to look at and is really chic and refreshing! 

What you will need for your open house event:

  • A fresh bouquet of flowers separated into many mini vases. Or you can simply buy herbs or a pretty plant.
  • A pretty tablecloth or table runner
  • 1 liter bottle of cranberry or cranapple juice
  • 1 bottle of champagne (does not have to be expensive)
  • Add a few cranberries in ice cube mold and freeze it. Float this ice mold in the punch once frozen.

I barter with a local baker who makes the most adorable cake pops. She has even created them in the shape of a nail polish bottle. Create a theme

“Cake pops, Coffee and a Mani!”

“Champagne, Cake Pops and a pedicure!”

“Cosmetics, Champagne and a Mani”

If you do not know of a baker, you can barter services with just go to your fave grocery store or big box store. They have cute and tasty cookies this time of year.

Send an evite by email or USPS mail and invite your clients to some springtime fun.

Offer a recipe for food, specials on services and fun.

Have your guests enter a free drawing for a SPRING BASKET of beauty giveaway. Fill it with nail care, hand and body lotions and potions. Or makeup, body and nail care.

Now is the perfect time to host an event, enhance your profits and make your clients happy too! 

Happy Spring! 

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Noreen Young

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